Vehicle drivers: please upgrade your basilisks

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  1. WTSherman

    This is just a little thing I've noticed across all three factions. Sunderers, MBTs, and Harassers rolling around with bone-stock Basilisks. Every day hundreds of Basilisks die, unfed and unloved, without even the most basic upgrades.

    Even if you don't primarily drive, and you're pulling a relatively uncerted vehicle just to contribute to a zerg, please take the time to at least get the first ammo and zoom upgrades on your Basilisk. Even if you don't expect to ever have a gunner. For as little as 1 cert, you too can bring a little warmth and happiness to a lonely, starving Basilisk.

    It's only 1 cert, you'll get it back at the next base cap. One day you might happen to pick up a gunner and be glad you did. Open your vehicle cert tab, and do your part to save the Basilisks today.

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    I hate finding a sunderer w/ an uncerted basilisk.
    1 cert for zoom


    BTW good use of PSA
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  3. Klypto

    Mine is maxed out. xD
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  4. BeyondNInja

    The default ammo capacity on Stock MBT Basilisks is ridiculously low. If you hop into a noobs tank you'll often go dry after facing like 2 enemy vehicles.
  5. Bruno Puntz Jones

    At least 9 in 10 of the Basis that I see in the field are mounted on Sundys. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to dump hundreds of certs into guns that will be unmanned 99% of the time that they are deployed.
  6. dstock

    This thread isn't about dumping hundreds of certs into a weapon that's about to get nerfed.

    It's a plea to get people to put 1-cert optic and ammo upgrades on their stock vehicle weapons.
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  7. Lucidius134

    Do you know how many times a single lightning/harrasser/AV turret just blows up a Sundy at a distance with LOS?

    Do you know how much DPS dual basis have?
  8. Kid Gloves

    Get the 1-cert upgrade on your basilisk.

    Upgrade now!
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  9. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Do you know how people (including the people who pull Sundys) obviously do not care because they're too busy pumping their precious K/D and killstreaks to do something as boring as guarding the bus? It doesn't matter how awesome your guns are or how great they are at keeping your Sundy alive, if nobody ever bothers to shoot them.
  10. Kid Gloves

    Do you know how many of the zerg who are spawning at the sundy it takes to actually hop in the guns on the sundy and return fire?

    So you're arguing that it isn't worth spending two whole certs to make it easier for the gunners to defend it?

    The OP isn't asking people invest thousands of certs into the basilisk. He's asking for one (1) cert each, for the rank 1 optics zoom, and possibly a second cert for the first rank in ammo pool.

    1 cert.

    If someone saved up enough to unlock AMS, they've already invested far more than that in their sundy. How is it bad advice to spend a cert to help protect that larger investment?

    Yes, we're quibbling over spending 30 vs 32 certs here. o_O
  11. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Tell me how many times you have ever spawned in a random Sundy and seen two people manning the guns.

    Listen to what I am saying, bro. I AM THE PERSON WHO DOES THIS. I know for a fact, based on my eyeball experience, that I am the ONLY one who bothers to do it 99% of the time.

    I drive a Sundy, and when I park it, I guard it. When I spawn at random Sundys, many times I guard them too.

    I am telling you that almost nobody else ever bothers to do that. Try sitting in them for a while yourself and see how many people join you. You'll find it's basically nobody.

    So I don't blame other Sundy drivers for not upgrading the guns, especially if they don't plan to sit around and gun themselves. They know that the certs are an absolute complete waste because the guns will never get used. By anyone.
  12. M4L4CH1TE

    I've got 3 maxed out sundy configurations and I am also that Sunday guy and I see lots of people using the guns on my vehicles. Because they're ammo'd & zoomed to be effective. I couldn't count they number of aircraft, lightnings, harassers, and soldiers destroyed who tried to kill my sundries.

    Hell, I've had people in my Galaxy I couldn't get to jump out onto a base because they felt more effective using the wing and tail guns.

    In fact if I hop into a Gal and the gun position doesn't have ONE FRIGGN CERT dropped into it for zoom I hop out. If they can't cert that much they also probably can't drive/fly.

    You may not see people using your vehicle's guns. Not sure why- but I see them using mine. And like has been said, how long does it take to earn 4 certs?
  13. ZeroErrorz

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  14. WTSherman

    I've actually noticed this on my Sundy as well: the amount of time people spend on my guns is directly proportional to the number of ammo and zoom upgrades I have.
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  15. stalkish

    shouldnt need to.
    All vehicle weapons should come with a stock zoom, and the rest of the 1 cert options.
    1 cert? really? no point in having it as an option.
  16. Eyeklops

    Hundreds? You could probably buy the first zoom & ammo capacity cert for every vehicle weapon in the game with less than 100 certs. Did you read the OP?
  17. UKJK7

    Should I even continue to save for the Enforcer? im about 783 certs, and I heard theres a nerf on the loose.
  18. Gleerok

    Cool story bro, but it needs more:

  19. Blackinvictus

    This always gets me. For the love of God. IT"S ONE DAMN CERT!
  20. Frosty The Pyro

    I cry a little on the inside everytime I hop into a basilisk and it has no optics. the difference one level of zoom makes is realy big.
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