Vanu Solstice OP

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by BUnz44, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. BUnz44

    I can shoot an engineer about a thousand times with my GD-22S and not kill him but the engy shoots me THREE times with my shield up as a heavy..and he'll still kill me...SOLSTICE NEEDS A DEBUFF
  2. Jac70

    I got killed by a Carv today. I was at least 150m away and it took like 4 shots! In the dark!! So TR = OP!!! De-buff please. o_O
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  3. Gobmi


    this is getting veeeery old. Next time try to use some imagination when writing here in the forums.
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  4. Flying Mug

    Curses, our secret weapon's 500 damage per shot is revealed!
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  5. Xasapis

    I shoot down liberators with it. Don't tell anyone!
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    I think you got the random hit reg bug which happen to me sometimes even when i shot 1 sec faster then my enemy at 20m but end up dying after draining less then 50% of his shield.Oh and damage doesn't reg when i spam 30 rounds on his neck while moving around him at the range of less then a meter
  7. Kociboss

    So you died in Planetside 2.
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  8. Deschain

    There is alot of issues with hit detection in this game which results in these Op threads, blame SOE not the Faction.
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  9. Kurreah

    Also with the delay in hit registry I think. You probably just didn't hear the rest of the burst that killed you because you got the death screen cutting it off. Its the same reason you don't always hear the blast when one-shotted by a tank round, or you can get shot after you step behind a wall.
  10. ThommiX

    Oh lol...something is once again OP simply because the poster died to it?...
    Sheesh...Learn to play.
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  11. Absoluth

    Its kind of funny, considering i use the solstice mostly, and whenever im in a 1v1 situation, i open fire, hitting the enemy 6+ times at close or mid range, and after i hear myself getting hit 2~3x, i die. When i see the 'who killed you' window, it shows the enemy with full health and 2~3 bars of shield left. So either some people found absurd shield upgrades for every class, solstice is utter garbage, or there's something seriously flawed with the hit detection.

    One thing is certain: don't dare call VS weapons OP. You would be amazed about what some NC/TR weapons can do.
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  12. BILDO

    Screaming something is "OP" is like running to your mommy and saying that Billy got more ice cream and its "not fair". Get up, rise to the challenge and overcome it... this isnt Halo or CoD where everybody gets the same weapons, same upgrades, same everything... thats the best part of the game.
  13. Yloh

    So... whats left now? Beamer! Who wanna open a thread please?
    E: did anyone post a VS lightning op omg nerf! ?
  14. Marlord

    SOE should nerf the whiners.
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  15. Brainpan

    I think my own Solstice is low in the damage department, but I accept it since it is my default weapon and I don't have any others unlocked yet. Are you sure you're just not running into engineers who know how to hit you in the head?

    Yeah, I still need to work on controlling my aim to hit the head... I need to stop ducking and shooting people in the groin. It's getting weird...
  16. Soylad

  17. Barosar

    Grass is always greener on the other side. As a VS Engy with a few unlocked weapons, I just cannot find one that works all that well. I routinely die in gunfights to just about everything else. Even if I had a whole clip fired upon them first. It is to the point where I just wish I had any of the enemy's infantry weapons. After 1000s of combat deaths by infantry it is pretty clear to me that most other weapons are just faster, more rapid, more accurate, and/or damaging in the hands of most anybody at any BR.

    Yes yes, Engy is a support class. I get it. Still I never ever thought I'd see a call for a nerf of a VS Eng weapon. In a sick way it makes me smile that someone could feel that overwhelmed by this junk. Wish it was me that did it to you too, maybe I could have a moment of glory with these things.
  18. Ghosty11

    I usually takes me half a magazine or more to kill anyone unless I have time to set up for a good headshot burst, which most people don't stand around and allow unless their back is turned or don't see me coming. The silencer and HVA ammo for my Solstice SF sometimes times gives me the extra time for a reload and second kill, but for the most part I have to reload after every kill.
  19. Eyeklops

    They accidentally coded the Solstice to shoot Orbital Strikes, SHHHH...don't tell anyone.
  20. Funzo

    There used to be three biolabs on Indar until I came along with my Solstice.
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