Vehicles burn people should bleed...

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  1. No0T

    You knovv just like vvhen your vehicle is 10% starts or should start burning people should star bleeding out at 10% and move slovver... even concussion effect vvould be ok... untill a medic kit or an implant kicks or vvtv medic comes to rescue...

    VVould get ride of the irrealistic 1 pixel life running around like nothing guys...

    And don't discuss me this is not an idea or a suggestion this goes onto people directly from the president without congress need for approval. Like America likes it.
  2. SixNineFour

    I actually like this idea.
  3. No0T

    All the others too they are just to arrogant to admit it. Good for you.
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    no i don´t, don´t speak for me

    also 10% on 500 hp is nothing and at worst you don´t even allow a player to retreat .. so i generaly call bull
  5. No0T

    MEdic kits friend... and retreat is fine its just the amount of time you have to do so... and you vvill have to... instead of keep fighting like people surrealistically do... vvhen they could just do retreat heal and come back...
  6. Pat22

    All weapons' damage tiers are calculated for the standard 1000 health pool.
    Adding a bleed effect would effectively screw up the entire shots-to-kill balance we have going right now.
    So there will be two scenarios;
    1- a weapon that would have left someone with a sliver of health at 7 shots will now kill at 7 shots for no real reason.
    2- The effect will be immediately nullified because almost everyone carries medkits.

    Not to mention that, in general, infantry combat is so fast-paced that it would be pretty irrelevant in 99% of engagements.
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  7. No0T

    You can add bandages to all classes to that vvould not heal but just stop the bleeding to solve that problem... see bleeding should be slovv enough that you could finish out the guy and then aply bandages... or if you vvish to suicide attack 100% die after from bleeding this is only intended to stop the ridiculous action of keeping fighting vvhen you have a fevv pixels as if it vvere not suicidal. My point is everybody knovvs that after being severely damaged you should not have 100% abilities unless you are literally putting all your vvill and disregarding your survival after... and this does that job.
  8. LordKrelas

    So every engagement that is longer than one person, requires you to bandage yourself or have a medic near, mid-fight or die in the middle of it from no living opponent.
    As well, every fight will result in bandages or nanites just to not die moments after victory.

    It is already suicidal; One hit, shot, etc, and you are dead.
    Rather than die likely in-between the packets of taking the damage.

    As well, if the Bleeding is slow enough, it won't matter unless it's a protracted engagement - where either you already are dead by the time it would take effect, or it pops in well before ensuring your death regardless of enemy fire.

    If it is too fast, or triggers too early, you die well before actually killing the opponent - whom might die to blood loss first due to reaching the bleed level first by even a hair.

    As well, (there's too many "as well" from me), if your shot deals enough damage, you pretty much ensured the opponent's death if you delay them from healing themselves in time, or you basically cost costed them nanites.

    Also, Adrenaline is impressive.
    Let alone with paired with nanites, which could achieve rapid clotting in a matter of mili-seconds, preventing bleeding from all but the most severe & electrically charged wounds.
    (Any field, residue or similar that would disrupt the nanites at a small scale, or cause excessive damage resulting in extensive blood loss, but would likely still clot)
  9. No0T

    VVhat did you read... bleeding should be only vvhen you actually are very lovv in life... meaning YOU ARE VVOUNDED. You knovv vvhen they find a little green ish substance in the jungle plant and say it bleeds so vve can kill it? THAT IS!!
  10. No0T

    oh and go tell people the burning of a car never killed anybody even vvhen is slovv... or destroyed the car... are you reading vvhat you vvritte?
  11. LordKrelas

    I'll explain it again:

    If it's too high of a threshold, you die in the middle of a gun-fight or die simply due to not having time to heal due to having to fire regardless if you never get hit after reaching the threshold.

    If it's too low, it won't take effect often enough to matter.

    As well, if every single fight that isn't a straight-flawless victory, could cost nanites or stop the regeneration implant, you'd basically be screwed as well if you couldn't stop to heal, resulting in death due to lack of time.
    Or lack of nanites.

    You are wounded the moment the shields break.
  12. No0T

    You think the on fire state in vehicles don't really matter as vvell?
  13. LordKrelas

    They have fire-suppression, which doesn't cost nanites.

    In addition, I did state if it's too quick, too fast, it'll simply doom anyone in any fight due to not healing in the middle of it, or not healing in time due to the rate of health loss, or the early triggering.
    Too slow, too late, and it'll never be noticed until very uncommon times making it pointless.
  14. No0T

    I suggested a bandage system pretty much like the blue-less costs in vehicles. Though limited uses and out of combat application forced by taking 3 sec to apply vvhile immobile instead of cooldovvn.
  15. No0T

    I knovv some people don't like this but I am sure those people also don't like getting killed by a guy that had 3 pixles of life and that he survived. And those people if they think of it they vvould actually have this then.
  16. LordKrelas

    So limited, and takes time making them sniper bait for the entire duration in addition, whenever you get shot.
    Then Become envious of the instant unlimited repairs of vehicles, called fire suppression...

    Then ensure to put the bullet in them next time, or be that person.
    It's not like them having that much health enabled them to kill you.

    After all, it's fun for that person isn't it? Which is sorta your idea, one-sided fun, for most things.
  17. MrMinistry30

    Nah, bleeding similar to vehicles burning when low on health is not a good idea in my opinion. The only things it would lead to would be more medkits used (so even more ressource consumption than now), more frustrating lose - lose - fights and the urgent need to have medkits with you so that other things like C4 and mines become less important, which will lead to even more vehicle spam...

    Generally, the idea of bleeding or something like a concussion effect is not a bad idea but i'd rather see it in a new kind of weapon, a new barrel attachment for certain guns, maybe something like a poison grenade (working similar to the heal grenade to create no-go areas) or maybe poison/bleeding darts for the crossbow...

    You could also implement different kinds of poison with combinations of effects like blurry vision, concussion effect, tumbling (all worsening the longer you are effected by the poison without healing) and for some combinations more or less life loss (at a set maximum of 400? / 600? / 800? or maybe it leaves you with a minimum of 1hp...)

    Pair that with some new implants against it and the game might get something interesting new
  18. FateJH

    Wait, wait, I can save you a lot of breath: Combat Medics.
  19. MrMinistry30

    so you will never go anywhere without a medic, right?

    sure, they are important and either way the thought of bleeding/poison is carried out to the game they would become much more important but please, they are not everywhere and for certain situations.... let's say there will not always be a medic around that can solve all your problems with that implementation...

    to make it short: they are ONE PART of countering this, not the answer to everything....
  20. Movoza

    I'm against this. Medkits are the prime choice in lots of situations and have little other utilities to compete. They don't need further reasons to be the one choice.

    In addition, a great many tactics will suffer a great hit. Although this game isn't made to do solo, it shouldn't be discouraged to do so. Only encouragement for teamwork would do in my opinion.

    Finally, surviving an encounter and then being basically dead unless you find aid, but only being able to crawl back is insanely irritating. If the effects come up in about 10 seconds it might be a bit better, but in general it is a resounding no from me.

    The interplanetary mother brain that governs all and now corrects those American fools who think they can tell others what to do.