Vehicle / MAX spam ruining the game

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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    The state of the game is now pretty good balance-wise, but the resource system is completely broken.
    Now everyone can pretty much chain pull vehicles and MAXes. Not so much of a problem with air, as air is very vulnerable if there are many players around, but tanks, harassers and MAXes are everywhere in unlimited numbers. Many base sieges feature a dozen enemy vehicles who just sit there and bombard away with zero threat to themselves. If you damage them, they just retreat and repair. If you blow them up, driver instapulls another one.

    Resource gain should be reduced BIG TIME.
    MAX rez has to go.
    Engi repair tool should have limited charges - not replenishable by engineer dropped boxes.

    BTW physics is still broken with the ridiculous flight and drive models and the infamous rubber-ice rocks. Only on Auraxis! It is very-very bad and should be revamped.
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  2. FieldMarshall

    Alternatively you can spawn the next base over and pull vehicle counters instead of getting spawncamped.
    Yes they can pull another tank, but so can you.

    Also, MAXes should only be able to be pulled from terminals, not AMSs.
    Suddenly, logistics and hacking terminals got buffed.
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  3. Bl4ckVoid

    But vehicle play is terrible due to broken physics (where your tank is instastopped py a pebble) and I do not want to pull one.

    Tanks are preferred by strange people who like driving back and forth and bombarding. Boring like hell even if you rack up kills.
  4. SniperTarget

    The state of the game is now pretty good balance-wise, but the resource system is completely broken.
    Now everyone can pretty much chain pull grenades,c4 and rockets. Not so much of a problem with tanks, as tanks is very vulnerable if there are many players around, infantry are everywhere in unlimited numbers. Many base sieges feature a dozen enemy infantry who just sit there and bombard away with zero threat to themselves. If you damage them, they just retreat and medkit/medic heal. If you kill them up, the said infantry's instapulls another one or get rezzed

    engineer dropped boxes should not resupply rockets

    BTW hitreg is still broken with the ridiculous flight and running models and the infamous rubber-ice rocks. Only on Auraxis! It is very-very bad and should be revamped.
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  5. Mxiter

    I'm fine with vehicles. They're not that spammable since it cost a lot (buth harassers & sunderers)

    I'm much more annoyed by AV & AI rezzable skillzsuits wich looks like 30% of cobalt VS pop, especially on zergfits.
  6. miraculousmouse

    "Pull Y to counter X" doesn't really make sense. Sure, you could pull AA to counter the old banshee mossie, but wasn't it broken? Sure, you could pull heavy assault to counter old ZOE max, wasn't it broken? Fact of the matter is, a lot of vehicles are used to simply farm infantry, with no tactical gameplay in mind. "Combined arms" is a buzzword to excuse this - besides the galaxy and sunderer, vehicles are useless.

    Once infantry has a reliable one shot counter on vehicles, we can talk.
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  7. Bl4ckVoid

    Thats total BS, infantry can be instakilled by all vehicles.And it is an FPS game.
    Tanks are not vulnerable behind a zerg which is their main "tactics": hide behind 100 infantry and bomb away. I am seeing complete armies of tanks bombarding bases that are under heavy infantry pressure. They contribute very little, they employ no tactics. They just sit there and bombard. Very annoying. The only counter would be an enemy tank army, but that is pretty rare sadly. I do not even know what kind of players do this, because this kind of no-skill, no-threat bombarding is total boredom.
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  8. OldMaster80

    The problem is not the repair tool or the Max. The problem is the resources system: since they removed the cooldown and simplified the resources system it was pretty obvious that was going to be an issue. The same day they removed cooldowns the battlefiled where covered by tanks and aircraft, without mentioning the impressive amount of sunderers.

    To be honest there are no more Max / Vehicles than before. The difference is now this spam never ends: unless players are so unskilled to get killed in 1 minutes, they're allowed to spam forever. My squad spent the last hour killing one single Max with Ravens that was sitting on a rock and bombing our Sunderers from hundreds of mts away. And everytime we got that bastard 1 minute later he was back again and again and again. That's ridicolous.
    I just have to look at myself: I spam medikits, grenades and Lightnings all day without even care about my nanite pool. I'm not a subscriber and I NEVER run out of nanites. I'm not encouraged to use my resources wisely because I have tons of them. Having infinite resources is like having no resources. They could remove nanites completely and we wouldn't probably see a difference.

    The solution is devs to complete the resources system: spawning vehicles and Maxes for a long time should have consequences and lead a faction to take decisions about resupply / saving resources. Cutting down resupply lines (aka destroying enemy ANTS) should give soldiers a way to decrease the enemy spam.

    Current resources situation was supposed to be a transition while the resource system was tweaked. Devs instead lied: "this is just phase 1 they said". They did not complete anything, they didn't implement the ANT, they just covered their ears and the resources system is one of the other countless things they mothballed without telling. Just like flamethrowers, missions, domeshields, interlink facilities, drones, ES buggies.

    We're talking about battle tanks about infantry. We can't expect to have oneshot weapons against tanks. Have you ever head of a foot soldier blowing up in one shot an Abraham M1?

    The problem is the vehicle / infantry ratio on the battlefield: before the cooldown removal if you blew up a column of tanks they were out of the game for a while, and this gave infantry a little time to rule and define the battle. Once enemies had their tanks detroyed they were forced to play as infantry for a while. At the moment you destroy a tank and a few later you see the same player on the same vehicle again.
    No discussion, this half resources system made infantry matter less.
  9. KirthGersen

    Everything is fine right now, except some guys are that bad so they can't deal with.
    MAXes can be done with 1-2 C4 (depends on FLAK) or 2 launcher shots, and even 1,5 smart LAs with shotguns - what else do you need?
  10. Flashtirade

    I cannot tell if this is sarcastic or not.
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  11. BetterFasterStronger

    1- If there's a good opposite of infranty with anti-vehicle abilities(c4, rockets etc.), the infrantry will dominate.
    2- If there's a good opposite of vehicles with AI or not, the vehicles will dominate.

    You just complain cause of line 2, I play lightning allot and it's situational if I will dominate.
  12. Bl4ckVoid

    Many good, modern AT weapons would take out an Abrams in one shot.

    In fact tanks are obsolete on the modern battlefield, only usable against 3rd rate enemies.
    (The US is careful to only wage war where then enemy is stuck mid 20th century).
  13. Dethfield

    Except that is not true, nor is PS2 based on reality.
  14. TriumphantJelly

    The resource system is probably to blame, if we get phase 2 + 3 then we can confidently say what should or shouldn't happen with MAXes and Vehicles regarding cost vs effectiveness (does not apply to the Vulcan Harasser, action must be taken).
  15. miraculousmouse

    I'm being serious. There is no such thing as "vehicle balance", when the vehicle can one-shot 3 infantrymen at a time if he lines up his shots well and is using HE. What can infantry do? Charge the guy with C4?? lol.

    Again, all vehicles in this game serve the purpose of farming infantry. Obviously the galaxy and AMS are excluded from this, as they can be squad spawns and general spawns.
  16. Devrailis


    Because vehicles have no real role at the moment. Aside from the Galaxy and Sunderer, most vehicles have very little teamplay value beyond farming easy certs. The Valk is a great taxi but is sorely underutilized as a teamplay tool, but that's another discussion entirely.

    Give vehicles an expanded role so they can be useful and impact base captures in a way that does not involve holding LMB at hordes of infantry.

    This is a far more pressing issue for PS2's overall gameplay evolution that adding more gunz or complaining about this or that ES nonsense that pollutes Reddit and this board.
  17. PurpleHIppo

    Just give us the old resource system back untill they complete the new one.
  18. Slamz

    I'm an avid tanker. I pretty much do nothing but drive. It's awesome.

    But even I think the resource system is not doing its job in regards to vehicles. The only way I ever fail at pulling a tank is when I spend too much on AV mines. I also think the continent lock bonus of 50% off vehicle cost is crazy.

    I would be tempted to try something like....

    * Keep resource income as-is
    * Raise nanite storage to 1000
    * MBTs cost 750*
    * Sunderers cost 500*
    * Harassers cost 500*
    * Lightnings cost 300
    * Flashes cost 75*
    * MAX cost is the same but the time it takes to rez them with the medic tool is doubled

    * -- I have also been thinking that individual vehicle systems could cost more or less nanites. Like a Flash with no weapon is 75 but if you put a gun on it, it's 150. An MBT with a Vulcan, Saron, Halberd or Enforcer is 750. If you put on some crap weapon like a Basilisk, Kobalt or Marauder it's 600. Sunderers are 500 normally but they cost 650 if you use blockade armor. Too much extra complication to balance? Maybe.... I just don't think a Harasser with a Walker should cost as much as one with a Vulcan.
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  19. PurpleHIppo

    Sounds like a great idea, but sadly the developers think the playerbase is alot dumber than an average person so they have to dumb the game down and avoid things like you suggest.
  20. FBVanu

    Hopefully Phase 2 will come out soon.

    We can also just add nanite production timers on vehicles .. not "cool downs".
    The idea being that a vehicle has to be 'manufactured', by nanites, before you can pull it. After your first vehicle dies, it doesn't matter how many nanite resources you have, now you have to wait for the next vehicle (of the same class), can be 'manufactured' for you.

    If you run a Flash, it gets blown up, you can't immediately pull another.. it will take 2 minutes..
    Harasser 3 minutes
    Lightning 3 minutes
    MBT 5 minutes
    Sunderer 6 minutes. etc..

    same for air vehicles and MAX units.. this could be something that you can not buy your way out of, no matter station cash or certs.. vehicles take time to produce, you have to wait a few minutes can mean all the difference in a lot of battles.

    now you can spend your nanites on something else, or a different vehicle, but you can not pull the same kind of vehicle in endless loops.. that will cut down on spamming ..