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  1. Irrelevant--

    VS shoot just as fast and sometimes faster than TR, the supposedly rapid-est firing faction. Magrider is the fastest tank if you consider the mag burn boost ability. ZOE is fastest max. So, how can anyone say the TR is the "fast" faction? If the VS can shoot just as fast as TR, why can't NC get some love? They're seriously lacking in RoF. Either lower VS RoF or buff TR. Is this so unreasonable? It's supposed to be the TR TRAIT. It's what makes TR what they are, aside from commie hats strikers.
  2. Mr_Giggles

    Margrider is hardly the fastest tank. Don't add special abilities like that to boost your point. You are also discounting the fact that while many guns have around the same rpm, TR guns on average have larger magazines.
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  3. phreec

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  4. bodmans

    VS has misplaced faction traits, Your arguments are invalid
  5. Ghosty11

    ...but but no drop weapons! >.<
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  6. bodmans

    We have bullet drop on all weapons that would benefit from it, BA snipers, tank, default RL etc
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  7. Irrelevant--

    Of the top 10 fastest weapons:
    -4 are TR (supposedly the fastest faction)
    -1 is a burst fire pistol
    -TR have 2 weapons with 845 RpM, as do VS and NC. However, one of the TR's is a burst fire pistol, so TR only have one 845 RPM rifle type weapon
    -NC and VS both have an 800 RpM weapon in top ten, TR has one. It is the mini chaingun, the faction "heavy weapon". Doesn't seem so special in its RpM
    -The FASTEST weapon, the Armistice, has a 40 round clip fully upgraded - the GD-7f and the Serpent VE92, the NC and VS fastest weapons, have 30 round where's the supposed large magazine bonus for TR?

    In short, not even half of the top ten fastest weapons are TR, the fast firing faction. Educate yourself.
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  8. Frenk

    Fast fire =/= high velocity.

    Plus, Vanu is the most agile/fast faction by lore, not TR. I don't really understand why did you think the opposite.
  9. Vastly

    And what?
  10. Aegie

    Well, that and the most ammo per mag...and the highest average DPS.
  11. Aegie

    40>30 so, it is larger. Am I missing something?

    TR have 1) the highest average ROF in the game, 2) the greatest magazine capacity in the game, and 3) the highest average DPS among major weapons categories- what else do you want? They have been outscoring the other factions since launch.

    NC have 1) greatest average damage per shot but this is completely deceptive because they also have the lowest average DPS among major weapons categories.

    Not sure if I should give a rating out 10 for this post.
  12. Kodaa

    You'll find that the only real faction traits are larger magazines on TR carbines/ARs, no bullet drops for VS, and NC get ALL THE SHOTGUNS
  13. Cinnamon

    TR are the inaccurate faction with more bullets except LMGs where they have same or less bullets.
  14. Van Dax

    harasser is fastest tank.
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  15. Irrelevant--

    Wrong. From the wiki "The prowler is a medium tank that is the fastest MBT on the field...[with] the least amount of armor", "The mosquito is an extremely agile attack craft...has the fastest top speed of any air vehicle", and "TR weapons have the fastest firing rates...they do not have as much damage on impact".

    So, according to lore, TR is supposed to be the fastest. But I've already discussed that up there ^
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  16. Van Dax

    fine, give the prowler less armour and magrider a stronger ability. You don't want that, trust me.
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  17. Frenk

    Besides the fact that I already said fast fire =/= high velocity (so I don't understand why did you quote "TR weapons have blabla"), I am talking about the LORE, not the actual state of things. Following your logic, neither TR nor VS should get shotgun, since it's a NC "trait" (which, of course, it isn't, just like the high RoF isn't for TR).
  18. deggy

    I think you might have just said that the Magrider is the fastest tank...


    Magburner lasts one second. One. Single. Second.

    Meanwhile, the Prowler has a default top speed that's 15KPH higher than the Magrider's, and even the Vanguard is faster by 1KPH when everything is stock.

    In the immortal words of Malcom Reynolds: "Your mouth is talkin', see to that."
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  19. Amundsenkalmah

    Armstice equivalent is eridani-cyclone 25 mag 35 with Extended.
    Lynx equivalent (40 mag ) is GD-7F - VX-67 (30 mag)
    Chaingun (800 RPM 100-200 rounds) equivalent Lasher (333 RPM 75-150 rounds) jackhammer (RPM? 9-12 rounds)
  20. Xasapis

    Weapons of all factions are generally ok right now. Whatever imbalances may be in the game are on rockets, vehicles and maxes.