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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Webbskee, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Webbskee

    Is there a vanu sniper rifle that can 1 shot headshot kill? if so, which one?
  2. yama

    The V10 and the XM98 are your typical long range OHK bolt action sniper rifles.

    The V10 has higher bullet velocity but a long reload time
    The XM98s projectiles are a little slower but the reload is quicker.

    I prefer the XM98 because I would rather get more bullets down range then have them travel faster.
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  3. bobby_m

    The lack of stats is really bad, I feel. I am here, because I had the same question and couldn't find an answer in the wiki...
    I know the game is still really fresh, so please regard this as a suggestion for improvement.
  4. Dragoneye

    If you're a midrange sniper, then I recommend the Ghost. It's basically an XM98 with no scope that takes rifle scopes instead of the sniper scopes. Very useful as an assassination tool.

    The V10 will kill in one shot. I can't speak to the rest.
  6. SJ_Wolf

    The VS10 has greater distance before drop due to the velocity of the round. Depending on where you are going, one or the other is the better option.
  7. Webbskee

    I thought there was zero bullet drop with vanu?
  8. WingMaker

    The semi auto rifles will have no bullet drop, but the harder hitting bolt action rifles will have some drop. I know it goes against the empire's characteristics, but it is a balancing issue. A OHK bolt action rifle with no drop would be pretty nuts.
  9. wtfhax

    I used the XM98 in beta, and it has a huge drop.
    The V10 has 0 drop within the first 100-200 meters, and the compensation you have to do at shots beyond 200m is nothing compared with the XM98. Actually I thought it had 0 drop at all ranges, since it seemed to me like bullet travels in a straight line - even with the 12x zoom on, I haven't noticed it not going straight. I thought it was simply down to loosing damage at longer ranges, but the bullet drop would explain why I don't get OHK at above 200m when aiming for the head.
    I will do some testing ;)
  10. F U P S

    I'm confused with the sniping approach.
    When you take a shot, I'm assuming you wait for the recoil to go down?
    I've been shooting 2 rounds within 1 second and have been missing kills.
  11. Emperor

    FUPS, make sure you're holding your breath with the shift key when zooming in. I'm assuming by recoil you might be talking about the sway.

    I only used the xm98 with a silencer which causes drop, could that be what you were seeing in beta? The drop on the V10 is pretty tame. Love the gun. Was a great purchase.
  13. Wobberjockey

    yea i know that i was startled when i slapped a silencer on my XM98 in beta as well.

    "WTF whhere did i get these bananna bullets"

    i don't think i've missed a shot yet for aiming to low on the V10 though. thing's a bloody railgun
  14. Sphinx

    Does the silencer really worth it ? Less dmg or just more bullet drop ?

    I feel that they adjusted the bulletdrop , it seems less than in beta for the XM98
  15. Moxin

    Actually I did headshots with the beginner sniper rifle and killed with one hit...especially enemy Infiltrators. But all in all the rifle does really low damage when aiming for the heart....sometimes only 1/10 HP gone, thats a bit too weak.
  16. Helwyr

    The Suppressor increases damage degradation over range on the VS Semi Autos, and it increases bullet drop on the Bolt Actions.

    Is it worth it? If you're engaging at closer ranges yes (semi autos and Ghost would likely be good candidates for this), long range sniping no, not IMO.
  17. wtfhax

    Yep, it is amazing :D I am glad it was the one i received through alpha squad.
  18. ISKNausicaa

    I tried the Ghost in beta, and found it was utter trash (my opinion), as the scopes means you have to engage enemies from within optimal striking distance of their more effective weapons.

    I personally would take the stock rifle (Spectre) over the Ghost any day of the week.

    I would honestly like people to convince me that im wrong on my experiance of the Ghost, I'd love to see it have some sort of viable role.

    On the subject of the other rifles, anyone try the Nyx out yet?
  19. Vepo

    When coming across good VS Infils they are using the V10 as if you get a headshot on an infil/Light/Medium it's a 1 shot kill.
  20. ISKNausicaa

    last i checked the only footzerger that couldnt be 1 shot by the V10 is a max.
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