Vehicle Weapon Change on PTS

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  1. Hibiki54

    Possibly the worse change for vehicle weapons is on the M20 Basilisk. It is suppose to be a slow firing hard hitting HMG, not a fast firing short range weapon.

    It's damage is changed from 250 @ 75m to 250 @ 10m / 200 @ 200m to 167 @ 130m. This is a huge nerf to Sunderers and stock vehicles, or it could make the weapon OP if used by a group of skilled gunners and drivers. The weapon see's an increase in velocity and rate of fire, 600m/s and 400rpm respectively.

    The change to the C85 is horrible. Stock mag size is increase and spread on pellets is decreased to 1.33. The weapon is still a piece of crap in terms of range and general effectiveness. Needs to be reworked entirely.

    Changes to -H weapons was necessary, but AV weapons not being able to OHK infantry is stupid, especially for the Halberd. 2HK direct hit with a Halberd against infantry is a bad example of poor balance.
  2. Mechlord

    Splash damage does not work in VR. The Halberd-H still OHKs infantry without flak armour.

    Basilisk velocity is unchanged.
  3. EmperorPenguin5

    It frakking better still one hit kill infantry. BUT Flak armor shouldn't be protecting against direct hits... ITS A MASSIVE SHELL flak armor protects against explosive heat and shrapnel NOT the full kinetic force of a massive object flying at 300m/s or faster into your gut or face. Only Maxes should get the flak change. As it is the ONLY thing that would make sense. Their flak armor would just be massive strong plates of metal added to their protectiveness. (and then separate the body's connection in any physical sense to the machine itself so there is a transfer of energy around the person and not into them. They are inside the machine but they don't touch the machine... You can't toss that on an infantry.
  4. Larington

    Yeah but on the other hand flak armour should now stop those <Censored> who dumbfire rocket launchers at infantry, and if you want to kill infantry quickly with vehicles maybe equip an anti infantry gun? I understand the sentiment that a rocket launcher to the body should be an instant kill, but I have concerns that it's hampering the value of having to chose whether to specialise in AI, AV or AA.
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  5. Mxiter

    The MBT secondaries looks also changed on the PTS.

    Proton PPA,Vulcan (MBT), Saron,AV enforcer and Halberd (MBT).

    I agree that Marauder and harrassers AV (especially vulcan-H and Halberd-H deserved a nerf) but this is now less interesting again to run in 2/2 MBT.

    Take care to don't revert completely the previous MBTs balance pass SOE.
  6. Bindlestiff

    Because an infantryman with the power to hugely damage tanks shouldn't kill an enemy with one shot with the same rocket?
  7. Bindlestiff

    What have they changed on these now? These haven't long gone through a balance pass right?
  8. Mxiter

    Direct damages nerfs.
  9. Alarox

    Live: 1500/750 (direct/splash)
    Test: 1000/450 (direct/splash)

    Test: 800/400 (direct/splash)

    Live: 275 at 75m; 200 at 200m; 300 RPM
    Test: 250 at 10m; 167 at 130m; 400 RPM


    Titan AP
    Live: 2000
    Test: 2075

    Titan HEAT
    Live: 1750/1000 (direct/splash)
    Test: 1600/1000 (direct/splash)

    Titan HE
    Live: 1300/1000 (direct/splash)
    Test: 1300/1000 (direct/splash)

    Live: 700/150 (direct/splash)
    Test: 500/334 (direct/splash)

    Live: 650/150 (direct/splash)
    Test: 450/334 (direct/splash)


    P2-120 AP
    Live: 1200
    Test: 1250

    P2-120 HEAT
    Live: 1100/700 (direct/splash)
    Test: 1000/700 (direct/splash)

    P2-120 HE
    Live: 650/700 (direct/splash)
    Test: 725/700 (direct/splash)

    Live: 250 at 200m; 175 at 500m
    Test: 167 at 10m; 125 at 130m

    Live: 220 at 200m; 165 at 200m
    Test: 167 at 10m; 125 at 40m


    Supernova FPC
    Live: 1785
    Test: 1865

    Supernova PC
    Live: 1550/1000 (direct/splash)
    Test: 1410/1000 (direct/splash)

    Supernova VPC
    Live: 1175/1000 (direct/splash)
    Test: 1175/1000 (direct/splash)

    Saron HRB
    Live: 425/350 (direct/splash)
    Test: 284/367 (direct/splash)

    Saron HRB-H
    Live: 375/350 (direct/splash) up to 1.5m
    Test: 250/334 (direct/splash) up to 0.5m


    Note: The splash radius for HEAT and PC is 1.5m and the splash radius for HE and FPC is 2m. For anything else listed with splash above, the radius is 0.5m.
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  10. Mxiter

    THX for taking time.

    I dunno if they adjusted damages multipliers/resistances.

    With the vulcan, i still can oneclip an MBT with exmags from the rear and 2clips a non-blockade sunderer.
    But it requires 4 shot to destroys an MBT from the rear with MBT halberd and 5 with the Halberd-H.

    I didn't tried with others weapons.

    AI secondaries looks also modified (Marauder/PPA/Enforcer mod).
  11. Bindlestiff

    Thanks - really informative! I have a few questions:

    1. Is this damage vs infantry only, or vs vehicle, or both?
    2. Does splash damage stack with direct hit damage? I've always assumed that it did, but some of these figures don't seem to match with what happens out on the field (Saron sometimes taking 3-4 shots to kill someone for example, whereas in the main it is 2).
  12. Mxiter

    Direct hit damages stack with splash against infantries and max (max have 50% splash resistances btw).
    But vehicles arn't affected from splash but C4, AV nades, AT mines, dalton and zepher.
  13. Bindlestiff


    I just tested some of the weapon changes. Speaking from a purely Vanu angle I really don't understand why the Saron had to be nerfed AGAIN to the point where it massively favours infantry. 4 pinpoint accurate shots to kill now? Rubbish. Light assault and HA rocket men will once again rejoice, they can peek in and out with arrogance now as the Saron blows crumpled up bits of paper out of its straw.

    Edit: I would assume the other ESW are just as bad now. Marvellous :(
  14. Qaz

    How many shots does it take to kill a prowler from the front? If the 284 base damage is not affected by any positive resists, it should be ~38. Can you confirm that? Have they done anything else with it to compensate for that?
  15. Bindlestiff

    26 purely from the Saron. 24 puts it on fire.

    VR seems to be missing a load of vehicles next to the main spawn, so I had to wander off to nearby the south east base. The missing Sunderers and MBTs seem to be there (more than usual I mean).
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  16. Qaz

    Thanks! This is somewhat consistent with the old damage, so i guess it's not time to freak out just yet, at least when it's about av damage. The AI nerf that this is is still ridiculous tho
  17. Mxiter

    Take care, Splash damages is buggy on VR: it don't deals damages.
  18. Bindlestiff

    It doesn't? That would explain a lot then...
  19. Mxiter

    PTS Saron-H deals 250 direct damages + 334 splash, then in deals 584 damages per shot against infantries = 2 shot against a non-flak infantry.

    If you try marauder, it also kill infantries in 4 direct hits in RV.
  20. Hibiki54

    I enjoy the fact that vehicles, when properly manned, can decimate both infantry and armor if left unchecked. Unfortunately, the Devs that work on balancing infantry vs vehicles just do not get it and favor infantry.

    When I run out in an open field to kill a tank or sunderer as a Heavy, I willingly take the risk in doing so. I understand that. I do not understand why the Devs are holding everyone's hands and babying them so they stand a chance against a tank. It takes craft, cunning and luck for an infantryman to solo a tank. Tanks main cannons and all AV weaponry should be able to OHK all infantry but a MAX and anyone with the new Flak armor upgrade. It should be the same with Rocket Primary HA's. A Decimator to the head should be an instagib, but a shot to the chest with flak armor should give you a chance to survive.

    Personally, I believe the changes to the Harasser and Harasser weapons are the right choice. However, there should be no changes to MBT weapons at all. A Tank is the king of the battlefield and should have the fire power to emulate that and all challengers. A Tank driver should be laughing at infantry, except when the C-4 Fairy brings it a brick of friendship.

    Anyone else agree with that?