Vehicle Chassis - Which?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by moooosa, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. moooosa

    Has anyone had experience with different vehicle chassis? What's your verdict?

    I look at these and I think, maybe I'll give my Flash a Surger for better hill climbing to get over tougher terrain, but then I think I can't imagine increased speed from the Racer wouldn't help with that too... things like that; I can't decide what I want without trying!

    So essentially, what chassis do you like for your vehicle and why?
  2. Bodo Fraggins

    For the sunderer, the consensus seems to be that the combat chassis doesn't make enough difference to be worth it ... The speed chassis makes you go noticeably faster ... which helps you climb hills anyway
  3. moooosa

    Thanks, that's kind of what I thought. I like the idea of my flash or sundy or whatever being able to climb steeper inclines and get places it wouldn't normally be able to, so I am tempted by the Surger, but after all maybe the racer just gives the most benefit.
  4. LibertyRevolution

    I have the maxed surger on my flash, its not so much hill climbing as it is not losing speed off road.
    You go like 70-75 on the grass over the bumps, its like being on the road.
    It also feels more stable, you seem to live through rolls and crazy stuff more (first person view, not so much in 3rd).
    It does go up hills that stock one wont, but don't expect to get up everything, for that you need turbo.

    Sunderer already climbs almost anything, I have racer on that.
  5. JohnnyMaverik

    Racer for Sunderer, Combat for Magrider. Other than that, duno.
  6. MyOdessa

    I use Racer for lightning and prowler.
  7. forkyar

    I prefer the balance once,i mean by balance is the one that gives you the ability to turn faster etc.