Vanu Scout Rifle for Stealth?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kerros, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Kerros

    I'm looking for something for the Vanu that has a low TTK at medium range for stealth purposes in Scout Rifles. I use the Phaseshift for sniping. Sooooo:

  2. BartasRS

    If you are accustomed to Phaseshift you could either use it with 7x scope and a suppressor in SA mode or go for Nyx as it has similar feeling and no bullet drop. If I remember correctly it will also drop targets with 2 HS at any range like Phaseshift.
  3. Halkesh

    If you want to be stealthy, NYX is a good option as if you put a silencer it's very quiet and profit of the VS non-drop faction trait.
    Phantom is arguably the same weapon but with less bullet and worse moving ADS accuracy.
  4. Nikushimi

    Ghost and phantom are considered snipers not scout rifles.

    With that said both Nyx and Vandal are vary effective weapons though they have completely different play styles.

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