Vehicle hacking?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by relaxo, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. relaxo

    It was in the original. Pretty fun to use. Will they put it in PS2?

    I would love to see this put into the game. I was on my way to a perch the other day when I noticed an enemy sunderer SAM parked just behind an outcropping of rocks near to my position. One guy was constantly spawning and there was nothing I could do to disable the sunderer and stop the player from ruining my day. Seems like this was a no brainer to put in the game, but people are saying that about a lot of things with the infiltrator.
  3. Timeraider

    I really hope they do put this in the game. It would make hacking so much more rewarding and will teach players to leave their vehicles undefended :p it would be a real infiltrating thing added to the "sniper" it is atm

  4. Wren

    I would approve of vehicle hacking.
  5. PanzerGoddess

    i agree, however makes me wonder how FF would work, we have alot of "unaware" players in every faction, first time I hack a vehicle and then get killed by my own faction will result in me wanting to tk that person.

    Same problems as terminals and turrets right now. Idiots just want to blow **** up instead of making use of it.
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  7. Daejin

    The hacked vehicles basically change to the color of your faction, same as turrets and terminals.
  8. Phaser Rave

    I would greatly enjoy such a feature.
  9. PanzerGoddess

    ....and like I said, the "unaware" would have no problem not being able to tell the difference and shoot you anyways. Colors for some dont mean much lol
  10. HlllBllly

    i like this idea.

    i've come across many a parked undefended vehicle and would like to make it my own.

    also, it would encourage the defensive nature offensive positioning. simply it would add complexity to the game.
  11. Purple

    i dont think it would work with PS2. however if it did make it into the game the time to hack would have to be much longer then the 3 sec it takes to hack now.
  12. Kalocin

    I definitely agree with this...It would also ruin deploying sunderers because a single inf could just run by every one in the area and turn it into their faction's. I say c4 is a better option, but hey, we'll just snipe the drivers out...Yep.
  13. Fahadius

    They just need to increase the hack time by a lot like it was in PS1, that way a vehicle will have to be either complete undefended, or have a blind derp guarding it. Nothing was more satisfying than sneaking up and hacking a BFR; I could just feel the rage radiating off the guy that got booted out. It certainly took ages to do, but was sooooooo worth it when it worked out.
  14. Daejin

    Again, PS1 already did this with their AMSs. I spent a great deal of time simply hacking respawn vehicles. Also, they wouldn't need to increase the hack time by much more at all since you'll have to LOUDLY uncloak right infront of everyone to hack it.