Very low fps map screen, worse over time gu14

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by leo4444, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. leo4444

    Ever since the last update my fps goes down significantly the more time I play, especially if I participate in a bio lab fight and then leave to do other things. The map screen in particular gets extremely laggy I go from 30-50fps originally to 15-20fps and at this point even checking the map is a pain, even the explosions on the map screen get all stuttery. If I restart my game I got back to normal fps.
    intel 3570k
    gtx 770
  2. Heinz

    Same happened to me and a few of my buds
  3. WaiZen

    Many people have that, I think it's caused by a memory leak in the game.
  4. veselie

    GU14 cached the map so it will make it to load faster which actualy loads faster but maybe there is a flow that causes low fps.
  5. NC_agent00kevin

    The map doesnt load any faster for me, and its also now missing the green blobs to click on :(
  6. Sarethor

    I also see noticable FPS drop when opening the map after the last 2 small post-GU14 updates. Sometimes on the loadout screen, as well, during fights.

    edit: I also think there's a new memory leak that's been introduced. I was very stable even after the GU14 update but now my ps2.exe is bloating upwards of 3.5gB over time and then I CTD. Usually takes 45-90mins varying.
  7. leo4444

    Yeah i think it is a memory leak issue. My fps on the map screen went from 40-50fps to 40-30 and then eventually 5-20fps in about an hour of playing. I was getting 35fps+ in battle but as soon as I bring up the map the fps would drop.
  8. Cryless

    same here. the map lags...
  9. BlackDove

    Could be the fact that the 2D overlays still have stuff being rendered behind them?

    That's also probably why they load the GPU to 100% and are overheating a bunch of peoples' hardware.
  10. Sarethor

    They were supposed to be caching the maps now, but somethings horribly wrong as it literally takes 2s for any map screen to come up on my machine and it drops my FPS to 0 while its trying to load.

    Also, a GPU and it will never overtemp and throttle unless people are overclocking it inexpertly. Even the most robust DX11 benchmarks (eg. Heaven ) can't overheat a factory setting GPU.
  11. BlackDove

    It was discussed exactly how a power virus, or a game menu that loads a GPU in a specific way, can indeed excessively heat a brand new, adequately cooled GPU, thereby reducing its longevity, even without overclocking.

    Check this eight page thread for the discussion.
  12. BoomBoom4You