Vehicle Deconstruct + Instant Log Out

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  1. ComerEste87

    At first this was just a simple annoyance as only the top people were doing it, but now it happens so often it's borderline exploiting game systems to perform actions the devs probably don't intend.

    So, here's what they are doing: Bind the vehicle window where you can lock it, kick people out, decon, etc... to an easier key. When you know there's no chance at escaping, you jump out of your vehicle, open the vehicle window and deconstruct. While most just suicide after that, the ones who care about their K/D ratio log off. Doing this prevents the person(s) trying to kill you from getting vehicle destruction XP and kill XP.

    My suggestion to fix this problem, that will only grow as time goes on unless something is done, is as follows:

    1. Make the log out system EXACTLY like it was in PS1. In friendly territory, it takes 10 seconds to log out. In enemy territory, it takes 30 seconds to log out. While the log out timer is counting down, any actions (moving, shooting, even opening the map) stops the count down forcing you to have to restart the timer.

    2. Deconstruct system, any of these options would be good enough for me:
    A.) The vehicle has to have not performed an action for X amount of time before being allowed to decon.
    B.) The vehicle must be with in a 15 meter vicinity to a friendly vehicle pad in order to decon.
    C.) Upon clicking the deconstruct button in the vehicle window, a countdown starts similar to the log out idea. Friendly territory = 10 seconds, enemy territory = 30 seconds. If the vehicle moves or takes damage, countdown stops and has to be restarted by the owner. Aircraft must be landed to start the timer.
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  2. Zeek

    If someone is going to such great lengths to preserve KD/R, there is nothing you can do that won't annoy the rest of the population.

    Honestly to me I say so freaking what, he dodged a death on his stats and some XP was lost. I've never seen this myself and if I did I would thank the guy. Not only did I kill him, he left the server thereby weakening his faction.
  3. ComerEste87

    Missing the point entirely. It's not a very common practice now, but it will be if SOE doesn't do something about it now before it gets to that point.

    How does any of my suggested fixes annoy the rest of the population? Nearly every game out there has a count down timer to logging out so people should be used to it by now. I'm surprised PS2 doesn't, especially since PS1 did specifically to counter this problem.
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  4. Bucketnate

    I can't believe that this isn't in yet. I keep hearing such good features of Planetside both from a gameplay and technical standpoint and I hope that SOE will bring some of it back one day to make PS2 that much more solid.
  5. Xine2k

    The reason pilots do this is not to save their life or to preserve KD ratio. It is to punish the loser piece of garbage no skill AA user who tried to kill them. AA is already terrible enough score as it is. To ensure that piece of **** never uses AA again the pilot wishes to drop their score/hour from very low to 0.

    That way, it shall be known that AA is merely a selfless effort to assist your team while everyone else in your squad actually gets exp. Pilots do not want AA to get a single cert. I do not blame them. The deconstructing started after the air nerfs. It was always available but it is used more often now.
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  6. ComerEste87

    This is not a discussion about AA. Please take further arguments to the already numerous threads about AA balance.
  7. Xine2k

    It's a thread regarding why pilots deconstruct. And I am saying it is to spite the AA who shot them down not to preserve their KD ratio. Read the post.
  8. ComerEste87

    Wrong. This is not a thread about why people do it. Especially since I have seen ground vehicles do this almost as much as I have seen pilots do it. I simply stated the "what is happening", "how it's done" and the end result of the action. The proper discussion on the topic is of what, if anything, can the devs do to prevent or discourage the action of deconstructing/logging off with the goal of preventing the enemy from getting properly rewarded for fighting you.
  9. Zotamedu

    B is bad because sometimes you want to deconstruct because your vehicle is stuck. That's one of the real reasons they have a deconstruct button in the first place.

    I think that A is the simplest solution but. No deconstructing moving vehicles. Or maybe even combine it with a 10 second count down. If you have your vehicle stuck or if you are about to log off, you can spend another 10 seconds waiting for the deconstruct. That would also make it useless for exploiting.
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  10. Hunter_Killers

    It's irrelevant why. It's that it needs to go, before the game was even released. Much like /suicide.
  11. Xine2k

    Why it occurs is entirely relevant. Garbage AA units need not get any exp.
  12. Compass

    I watch people deconstruct all the time when I shoot them with rotaries. I watched a Sunderer deconstruct when I shot him with Prowler AP. It was cute.
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  13. ComerEste87

    Please stop trying to derail the thread. This is not about AA balance. If you want to discuss that, go make your own thread or find one of the many already in existence.
  14. Xine2k

    I am not derailing the thread. The fact of the matter is that this issue is easy to fix. The devs are not fixing it because no one feels sorry for AA. If they did they would fix it.

    Annihilators were nerfed in days. Why? Because people actually care. Prowler was nerfed in days. Why? Because people actually cares.

    You cannot persuade anyone to change the status quo or to take action without explaining why.
  15. Alexandurrr

    True story:

    Last night on Esamir was dogfighting with a Reaver for a good 30 seconds (intense loopty loops abound!)
    Got the upper hand finally and started wailing on him until he was smoking.
    He deconstructed and logged out totally gilting me of ALL XP.

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  16. ComerEste87

    I would be content with that option too.
  17. Lewk

    This happens a LOT and should be addressed. It is really easy to do, and has no place in the game. It doesnt matter why people do it, the only thing that matters is WHY SOE HASN'T FIXED IT YET!

    Honesly, i dont even attack Galaxies/Libs/Sundies anymore with more than a single magazine of ammo , as on my server they are 50% going to deconstruct, 40% crash (if a plane), and 10% decon + logout. It used to not be a big deal, but it is getting more and more popular.

  18. ohmikkie

    for me logging out is one thing and i agree with your suggestions.

    but for deconstruction i think it is a legit tactic. i have de-constructed my tank in battle a few times cause i got cornered by a multitude of un-rendered heavies. if i know i am going to loose a tank i would rather reconstruct and save resources for another one. most people would bail in that situation anyway.
  19. Ryche

    Even in games where PVP is not the focus, but you can PVP, there are measures in place to prevent stuff like this from happening. You can't log out of almost any other MMO while you are actively engaged in combat. It also does not make sense that you can deconstruct your vehicle
    1. While flying through mid air
    2. While in combat

    I will be the first to admit that I've done it. The game allows it, and it shouldn't.
  20. Xine2k

    Case in point. It works.