Vehicle with legs?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MidnightStranger, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. MidnightStranger

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  2. thebigbortishbort

    whilst i do like the idea of this kind of vehicle , any notion of a legged vehicle will cause mass recollection of the mechy thingies from the first planet side , which will inherent all the hate.

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  3. Pikachu

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  4. Stormsinger

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  5. Towie

    Well - if you're the other side of a Magrider when it's being repaired, you can just about see the little legs of the engies - well - until they're decapitated by said Magrider that is ;)
  6. PatateMystere

    I was more thinking about a 2 legs mech. Something like BF2142 walker.

    Idea still good.
  7. Taemien


    BattleMechs or nothing.
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  8. Hegeteus

    NC can have the robot I created in Garry's mod. It has explosive fists and feet, wobbles forward while tripping easily and spins it's arms wildly


    Unless you want to go with an idea posted by NC Scientist at reddit:

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  9. thebigbortishbort

    if NC is getting that i want a Terrandactyl covered in banshees
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  10. Taemien

    Why not Hellfires?


    Can give those mechs a challenge with this too:

  11. sebastian oscar post

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  12. thebigbortishbort

    So much yes , the glorious TR have adapted the previously non existent wildlife to our unity related purposes.

    m8 you have all of my yes , pls make this happen daybreak.
  13. ColonelChingles

    Treads > 4 legs > 2 legs

    Always. :D
  14. Codex561

    This will break a lot..

    Even infantry doesn't walk on legs, they just wiggle them to give the impression that they are using them.

    Not feasible the way the game seems to be made.
  15. Shiaari

    I was reading an interesting novel by Neal Stephenson--one of my all time favorite modern authors and thinkers--called Seveneves.

    In it he describes the adaptation of small robots colloquially called "gnats" that work in swarms to perform a variety of tasks, one of them being used as a smart ammunition for electromagnetic guns. These "ammo bots" (shortened to "ambot") could do all kinds of things. A soldier no longer needed to carry magazines, rather, his supply of ambots might link together to form a chain like bandolier that was mobile and even useable as a melee weapon, or an armored carapace as a countermeasure against hostile ambots seeking to attack. They could also return to the soldier after being fired if they missed their target, or in some cases be fooled by countermeasures to attacking something else.

    He described ambot war as being fought like chimpanzees, attacking the most vulnerable areas of the body such as the face and genitals.

    You can have your robots. Vanu wants to make better use of nanites.
  16. Nintyuk

    Google Planetside BFR, and you find the reason why this will be stubbornly opposed.
  17. Littleman

    It's kind of telling there's no one left on these boards to stubbornly oppose. We've gone too many posts without a post made in pure unmitigated hatred of the concept.

    But honestly, the only purpose a walker vehicle would serve in PS2 is to operate like the Vanu Magrider without the whole hover gimmick. Mind, until Magriders can float upon bodies of water... if that day ever comes... it would be easier for DGC to just introduce an NS hover tank/buggy/artillery platform/you name it. Really, that's the end result of the hover/walker concept in games - to turn a big honking vehicle into essentially super sized infantry control wise.
  18. Azawarau

    "This idea has legs!"

    Im sorry
  19. Vanapapi

    Hardcore ****
  20. Taemien

    All the images I've linked so far are from BattleTech (MechWarrior). :D

    In case anyone was wondering.