Vehicle Hacking Confirmed

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by CuteBeaver, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. CuteBeaver

    This is from BBurness and our favorite coder LordCosine managed a proof of concept (what you are seeing in the video)

    They are going to be working on this as a side project. Similar to the cloaking sundies. Don't expect it out any time soon <3 Also I would encourage dedicated infils to follow BBurness on twitter he doesn't give much warning but sometimes asks for help on the test server. (Especially regarding testing the side projects.)

    Anyway back to loosing my mind with joy ***weeeeeeeeeeeeee*** :D

    Oh yes something else is headed our way NS Auto Pistol coming out soon. Also thumbs up worthy for stalkers.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    Now all we need is the RECON DRONE finally.
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  3. Rikkit

    Just read about it on reddit, and oh lord, my Hype.level is over 9000 at the moment.
    I hope to see first implementations of this around July/August on PTS
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  4. MathMatos

    Oh my god, I love this so much.
  5. Ximinet

    Oh,NS AutoPistol...TR isnt exclusive now with the T4 much ammo have per magazine???? Because the T4 AMP with 21 bullets per clip is crap :) Edit: Oh i see yet,25 bullets,its not bad :D The other problem was the ammo reserves,if its like our TR counterpart...shet!!!
  6. Iridar51

    The auto pistol is probably gonna be an interesting pick for stalkers, if not even go-to option for the majority. At close range it offers a similar TTK to the crossbow, but much less punishing to use. Engagement rules are probably gonna be the same as NS-7, but with all ranges brought closer. So you'd want to keep the enemy in a sweet spot - not too far, not too close.

    Dedicated stalkers will want to stick with the crossbow, for EMP and melee combos, added stealth, damage over range consistency, and other small perks, like killing deployables and cloaking between shots.
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  7. CuteBeaver

    I am actually excited about the new Auto Pistol. Its going to open up stalking to more people. So many folks want to start playing infiltrator but just cant handle it. Sadly some of the people I have tried to help on these boards via PMs have told me for reasons like low FPS, or poor aim they switched to heavies. You have to wonder how many quit straight away and never asked for help.

    Basically everything stalkers have developed meta wise has been about hitting hard and fast, with high accuracy requirement weapons. Crossbow / Revolvers basically fit into the ambush category and some ES pistols like the Rebel and Cerberus offering a high skill silenced option for it. For these weapons you miss your punished for it. Sometimes exceedingly harshly. We even have people out there dedicated to the power knife. Then you have the semi autos and burst which kinda fill the same roll with different tastes. These extend a little bit out into the "tailing" role. Because they are burst pistols its easier to take down mobile targets. Its also possible for them to lean on the power knife for CQC executions offering a really nice balance.

    The we have Tailing / Shadowing / Following enemies:

    The extended reach semi autos, and inability for them to unload a ton of alpha damage quickly represent our current "tailing" playstyle which we don't often talk about. Its not as dramatic for one, but it certainly works. I really love the Beamer for this purpose. In most cases kills are opportunistic, and habits similar to scout rifles using cover to mitigate returning fire and break line of sight for escape. The great thing about stalker cloak, and crouch cloak walking is once we break line of sight we can go anywhere. It may not be the most jaw dropping way to play stalker but it certainly requires less hair pulling then setting up traps or ambushing and counting to 3 in your head praying you don't get shot to bits making your escape. Tailing is much more helpful when someone is learning. Having a dedicated secondary weapon similar to an NS-7 PDW could fill this void. Pushing effective range even farther will be incredibly helpful for stalkers as it will remove the higher skill requirement of ambushing in order to be effective in how many kills you can make. The extended range will offer them more killing opportunities and reduce the risks. The fire rate will allow them to take down even the most mobile of targets.

    I think the Blackhand really takes advantage of this extended reach already. However it too has a higher aim requirement and 4 shots which isn't all that great against a moving target if the person cannot aim well. It has its own battle rifle / sniperish play style to it. It quickly became one of our most loved weapons because of the safety and tactical benefits it offered. I would really like to see Tailing / Shadowing (whatever we should call it) become another way to play stalker infil and much more viable to all skill levels at more favorable ranges then it is now.
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  8. Epicstrat

    Now seems like a good time to get back into Planetside.
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  9. Diggsano


    I have done a picture for you ;)
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  10. o.Solei.o

    I'm excited for this, but I hope they stick with some of the PS1 mechanics on vehicle hacking, notably it taking a long time and it requiring you to hack what nowadays would be where the hood ornament goes.

    The reasons for this are that it's REALLY hard to protect a support vehicle in a hectic battle as your allies are usually worrying about their own mess, not watching your car. Having to stay inside the whole time to guard it also really limits your options and is super boring, thus discouraging support players. A support driver's best friend, the spitfire, does nothing against cloaked infils. So having to sit in a single place (while cloaked) for 50-60 seconds would make it possible to do your own guard duty while doing other things as well. Having a single location from which the hack can occur also helps you lay an extra speedbump in the form of mines that have to be taken out first, thus raising the alarm that there might be an infil trying to hack your ride.

    This isn't me calling for it to be super nerfed, the restrictions I'm proposing are considerably lighter than those in PS1. In PS1, your REK (hacking tool) also shot a bright beam at the target and sang a little musical tune for everyone to hear. On top of this, the hack took for-EVER. The flipside was that if you pulled it off, you immediately ejected all the passengers. But even that had a downside, as this was back before people magically teleported into vehicles, so you had to stand in the exact spot where the driver would come out and then go through the mounting animation of opening the hatch/door, climbing into his seat, and closing the hatch/door.

    And just for a touch of hard-core, back in my day *old man voice* infils couldn't just uncloak and wreck someone in a toe-to-toe fight. It was much more like having to use the AMP or a knife, not both. Also, darklight was a 360 degree bubble. No need to wave a flash-light around to see you.

    TL;DR - Excited!... but I hope it's controlled enough to not ruin support vehicle play.
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  11. Ximinet

    Im one of those guys :) And thats the cause i want to play with Ps4,at least the FPS are "decent" and a machine like this console,with all their pieces mounted doesnt have problems with hardware and software. Computers are the best for gaming,but needs a good improvement for play decent.

    Blackhand has been my favorite pistol since ive tryed it,but not only for stalker,for other classes too. Its good for stalker because u can counter enemy infiltrators (the ones that not aiming at u with BASR of course) also this pistol excels at open areas,if u go inners u have problems. The pistol is good for secondary if u are using a cqc primary like a shotgun. For example an engineer with autoshotty. Its my personal preference to pick this pistol instead of other,but i recommend it a lot. The main problem is the magazine capazity,only 4 bullets,but think that if it have more,it converts the perfect choice instead of Commie or Underboss.
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  12. Ximinet

    Never played PS1 D:
  13. Iridar51

    But why buildings don't start burning when I hit them with melee repeatedly?
  14. Linheru

    You're doing it wrong.
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  15. AlterEgo

    Lel. It's Rambo time. Let's hope hacking vehicles gives them ES traits depending on who does it (a dual-cannon for Vanguard seems really balanced right now).
  16. Leivve

    Feel this is a nerf to Anchor mode.
  17. Invictorum

    ... This will lead to devious shenanigans with the GOON outfit boys.
  18. ZillFattak

    A lot will depend on the requirements and circumstances. In the vid an empty vehicle gets hacked so I am assuming we won't be able to hack manned ones. How much time a hack takes and whether there are indicators for the vehicle owner and his allies will make or break the thing. Especially if it gets too powerful. (Meanwhile it would still be nice to have some fixes for rendering issues when hacking people out of turrets and the activation range for hacking normal terminals since some of the seem quite unwilling to change ownership from my experience.)
    On the other hand, headshotting some engi repairing his tank and then grab the vehicle to backstab his allies... *drools*
    DBG be like: VS has a a rotating disco tank, TR hacks a disco tank, NC hacks a disco tank, disco tanks for everyone! :)
  19. Diggsano

    Next idea: stealing weapons of enemies so you can use it as your primary xD
  20. Targanwolf

    I would love to see vehicle hacking since I play Infil 70% of the time