Vehicle loadout swap at the ammo tower will make the skyguard popular

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  1. Mrasap

    You know the scenario: Enemy aircrafts are swarming a friendly base and you decide to pull a skyguard at the nearest base. However, once you arrive you find out that a friendly air squad has destroyed the enemy air already and you are stuck with your skyguard. This is one of the biggest reasons I don't like to pull skyguards.

    In PS1 it was possible to swap your vehicle loadout at the ammo towers or air docks after purchase of your vehicle. If SOE would implement this in PS2, niche weapons such as the skyguard will become more popular and SOE will sell more weapons. This is a win-win situation.

    There should be limitations in place to avoid exploiters who sit at the ammo dock and instantly swap weapons all day. For instance, there could be a 5 second 'deconstruct and construct' timer or a small resource fee. Discuss.
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  2. Mrasap

    This is really the biggest reason why I hate pulling a skyguard.

    Crossing fingers this will be added in the resource revamp.
    there really is no reason not to and it will make everyone happy.
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  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    now you can pull it almost everywhere.
    skyguard.. i was crushed by 2 ESF with stock guns from 200m away, they just hovering, and dodging.. were shot 2 full mags into liberator without flak, and it escaped.
  5. Dinapuff

    Either that or a secondary ammunition that is effective against vehicles and / or infantry.
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  6. Volccis

    No please. Just dont play the Skyguard. In my opinion you should lose certs for playing Skyguard if there is another Skyguard around ;E
  7. Alarox

    Totally not biased.
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  8. eldarfalcongravtank

    i think loadout swapping for ANY ground vehicle should:
    - only be allowed at specific high-priority locations (like warpgate, tech plant) in order to not make it too overpowered
    - cost vehicle resources (quarter or half of the vehicle's acquisition cost for one loadout swap) to limit the amount of swapping

    because right now, vehicle loadouts come with the price of opportunity cost (= benefit of having a different loadout equipped). if every ammo tower ingame allowed the quick-swapping of loadouts, vehicles could potentially become too adaptive (yes, i say that as a tanker)
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  9. Volccis

    You think so? :p
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    Skyguard rounds do alright against vehicles, worse than heat, viper, or ap of course, but between fire rate and mag size they are not defenseless. The damage is decent against infantry (and actually realy nice vs MAX), the issue comes with small targets (even MAX sized) the skyguard wont do anything except from nigh point blank. The theory the devs use with flack is to be VERY inaccurate, but make up for it with proximity detonation. Vehicles are big targets so thats not as big a deal, but infantry are not.

    Esentialy all you need to do is give the skyguard very accurate first few shots to make it fully AI viable, so you can burst fire without having to shove your muzzle into a person, it would be kinda like having a guass SAW, pretty darn decent long range firepower as long as you dont fire more than 3-5 shots a time.
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  11. z1967

    lol wut

    Can I have that change also applied to Liberators? And ESFs too just to be fair. And I guess add it to any vehicle because this is totally not a multiplayer game with people working together.
  12. nightbird

    Fail at sarcasm/troll detection haha

    Personally I think being able to change loadout for all vehicles would be awesome. Just need a small enough penalty (resources, delay) so it wouldn't be abused. (Or I might change loadout rather than wait for slow ammo clicks on resupplying)
  13. PKfire

    It would really help if the Skyguard was anything but **** versus targets other than air.
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  14. Mrasap

    I proposed a 5 seconds deconstruct & construct timer and/or a small resource would be sufficient. What makes you think it is necessary to have a higher cost? PS1 had this as well with no problem whatsoever.
  15. Kriegson

    The resource revamp would change the way resources are "Spent" on a vehicle. They are instead "reserved" in that vehicle with a degree of maintenance cost (Subject to change, not discussed much) that will be returned if the vehicle is deconstructed (NOT DESTROYED).

    So the idea is that you pull a sunderer. Crap, I needed the repair one, go to vehicle terminal (No cooldowns anymore) pull sunderer again. The sunder is broken down, new one made from the reserve and whatever difference maintenance may have costed.
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  16. Mrasap

    Is this already confirmed? That would indeed be awesome!
  17. Kriegson

    Its on the roadmap at any rate.
  18. Silkensmooth

    LOL seriously, you died in a skyguard to 2 ESf using noseguns? HAHAHA no seriously that was funny.

    Skyguard needs an overhaul. All flak in this game has too much range atm.

    What should be done to skyguard is to tighten the cof considerably, but cause the flak to detonate at a distance of 450 meters or so. That way you could perform decently vs infantry and still be viable against the air.

    When im in a skyguard it feels very cheap, like im griefing the enemy cause i am, and then when all of the enemy air is gone i feel completely useless because at 100 meters i can fire an entire clip at someone standing completely still and miss 90% of the shots.

    Also the skyguard should have more resistance to liberator guns. It should not be buffed VS ESF as it already overperforms vs them atm.
  19. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Scythes hovering at 200m and dodging when i shooting back - there nothing i could do, not serious damage vs fire suppression.. it was good coordination.