Versatile weapons, do they exist.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by lpresto, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. lpresto

    I love playing different weapons, because I get bored of using the same one over and over again, even if it is the proper weapon for that situation. I love the Orion, its decent at mid range and it owns in CQC. However, I have it arraxiumed however you spell it. So I am looking for another weapon on HA to fit its role and am having a tough time ending up with anything other than a shotgun. Any Ideas? I am looking at the SV-88 but I want something that if I burst fire I can hit at range, but in CQC it pumps our hot plasma.

    PS I don't aim for the head most of the time, but I might have to.
  2. Ohmlink

    SVA is currently getting nerfed so I'm not sure if it will keep its current status, but until these nerfs happen it is/was the best all around HA weapon for the VS, it has high velocity ammo, 25 more rounds, .75 move speed, and a quick reload. The only real downside is it has a fairly high first shot recoil so it can make burst firing a bit difficult at further ranges.

    Another good weapon is the Pulsar LSW, it behaves in my experience a lot like the SVA but with the standard movement speed when ADS and a lower first shot recoil. It also has a 100 round magazine. Best of all this one is cheap at 100 certs.

    the Ursa and Flare are slower firing, harder hitting weapons. The Flare is a close quarters favoring weapon while the Ursa has a high bullet velocity to help with ranged targets. Both can put down targets pretty quick at mid range, but they suffer at hip fire ranges due to their COF and ROF.

    Those are typically the reccomended weapons for VS LMGs. Some opinions may differ on the use of the Polarus, but I've never used enough to comment.
  3. lpresto

    Yes, the flare and ursa are out for me, I have the pulsar lsw and most battles im in dont need a long range weapon, Also, the ursa is 1000 certs and I would rather put them somewhere else.

    I suppose I am in a bit of a bind, because unless they put out a few more lmgs I don't think there is a situational weapon for CQC better than the orion or at least comparable. I will have to see about the SV-88, it has a decent ROF and a nice 100 round clip.

    The pulsar is an interesting gun as its kind of ehhh, not great not bad, I think at this point alot of it will come down to learning to aim better with a lower ROF gun. thanks for the tips.
  4. Shinniok

    Man, that first shot recoil increase in the SVA was TOTALLY unnecessary...
  5. lpresto

    I went into the VR and the gun play for all LMGs did not seem that different, even the hip fire was acceptable at 10M.
  6. lpresto

    Granted thats in optimal aiming conditions
  7. Erendil

    For VS there is no better CQC LMG than the Orion. The SVA-88 is a close second since it trades 52 RPM for 25 more rounds and access to the 2x Reflex. Other than that you'd have to use a shotgun or SMG to get comparable CQC performance.
  8. KnightCole

    Until in actual combat you try to outhipfire any other weapon like, oh, idk, the AR and Carbines that Soe claims LMGs are outdoing lol.

    The only reason or way an LMG could outhipfire an AR is 1: the Shield allowing the HA to survive the hail of lead, and 2...the hipfired AR missed to much and ran out of ammo. The LMG would simply use the 100-200 rounds to finish off the whoever before they reloaded.

    But straight paper stats lol....hipfire is not the way to go.
  9. Mxiter

    Flare pulsar or SVA.
    Makes some trials an pick your favorite.

    VS have the largest all rounder LMGs selection.
  10. Bankrotas

    That buff back in May for SVA-88 was TOTALLY unnecessary...
  11. Shinniok

    I dunno, i really dont look at other factions buffs, to be able to whine later. I just know what my faction receive, i do not look at other factions weapons and buffs, or nerfs. If they kill, good for them. The SVA was FINE the way it was. Statistically, the Orion has more k/d than the SVA, so how could the SVA be OP before, but not the Orion?
    Focus on what ur faction gets...
  12. Dramonicous

    Since the recent nerf on hipfire, then only Polaris can be considered a versatile LMG.
    Able to use adv laser sight, and gets the best hipfire with it.
    It also has a controllable recoil which lets you engage targets at ~50-70m ranges.
    It have lower dps than Orion (obviously) but more than makes up for it with a 100/300 ammo magazine.

    This was the first LMG I got auraxium with, and its still my favorite.

    I have no idea why LSW and SVA are even mentioned in this post, they arent versatile anymore since latest patch.
    Since I assume that you mean versatile as in that it works hipfire aswell as ADS.
    Orion still works but I never use it because of the low magazine and ammo pool, my K/D is usually above 8 and I mostly solo play so I need that extra ammo that only Polaris provide.
  13. Bankrotas

    Ignorance is a bliss, eh?
    Let me quote my favourite line ever written:

    “Blessed are the idiots, for they are happiest people on earth.”― Barry Hughart
  14. Shinniok

    It's not about being ignorant, but the fact that knowing if a NC weapons deals XX dps or less, is not going to make me play this game better... as i said, if i get killed, is because the other player outsmarted me, caught me before i could, or i just played it badly. Other factions weapons and stats doesnt concerns me, knowing their stats is not gonna make me play better. The only use i see the ppl who gets into them give it, is to whine in the forums. So yeah, still convinced about my position. Again, the SVA was NOT OP, for the most ppl, it was kind of a tie beetween Orion and the SVA, but no whine about the orion!

    PS: Srry for my bad english
    PS2: Is the polaris worth it? *-*
  15. MrEclectic

    Used the polaris before the update (last LMG to Auraxium), but have dropped it since in favour of the SVA-88 and the Orion, till the dust settles on the current meta (shield/suit combos, etc) and I can feel confident to return to it.

    It got a minor buff, but the RoF is still low, and with the nerf to NW TTKs feel overall shorter. And low RoF and shorter actual TTKs don't mix easily, unless you have superiour aim.
  16. Erendil


    The slower recoil decrease that it got nailed with had more of an impact than the faster short reload and equip times.