Vehicle steering changes??!!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Zica96, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Zica96

    at 8:25
    Is this s*it going to be an activatable option or are we stuck with that messed up steering?! On aircraft it's effective and all but on vehicles it seems like it's more of an annoyance than a good change. I just freaking hope they add it as an activatable option!
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  2. DocteurVK

    I'm curious how it works for magriders...
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  3. uhlan

    Very nice analysis, thanks for the time investment.
  4. Zica96

    I didn't "analyze" anything bro, i just asked a question, is it going to be an activatable option or not? If it's not, i can see a lot of people raging and not liking the idea.
  5. uhlan

    Lol, ithought it was your video...

    Eh, I just woke up...

    But, yeah, I think they ported some stuff from the PS4 where the steering is concerned.

    Hopefully it wont make it live, but you never know...
  6. MasonSTL

    I don't think it will. I was on the test server while some QA were there and they where checking it out
  7. Desann

    AGREED! This change needs to be an OPTION, as it would dramatically change vehicle gameplay. I do not want my tank to turn in the direction I am aiming, because it will expose the vulnerable back of the tank to an area I have no CONTROL over.

    SOE, for the love of NANITES please (if you add this) make it an OPTION. You will piss off A LOT of tankers with that change.

    Now, the auto-turrets in the video look cool. I am patching my test server just to play around with that!
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  8. WarmasterRaptor

    Everybody asking for controls option?

    If you see the thing they do with air game-play, get ready to be disappointed lol. :rolleyes:

    l2p, you'll see :rolleyes:
  9. Zica96

    Ohhh sorry, i thought you were being sarcastic about my post, that's why i got a little cocky.
  10. Zica96

    Well it better be an optional option, because a lot of tankers are gonna be hating on this stupid change, especially Prowler players.
  11. JudgeNu

    Hmm...I was just on test and went to VR and Tested the Harasser and Flash on Racer Chassis.

    Then I seen this video.

    I did not notice any mouse steering.
    I did however notice and incremental steering mechanism though.
    Which makes it nearly impossible to spin-out as well as flipping.
    I tried to flip the Harasser and Flash but couldn't.
    It seems like a buff!
    But weird nonetheless.
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  12. Zica96

    Well if that's all true good then! But SOE has a bad habit of ruining almost anything that's fun so.....
  13. z1967

    Experiment for the PS4 stuff. Fixed internally according to shaql's threads on reddit. Its easier to control tanks that way on PS4 than it is on PC.
  14. Zica96

    Thank God it's not coming to PC!!
  15. TheKhopesh

    I like it all but the steering changes.
    And I agree that the turrets would work great as he described at the end there.
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  16. JudgeNu

    I was just on test yesterday to check out Koltyr and my lightning had the new steering changes.
    I sure hope they have an option to turn this off.