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  1. sebastian oscar post

    So the title pretty much gives away what this is all about, so i'll get down to the reason. A couple of weeks ago i got enlisted into the Briggs outfit Renegade 18 and i was welcomed with open arms, i made a teamspeak 3 account, joined the r18 steam group and created a R18 forums id. 1 week in, with the account verification and linking them together done, i was out on the front lines fighting among my renegade brothers and i was loving every second of it!
    Another week and i'd successfully maxed out my combat medic.
    Then last week during a halloween op there was a massive coordinated battle between nc and tr outfits, clashing fiercely against each other, a stalemate formed and the base defences were locked down to the point that no one could move forward. an airstrike was called in and at that point my connection to the game hit rock bottom and soon everyone was flying everywhere.
    so i announced on teamspeak that something had happened to my game and i that i had to relog back in to get it working again and i'd got a message from the CO telling me not to use voice comms.
    The next day in a private r18 squad, discussed the new fireteams nothing there.
    Then on wednesday i found that my forum account had been disabled, naturally i was surprised by this but i dismissed this as a website update.
    on saturday afternoon i booted up teamspeak and tried to join the operations server but instead was meet with a "banned from server".
    I was flabbergasted at this and immediately got onto ps2 to find out what the hell happened.
    to my relief i saw that i had not been kicked in game and proceded to use outfit vcomms and ask why i had been withheld from all forms of communication.

    the response?: instantly banned from R18!
    I sent a custom outfit request asking why i had been banned. but no immediate response so i found the nearest r18 grunt and asked him why i had been kicked, then while talking to him i got a response from one of the officers and told me he was looking into it.
    i waited a while but nothing...
    i sent another outfit request and waited on that as well.
    The next day i was pised at renegade so much i ....flipped my nut? and proceded to slaughter every R18 in my sight ether with c4 or with flashes.

    i need an answer for this!
    Does this mean that there is corruption in the ranks?
    i've talked to other grunts and apparently they say that i've been sacked because of excessive teamspeak and that a member called HitmanSadist issued the order.
    let me say this: if you wanted me to shut up you should have muted me on teamspeak!
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  2. FieldMarshall

    It sounds like a misunderstanding if things happened like that.
    Did you have your TS set to push to talk? Sometimes people forget about it and leave their voice activation on, and is continuously transmitting breathing noises etc.
    Or if you have push to talk and were lagging just as you were speaking, the talk button may have gotten "stuck" causing you to continuously transmit for a while.

    In my 12+ years of Planetside, that has never been an issue with my outfit personally.
    Though we do have the "rules" and whatnot in the TS description telling people not to speak at certain times etc.
    and assume everyone just follows them without the need to mute anyone.
    If i had to go around muting people every 2 minutes when a SL wanted to speak, then thats all i would be doing instead of playing.

    You probably wont get a reply or anything from them like that.
    You are more likely to just get /reported and ignored. maybe even TKd on sight.
    Even if your ban was a misunderstanding, you most likely wont get re-invited into the outfit.
    In extreme cases, you wont get invited to other outfits because of it. Word spreads.

    The whole things sounds like a misunderstanding. I have seen similar things many times before.
    Could have been their 20th time that day dealing with some new guy who wouldnt stop using voice, and their patience ran out who knows.
    Probably just lag on your end, but thats not what they see. Then the SL/admin who banned you logs off and nobody but him knows whats going on.
    A day later, admin is still offline and some random guy starts teamkilling their members and nobody knows why.
    Anyway, thats just speculation.

    In the end, teamkilling/harassing people who didnt have anything to do with anything is taking it too far.
  3. sebastian oscar post

    i just seamed to me that i was getting ignored on purpose.
  4. TombsClawtooth

    Some people have social problems and don't realize that coms for this game, with any organized outfit, isn't for them to blabber on. It's there for them to listen, and sometimes relay absolutely vital information on a situation, IF it's requested that you even relay information.

    If you're not sure what you're dealing with, then don't speak unless spoken to. Try to remember you're playing a game with command structures and organized gameplay, have respect for those who wish to keep coms clear for vital information from people who want to win.

    I can't tell you how many times we've lost a base because of idiots blabbering on and on in platoon channel, causing the majority of the people to miss orders. It takes people's heads out of the game and makes it very hard to focus, like nails on a chalk board.

    There's millions of voice chat rooms all over the internet for people to go play social snowflake on. I see no reason why they must force 47 other people to put up with them.

    (Yes I realize I can just mute them, that doesn't stop them from being disruptive to everyone else who might get suckered into mob mentality and decide to play chatroom as well.)
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  5. Dennisz125

    Just like another day at Project Reality, there's the tip,when encounter enemy or die,talk in local but if you find sunderer or group of enemy about to flank,then talk with platoons.just pretend that you are in CoD singleplayer,just following direction and based on your rank,only thing you can say was"acknowledge "," will do",x number of enemy at y","sniper on y" or just say something useful that platoon leader can use.if you're bored, say nothing
  6. sebastian oscar post

    well what do you suggest i do to get back into R18?
  7. K2k4

    Message an officer in the outfit, apologizing for talking too much on ts/squad chat. If you get back in, disable your mic or mute yourself in ts and don't talk, just use text. Most serious outfits prefer silence on coms except in extreme off hours when nobody is on or you have only a 3-6 man squad and nothing else.
  8. sebastian oscar post

    ok thanks. also how do i know if they are an officer or not?
  9. Zombo

    Well, for one, be glad you're out of the Outfit, if they have these kind of "leading personell"
    be happy that you didn't get kicked from the outfit after months of playing with them

    secondly, they could, if you were annoying on teamspeak, even if by mistake (like leaving voice activation on etc.)
    just moved you into another channel or temporarily banned you from the teamspeak server for a few hours or minutes
    and talked to you over game chat

    and finally, i, too, would be pretty pissed if they would have done it that way, and probably would have gone on a killing spree as well, but it probably didn't improve your situation if you wanted to go back into the outfit anytime soon^^

    oh, and regarding the "TS discipline" guys here, it is very very boring playing PS2 and not talking about random stuff, if you want silence for tactic's sake, just make everyone use whisper lists, and let the platoon leader mute everyone else, or even create seperate channels so that platoon and squad lead can talk to each other, but the squad members can only talk in their squads channel

    it's still a game, jeez
  10. sebastian oscar post

    thanks. i appreciate it!
    by the way is there any other outfits on briggs suited for me?
    thanks again.
  11. Zombo

    not playing on briggs, sorry, they only thing i can tell you is what outfits to stay away from when playing on Miller^^
  12. sebastian oscar post

    oh oh.
  13. infilallday

    Wow, never realised people took their games so seriously. No talking unless spoken too? I laughed so hard. My god, no wonder gamers have a stigma attached to them. Lighten up girls, its not an e-sport. The world will not end, i repeat, it will not end if you dont capture that base! Its not real life guys.

    Each to their own i suppose.... still i laughed.
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  14. Merli0n

    Maybe try Zeta or AG7

    All the Briggs discussion happens on reddit:
  15. K2k4

  16. sebastian oscar post

  17. TheKaiksTrainspotter

    Oh No. You're banned from R18. Send this to DavyJonesBooty on Reddit.

    Actually. The best place to type this wall of text would have been on Reddit.

    In the meantime, come play with the rest of us players with no life TKing the rest of R18. <--An "Unmoderated" moderated community.

  18. sebastian oscar post

    well im a one not familiar with reddit so gude me please!
    (im not one of those social media freaks)
  19. TheKaiksTrainspotter

  20. kesuga7

    So you teamkilled people in the r18 outfit who most likely had nothing to do with your being banned

    In my eyes I just see a teamkiller killing r18 members for a reason that the victims don't are not even aware of

    take up with the leadership guys in their outfit man

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