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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Silkensmooth, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Silkensmooth

    So ESF stealth was nerfed vs coyotes and vs engagement radar.

    It was basically completely negating coyotes, which was a good thing lol, but i understand why it was changed.

    Still like most changes it went too far.

    Instead i think stealth on ESF and maybe all air vehicles should reduce the range of proximity explosives; coyotes, hyenas, striker, and flak by 12.5% per tier. This would reduce the proximity range by 50% at max level.

    Thank you.
  2. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I might be ok with that, as long as the free afterburner was removed along with the second weapon slot. I get that you are an esf main, but your recent suggestions are frankly super heavily one sided on buffing the esf into something that would be bordering on ridiculous levels of op.

    Flak as it currently stands is nothing more then a deterrent. If you die to it then you probably over committed. If it's accuracy was reduced by that much it would almost require you to directly hit an esf to damage it, and given how bad it's accuracy is on target more then 100m away in it's current state.......

    Still, props for an original idea.
  3. Baneblade

    How about stealth is disabled entirely if you have a second weapon equipped instead?
  4. Silkensmooth

    Ok, nm flak then. Lets just make it so flak only explodes around A2G weapons.

    No need to deter a2a pilots running noseguns when it takes at least 8 mags to kill a lightning tank.

    More about coyotes and hyenas not having any way of being countered. Even if you reverse away you will get hit by them.
  5. Silkensmooth

    And when there are never more than 4 or 5 ESF on the entire continent, and rarely more than 1 or 2 libs, there is clearly a problem.

    I have no desire to pound the ground, but i want more people to fly because its boring flying all over the continent with no one to fight.
  6. LordKrelas

    So, if ground wants to defend an Allied air unit, their majority of AA is rendered null.
    That's assuming of course, they're using an Anti-Air Nose-gun, and that the game can reliably detect it.
    Mind you, that's the least pressing concern, given rarely does an Allied air vehicle need any help from allied guns.

    Since we know, the majority are running stealth.
    Including most Ground-Pounders, can't be identified at distance for what they are armed with.

    4-5 ESFs, is a doubtful number; But they do have to deal with Aces at the opposing warpgate inside a second.
    1 - 2 Liberators is an actual large amount of firepower.

    Are you defending allied forces from enemy ESFs & liberators?
    As that is a constant source of air to kill, as usually those mentioned aircraft are constantly respawning.

    But buffing stealth, won't bring more pilots into A2A.
    Let alone the odd obsession with reducing flak even further, when it is a deterrent weapon.
  7. Campagne

    Same **** different day huh?
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  8. Skraggz

    There is definitely something off in the air game when it comes to A2G. Does not feel good when getting flak'd from miles away (while that weapon is being used as intended) and it does not feel good being mowed down by Banshee/PPA/AH. I however, agree with the other people that this may create un-intended problems. Being unable to protect air support may not feel all that great neither.
  9. Lee Weldon

    Well it is pretty damn annoying aiming at the skies to try and lock onto an air craft, I don't feel like I'm achieving anything other than to try grind out those ground - air ribbons and I'm no ace but when i get locked onto by 4 different lockons at once it did feel like a damned waste of time flying to that spot, but because I'm no ace I've been running rank 1 composite armour for the added health bonus in the A2A encounters and I still can find the time often to thrust away to behind a mountain most the time but I was still under the impression that most ESF's ran with the extra health pool instead of stealth. Guess some see more value in it, but for me if the lockon takes like 1 second longer to lock on, I'm still probably just going to get hit with 1 lockon, it's not that good of a boost that it makes me immune to the lockons and it is never that much of a sway that it is the difference between getting locked onto once or twice because I'm just not that bad of a pilot.
  10. Skraggz

    Between stealth and fuel tanks lockons rarely even touch me. Even the first lock in a fight as long as I react to the locks coming my way. Never really tried composite as stealth is to strong in the a2a game imo.
  11. Baneblade

    Well, a lot of people go up in the air and just get decimated by the usual suspects. So they stop going up in the air. It's a Catch22, you are the reason you have nobody to dogfight.
  12. Silkensmooth

    Not true, because when air alerts happen there are huge air fights, because air has a role.

    Also i send a lot of tells to new pilots and ask them if they need help. I teach them how to dodge and use analog throttle and do the reverse, and i often take them to koltyr to duel so they can get better.

    Ive also suggested a basic nosegun AB setup be given for cheaper resources, as one of the main reasons people fly more during air alerts is ESF are free.

    If an A2A esf with ab and nosegun was 150 resources, then the skies would be full of esf.

    What happens now is the newer pilot dies twice and is out of resources and so they go do infantry instead. Then they get into a fight and they forget about flying, but not because they dont want to fly.

    Some people actually enjoy a challenge. When someone better kills me the only thing i want to do is find them and fight them again.

    Provided i have resources.
  13. LordKrelas

    Air alert, where there is not a single consequence to any bad flying, death, or usage of any aircraft as all aircraft are free.
    If you were given twice the firepower of half the vehicles on the ground, and equal to the largest vehicles, for free, with all the benefits of a full nanite-priced force-multiplier for an event, Why would you not use it.

    An entire 450 nanite Liberator, is Free during the event.
    As is the ESF, any load-out, during the event.

    Air isn't given a "purpose" when all nanite cost for aircraft is waved away.
    They're spammed en-masse as nothing can put a dent in the volume of aircraft as Everything Air related is Free.

    You single-duel pilots, rather than go around defending allies from other air.
    Remember, this is something you Expect Ground to rely on: You not dueling, but killing A2G pilots.

    That 150 ESF better not have ram-damage.
    Or something nearly half the price, will be able to ram to death more expensive ground vehicles.

    The same thing happens with MAXes, with any ground vehicle.
    Except they aren't fighting every single ACE pilot on the map, whom can always see them with built-in radar & the near constant LOS.

    Air has an entire event, where They can pull aircraft for no cost.
    They aren't prevented from essentially nuking nanite-costing vehicles with these aircraft.
    You being in the air, like other A2A, also can no longer literally deny them flying inside a minute, by destroying them near instantly.

    Which also happened to tanks, when ESFs could literally end their existence them with laser-guided rockets in a single pass.
    But we aren't giving Tanks, a period of Free vehicles.
  14. Exileant

    o_O Air to air weaponry is still too good against infantry for that to be an option.:eek: Not only that but even air to air nose cannons are a complete bane to vehicles. In many situations you feel the flea-bite but cannot see where it is coming from until the itch becomes pain... By that time you are well softened enough for someone else to finish you in a heads up fight. o_O In a Magrider, ANY outside damage can all but ruin our already low shot at winning a 1 on 1 battle with something. It is less about an killing your target and more about preventing them the breathing room to heal. :( Stepping out of your vehicle against a rapid-fire nose cannon with someone with the least bit of skill is a Death Sentence. Further more the damage is made up when you straddle both your nose weapon and your Coyote's shots to the rear of a vehicle, this means the skilled are able to kill both no matter what they have on. :confused: Stopping flack from exploding on them would have me always in an Air To Air set up, hunting ground targets opening the door for swarms of planes that you will not be able to get rid of. :p As we all know, weak weapons on their own are pushovers, but if you have 3 or more of anything in this game and you will be mopping yourself off of the ground with your own bladder.
    I am sure the staff already knows this, but being since they stopped the Max's Bursters from detonating on anything but aircraft or damaging heavy ground armor........ :)confused: Which defies ALL logic.... Bullets do NOT have brains to know what they are hitting and last time I checked a SKY WHALE HAD HEAVY ARMOR...) I figured I would actually type that this is not the best of ideas.

    ;) As far as countering Coyotes in the air, you can counter them with the flare, or just skillful retreat while dodging. o_O It is not a weapon you are going to dodge fighting, unless the person has issues aiming. :confused: You have to run, distance and time until it gets into lock range is the key. o_O If you are approaching them, yes they are almost unavoidable at close range. While you are not moving (Say in hover mode) they are fast; however, if you are moving away from them, this slows them down a bit and allows you do dodge them quite easily. In short your opponent will have to attempt to predict where you are headed and force you to fly into them. Hyena's rounds are only a major threat when you start dogging a Liberator. ;) For them, again, distance is key. You can see the angle they fire at to hit you, so it becomes a simple matter of adjusting your attitude so you and the missiles do not intersect being far enough away. o_OGood Liberator pilots know this and will often slow down so you can catch up, making it easier for their gunner to hit you with them; or outright turn around and try to ram you to place you in a position to where you pass under them... :eek: Usually where a Dalton, along with that Hyena ball, is just itching to put one in you....

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