[Suggestion] Vehicle Scanning.

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  1. Foxirus

    I would like the ability to "Scan" vehicles and have the HUD tell me what that vehicle is currently equipped with on its three slots.

    Knowing this could give my squad partners priceless Intel when I am scouting a head to watch for armor columns.

    I suppose a decent place to start would be maybe an icon for each slot ability (Three icons maxed, since you know, Theres only three ability slots per vehicle) that appears next to the vehicle icon when they are spotted.

    It would be nice if this could be done without physically spotting them, A silent scan that requires you to keep a target reticule on the vehicle in question for a set amount of time. During this time, Pilots of the vehicle could be alerted that they are being scanned when they are inside it, Similar to how lockon detection works. It could say something along the lines of "Scan Detected." while flashing multiple times until the scan is stopped.
    Essentially, I want people who enjoy being scouts to have tools that will help them do so. A scanner that allows you to scan vehicles and view a limited check of their loadout would be priceless to my allies.

    What say you?
  2. Demigan

    I think it should be available for all unit types, infantry, tanks and air. It should also be usable against infantry, tanks and air so that you can see what a MAX or Heavy is using, or what that aircraft is going to crush you with.
    I don't think that it's necessary to add a warning to the one it's used on regardless of them being in a vehicle or not.
    After a scan, every time they are spotted by anyone (with or without a scanner) their abilities show up. This lasts up to 5 minutes, then it needs to be scanned again. Upon a scan, they are spotted for twice as long as normal. At least, if you have to switch weapons to use this scanner it has to give those advantages, or in the case of vehicles that you sacrifice a slot to have this option.

    This allows scouting players to go behind enemy territory and scan hostiles. It's not the biggest advantage in the game but it's useful and underlines the necessity of teamplay and support. It would also finally give infiltrators a tool to spot enemies silently, and their spot gives a longer advantage with a longer spot time and even afterwards the loadout choice is still visible.
  3. Diggsano

    Maybe an Inplant?
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  4. Pelojian

    maybe or maybe LAs could get binoculars in the tool slot where they can tag a certain number of targets and anyone with their crosshair over the target can see their loadout infantry and vehicle alike. duration to be decided by the devs, swapping classes will clear the players tagged targets and of course killing the target will clear the tag.
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  5. FateJH

    I'll be the naysayer at this point. The developers have gone out of their way to make it such that most major Vehicular components have visible pieces, or that the absence of a visible piece helps indicate what other option it posseses. Ignoring load errors from a distance, could you not already use these cues to call out to allies as an advanced scout?
  6. Taemien

    Is what you're looking for.
  7. Diggsano

    What the **** is that
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  8. Reclaimer77

    Bad/stupid LA "Tool Slot" Suggestion Number Eight hundred thousand two hundred and nineteen.

    Binoculars? Really??

    That's such an insult! We were promised unique weapons, tools (GOOD ONES), and dual weapon ability back in 2013 by the Devs. And I will NOT accept less than that!
  9. Taemien

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  10. Foxirus

    I know of the Beagle Active Probe. I don't know about you, but none of my infantry roles can lift a 1.5 ton electronic suite. For those who don't know, It's a sensor suite you put on battle mechs.
  11. Taemien

    And tanks.
  12. thed1rt

    Sounds pretty awesome and futuristic, like startrek.

    Maybe if an infiltrator is within 20 feet from your scan target it feeds you false information.
  13. thed1rt

  14. Diggsano

    I would rather have a firing drone as LA so you can jump on a roof, hiding and then activate the drone to fly with it and with modes to activate:

    Aggresive, the drone flies next to you and attacks automaticly enemies. (good for back up)

    Passive, the drone stays where you want it to be and attacks enemies. (Good to def point)

    Fly Mode, you can steer the Drone itself, spot and shoot enemies. (good for getting a better view)

    The drone has 500hp
    The ammo of the drone is heat mechanic.

    The drone suits the best with LA because of the flying ability.
  15. Foxirus

    ...There is nothing passive about a drone that is shooting enemies, No matter how still its standing.

    The infiltrator was originally supposed to get this tool you mentioned, But they trashed it for some reason or another.
  16. Ronozokon

    optional suggestions, .... all of the following suggestions are just opinions.

    let all weapons damage airplanes ...... make it a bit realistic..... smg bullets are smaller

    than assault rifle bullets.........a sniper rifle bullet , will u let it go through the airplane window?

    bullets can be made from different mixes of metal.

    I wonder wat happens when bullets go down a tank barrel?

    And wat does bullets do to a tanks tread after 5 hits with bullets.

    I know a video game can't be too realistic.... i'm going for 24/7 game with this post.

    all of my posts are just talk.........1 person cannot change anything.

    its a scientific and mathematical fact.

    my suggestions needs consideration and revision.

    i'm lazy and my suggestions may not have experience.

    why aren't there heavily tumbleweed populated areas on the continents.

    there are suggestions that the community could make.

    This requires all of us. World Peace. Freedom. Order. Fun