Vanu Sirius SMG

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AgentStark427, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. AgentStark427

    Nerf that crap. I swear to God, I cannot believe how easy it is to abuse that thing. It's like a laser cutter that goes right through shields and health. ONE light assault armed with that thing took out five people from a spawn point and eventually took the point.

    If you're a Vanu, you're point is invalid. The gun is overpowered for how precise it is and I'm freaking tired of ONE GUY stalking my squad and taking all five of them out repeatedly. End of discussion.
  2. Arquin

    Just fixed some parts for you.
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  3. Vertabrae

    Yet another Vanu player doing his part to save the world.
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  4. Kookamunga

    You do realize that the other 2 factions have the EXACT SAME WEAPON ? Just a different skin
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  5. UrMom306

    Boom, Roasted!
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  6. Fiatsu

    oH SNAP!
  7. Benton!

    God, what a troll thread. Do you even have enough ammo for 5 guys?
  8. Bungee

    I hesitate to call for a nerf on such flimsy evidence.

    Are you sure the guy wasn't hacking?

    Was your squad composed for long range combat..? (sniper rifles & TMG50's)

    Close up SMG's are godlike.. but not as good as a shotgun IMO
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  9. grunties

    Its OP in the hands of a Vanu though. So nerf vanus version and it will be balanced.
  10. Oreo202

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  11. PapaMojo

    Even though that may be the case, I still believe the Vanu version of it should be nerfed. It is obvious to anyone who has played this game for any length of time and has any reasoning ability whatsoever that a weapon with equal values across all three factions always becomes far more dangerous in the hands of the Vanu. Because purple. And spandex.
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  12. Arquin

    The only damn reason why NC and TR are losing to VS that they are too busy looking at our disproportionally huge buttocks.
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  13. S1eB

    Have you even used it? it's no where near OP.

    The H-V45, VX6-7 and any of the LMGs are better weapons. The only advantage the Sirius has is it's magazine size.
  14. Zaik

    The 50/60 magazine size SMGs are worse than hipfire oriented ARs and carbines for hipfiring, as they're a full damage tier lower without any real benefit beyond 20 more bullets to spray.

    The only classes that should ever use them are HA's and Infiltrators.

    The first round of SMGs weren't very kind to the VS, and the NC got a 25 magazine size LMG that got typoed into an SMG, as far as anyone can tell. That's pretty much the only reason the second round even see use at all.
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  15. Gavyne

    It's a very powerful weapon, that's all I'll say about it. Does it warrant a nerf? I don't think so, but the devs need to probably think up a way to prolong TTK a bit in this game. It has become shorter with the release of SMG's.
  16. Neovius

    But it has no bullet drop... NERF!
  17. Duvenel

    The SMG is hardly effective at range so bullet drop should't even be factored in.
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  18. Neovius

    It was a joke...
  19. VanuSovereignty

    It really didn't become shorter with SMGs. We've had guns with lower TTKs (143 damage, 845 ROF carbines) for a while now, as well as shotguns.

    He was joking.
  20. AgentStark427

    Very true. Jaeger has been known to have a lot of hackers recently. Good thing the server's being merged.

    Also, I'm going to grow a pair and apologize for the blatantly flaming initial post which had no testimony or case of any sort. (I feel like Im in court after saying that).

    The squad was pretty much a mix in terms of units. One max, one engie with the max, one medic, a heavy assault, and myself, a light assault. I myself was using the Hailstorm and level 4 nanoweave armor which should have made it somewhere equal or at least bring him down to almost dead. In a straight up person to person firefight where both sides fired a the same time (like that Star Wars edit, no thanks to George Lucas), I would find myself getting gunned down first. Even when I started shooting first, 9 times out of 10 the Light Assault Sirius user would have the kill with about 70% health left. Yes, this includes shields.

    As for everyone else, he took out the engie from behind who didn't get a chance to respond, then fled before the max could hit him. While he was getting the rest of us, he was taking pot shots at the max which eventually took him out. I'm not just talking people trickling out out of the base and getting farmed. I'm talking about somewhere between 3-4 people slaughtered in a matter of ten seconds. He was at a far enough distance that the effectiveness of our weapons dropped significantly due to recoil. NC wouldn't even have a chance with their recoil.

    I was hitting most of my shots (about 20/30 shots, 30 was all I could fire before getting nixed) and moving at the same time while the opposing player was stationary and hitting 100% of the shots. There are two conclusions: Vanu weapons are extremely precise and need a damage or rate of fire nerf, or it was an aimbot. Given my experience with Vanu in the last two weeks, I'd have to say I can't tell. Either way, this is the weapon that has killed me the most since it was released as an NC or TR in general.

    Before anyone says anything, the only times that I have seen someone aimbot/hack are Vanu affiliated, sometimes even with a particular tag. This makes sense due to the Vanu's low recoil weapons which gives the aimbot the ability to hit nearly 100% of its shots.

    Sorry for wasting most of your time to those who responded to this with actual criticism. To those of you who responded with cynicism, there's an easier way to deal with someone who thinks a weapon is OP. Don't reply. If you don't reply to a post, it will gently float to the bottom of the forum without impeding on your precious PS2 grinding time.

    True story.
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