Vanu Solstice OP

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by BUnz44, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Funzo

    There used to be a fourth faction on Auraxis, until they met my Solstice.
  2. Funzo

    What happened to the dinosaurs and Crystal Pepsi? Solstice.
  3. Eyeklops

    You mean 4 right? Indar currently has 3 biolabs.
  4. Fraya

    Just dont tell anyone about the NC HA SAW which fires smaller deadlier HAs equipped with Solstice's.
  5. Funzo

    I quickly rebuilt the third biolab. How? Solstice.
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  6. Speedy87

    You propably met the legendary master chief and his golden big balls of flame spittin solstice, forged by the gods themselves on mount olympus , it is told that the one who holds the golden solstice can kill a planet with 1 bullet, so your lucky son.... your lucky he only killed u in the virtual world, u got away with it
  7. xMurderEmperorBRnm1x

    OK so... My first post on the forums was about how bad the solstice is by comparison to any other starting gun, just saying. It's NOT a very strong weapon and only in my wildest dreams can I bring down a heavy with it. Mind you I have every meaningful upgrade available to the basic solstice carbine! Chances are you are getting killed by hackers. The Solstice is actually is decent gun, if you are good at aiming at the face at under 30 meters, but other than that it's nothing special and if you are landing body shots it will take a nearly full clip of HITS to kill an engineer who knows how to use his shield.
  8. Goats

    There used to be 10 continents.


    (This is fun :D)
  9. THX1138

    If a default kitted TR engie and a VS engie both enter a battle at the same time, with equal skill level, it is up the VS engie to make a mistake else he'll auto-win that encounter. Every single time baring lucky TR head shots.
  10. Brainpan

    There use to be three Tech Plants on Esamir.

  11. Barosar

    The Solstice is custom-crafted by Chuck Norris himself in order to decimate things while he's busy blinking.
  12. isilyan

    Could not agree more with OP:) The Solstice is one of the Root balance problems in this game:p
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  13. Fraya

    Vanu's default armor is practically invisible at night and they have tanks that can strafe.. they can frikken strafe! Vanu shouldnt even get guns that would almost balance it out :p
  14. Xasapis

    On the other hand, VS very clearly stand out anywhere on the rocky side of Indar and on anything Esamir. Easier to see during the day, harder to see during the night. Red and black on the other hand is equally hard to see both day and night.

    The strafing of the tank is a necessity, otherwise how would they fire the fixed cannon?

  15. Dixa

    you got shot in the head or an aimbotter. nice troll post, hipster.
  16. Xasapis

    The problem is that you can't really know if it's actual skill, a cheater, hit box detection acting up or flinch contributing to misses. There are so much at play when facing another player, it makes assessing any wins or losses difficult.
  17. DoradusGenudine

    youre a liar.
  18. Xasapis

  19. Acuta

    One day I got tired of the really long daylight cycles in this game, playing Vanu I do so prefer the night.

    So, I killed the sun with my Solstice.

    This day is still remembered annually on the shortest day of the year, and marks the beginning of Winter.

    The day was named in honor of the mighty Solstice.

    True story.
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  20. Village

    Solstice [IMG]
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