Vanu Scythe spotted!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NCstandsforNukaCola, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Paragon Exile

    I'll always remember the cockpit joke.

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  2. Tentakewls

    Love it, just last week I finished watching Strike Witches too which was surprisingly good if you like WWII stuff.
  3. Prudentia

    well to be fair, there is not that much chest on her... especially compared to the Reaver....
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  4. jiggu

    I wonder what the Liberator and Galaxy will look like.
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  5. IamDH

    Haha yeah. Vanu is all about dat boootttyyy!
  6. z1967

    I kinda want to know, but at the same time I don't. Idk, I guess we will see.
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  7. Riku

    Why the hell can't our pistol look like that one! We got such ugly weapons ._.
    Oh, and nice artwork. My greetings to the artist :D
  8. Damingo

    Dafq is with u nerds. Ugh
  9. Maljas23

    If you ignore the perversion, this is great artwork either way. Don't be that guy.
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  10. Llamar

    Still not getting you.
  11. Damingo

    As a fellow artist (20 years as a Master Goldsmith) to see my work ,Instagram 'mastergoldsmith' . I totally agree his ability to draw is very impressive. His choice though on what to draw........ugh
  12. Maljas23

    y so judgmental?
  13. Damingo

    I guess when in a public forum then it will be open to comment from the public. But your right though you don't need me raining on your parade. I'll delete my comment :)
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  14. Damingo

    Ugh I can't edit it soz. Just ignor me
  15. z1967

    Now that I look at it, maybe the artist was trying to do a gun similar to the L-PPA? It could be my Terran mandatory goggles, but L-PPA does kinda look a bit like that gun in the picture.
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  16. Ribero

    Nice stuff on your Instagram page/channel/whatever they're called.
  17. Damingo

    Thanks brother, nice of you to say so.
  18. Prudentia

    not really. it looks abit like a Saron (LC, not HRB) but it's just way to short and the pistolgrip looks like a Vortex.
    Liberator =3 girl vehicle
    Galaxy = 12 girl vehicle...
    well... i guess that wouldn't be allowed on these forums...
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  19. z1967

    Meh, I have never seen them up close, and a lot of the VS stuff is Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. They need a model overhaul soon.
  20. Prudentia

    Airweapons are actually decent
    Saron: 2 rails, narrowing at the front
    Hailstorm: 3 Rails gaping abit
    PPA: 2 Rails, gaping alot, longer
    Antares... eh don't have it, never saw it up close

    If you see a Scythe you can tell if it can fight you, because the PPA is distinct.
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