Vanu Sirius SMG

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  1. Duvenel

    I know :) Just sayin' was all.
  2. Gavyne

    I would argue more classes are now using these fast CQC weapons, whereas before, for whatever reasons, they weren't. I see more infiltrators, medics, and some engs using these SMG lately. Like I said I don't much care but just saying what I've been noticing as to what kills me as I play HA 96% of my play time.
  3. RobotCriminal

    Do you understand the point that your own faction has access to an equally good SMG?

    Hailstorm has equal damage and a nearly equal ROF (800 vs 845), with a larger mag, faster reload, and better ADS accuracy to compensate.

    From the sounds of things your squad died because you got jumped by a player who could move and aim better then you.
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  4. Otulien

    You have the exact same weapon, save for a little less bullet velocity. (Bullet velocity doesn't make a difference in such close quarters.)

    F*cking deal with it. You were bested by a half decent player? OH NOES! So, what do you do? Do you get better at the game? Buy your equivalent of the gun? Stop parading yourself infront of enemies? NOPE. You come and whine on the forums.

    Good job.
  5. Weirdkitten

    Can you and your friends transfer to Miller? Preferably TR or VS, and let me know where I can find you :p
  6. AgentStark427

    Well, at this point I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong, but I won't completely dismiss it until I get a bit more experience in.

    Yes. Even if I suck I will most likely deny it.
  7. WNxPlatinum

    What the OP forgot to mention was two guys of the guys on point were looking at the map trying to figure were to take thier prowlers next, One guy was AFK bio, One cat was spaming Yell about how OP no bullet drop is and he was taking a nap.

    Pay attention on the point,
  8. Curse_Gamerkin

    Why dont we take the vanu, and move them somewhere else?!
  9. TheEvilBlight

    Did you look up the guy who killed you in the player system? He could be hax, you never know.