[Suggestion] variable scope-in (aka going ADS) time

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    Currently the transition from HIP to ADS is weapon-dependent (source: http://iridar.net/planetside2/weapons/weapon-mechanics/#Scope-In_and_Scope-Out_Times), however given the plethora of different weapons and variations, I propose a more predictable 2-steps mechanism:

    (1) Define a Base scope-in time per weapon with ironsights (from quickest to slowest) three categories:
    T1 - "short" weapons (sidearm,SMG)
    note: a possible variation could be to have SMG in between T1 and T2
    T2 - "long" weapons (carbine, LMG, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, battle rifle, ...)
    T3 - rocket launche/heavy guns

    (2) Add a Variable scope-in time according to the sight (from quickest to slowest):
    x2-x4-x6-x8-x10-x12/night vision

    Proposal (as a possible setup):
    T1 = 75ms
    T2 = 150ms
    T3 = 300ms
    sight multiplier = 10ms --> x2=20ms ... x12 or night vision =120ms

    scope-in Repeater+iron sights = 75ms
    scope-in Blackhand+4x sight = 105ms (75+40)
    scope-in Cyclone+2x sight = 95ms (75+20)
    scope-in Naginata+4x sight = 190ms (150+40)
    scope-in Reaper DMR+6x sight = 210ms (150+60)
    scope-in Railjack+x12 sight = 270ms (150+120)
    scope-in ML-7 = 300ms

    scope-out time = scope-in time.

    The rationale for the proposal is to negate part of the advantage of having an heavy magnification sight by requiring extra time to settle-in and to give a slight advantage to relatively weak weapons (sidearm) because those are quicker to bring on line compared to long weapons.
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  2. Erendil

    Variable scope-in time for different sights already exists.

    I know it's different for 1x, IRNV, and 2x. I'm not sure about the others but I suspect that 3.4x and 4x and about the same, and anything 6x and above is about the same too. I'd have to go test out 3.4x and above scopes to be sure of how they compare to each other though.

    That said, I do like how you've fleshed it out a little more. Higher magnification sights already have the disadvantage of having higher perceived recoil, but longer scope-in time makes sense to a certain extent too.

    Also, it definitely makes sense to make scope in/out times per weapon more varied than they are now.
  3. Zak Preston

    Also ple-e-e-e-ase:
    • Compass (a frame at the top of the screen)
    • Binoculars with rangefinder
    • NVG (Amerish dark nights are too pitch-black)
  4. FateJH

    Infravision or HS/NV optics. (Almost all vehicle weapons also have Night Vision optics and, in a pinch, threat detection optics.)
  5. Prudentia

    Night vision also are excellent AA Gun optics.
  6. Zak Preston

    Sorry, I'm talking about night vision goggles, not thermal scopes on infantry weapons, attachments to vehicle guns or implants.
  7. FateJH

    I know what you were saying; do you know what I was saying?

    They already have something (some things) to accommodate the option so why release something that would trivialitize them? Epsecially Infravision. Assuming you are referencing goggles as something that you don't need to ADS to use but you can also switch out (take off) without using a terminal, why would anyone seek out Infravision, for example, which also consumes an implant slot in exchange for its services, if you had "Infravision with a toggle?" In what slot could you put it in where it would have to make a realistic competitive cost analysis in the kind of situations where you might have really wanted something else in the same slot?
  8. Zak Preston

    Infravision is a standard IRNV (infrared), while I'm talking about standard night vision in visible light spectrum.
  9. Prudentia

    ADS and unADS with an IRNV scope with ~0.3 seconds spacing and you'll have free infravision anyway
  10. FateJH

    There's no such thing as the electromagnetic spectrum in game terms. The mechanics and cost analysis are what matters and Infravision is essentially the game's night vision optics with a high contrast yellow and grey filter instead of a middling green filter. Infravision can not be turned off and takes up an implant slot. If they gave you night vision as goggles, in what slot would you equip those goggles and why would the consideration whether goggles or something else in the same slot be a meaningful decision?
    Your cone of fire will probably hate you.
  11. Prudentia

    no, i mean you'll have PERMANENT infravision untill you die or scope in again with an IRNV scope. so you can just do that in the spawn and then remove the IRNV from your weapon and run around giggling to yourself with free Infravision.
    works with switching to a MAX too
  12. Zak Preston

    I had this bug with Threat detection optics.