VANU Rant - Their Tech is Too

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  1. Xasapis

    I checked that site. It is also confirmed by Oracle. VS are the least played faction. Not by a big margine and they are slightly lagging behind the TR, but they are indeed the least played.

    If you want to make an argument based on some evidence, isn't it better to check the evidence yourself?

    And yes, there is a reason VS wins more alerts. They have more people in the dead hours of the day. 2/3 of the dead are dead hours, so guess why VS win more alerts ;)
  2. Hatesphere

    they funny part is the link he posted was showing the most recent reading as VS being at the bottom.
  3. Plorf

    Lots of uninformed Vanu hate today on Forumside. There are some arguments to be made, but you didn't type any of them.
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  4. Prudentia

    as i'm a mostly infantry player i'll go ahead and laugh at your complaints about the infantry weapons.
    lets start with the biggest weakness of VS weapons:
    Damage per mag: the standard TR weapon has 5720DPM, thats almost enough for a theoretical 6 kills per mag, NC has 5010 which is still enough for a theoretical 5kills per mag. And VS has 4290 which is enough for 4 theoretical kills. It's pretty obvious why TR is the easiest faction for completly new players with a good margin before NC and VS while they still struggle with their accuracy.
    well what point will we destroy next... ah bullet speed:
    no drop is all nice and cool, but i'll give you a little quest: go ingame and compare the clone weapons. Shotguns and Sniperrifles (not bolt actions, those do have bulletdrop) to be precise. you'll see a little trend: the VS versions have less bulletspeed. who would have thought, they put something in to balance out the no bulletdrop trait :eek:
    Accuracy is based on the damage tier. the most accurate full auto weapon in the game? Gauss SAW. does it has tradeoffs for that accuracy? oh not really, it's just a normal weapon 200damage tier. well whats the most accurate VS weapon? oh it's the Corvus. if you don't now what that weapon is: there is only a single weapon in the game that kills slower than the Corvus and that weapon is also owned by VS, the Lasher.
    also if you have to HOPE that your bullet hits, then you should probably start to L2P and learn to compensate for movement and bulletdrop? cause bulletdrop is ALWAYS the same, it's doesn't change inbetween 2 bullets....
  5. asmodraxus

    Yes the Beamer, ZoE. and PPA are all in need of nerfs as they are so OP....

    Maybe not seeing as the Max ability is charge on 99% of the VS Max units, the only players who use ZoE are masochists who like lowering their armor for no good reason.

    Beamer is useless compared to all the NS Pistols, and the whole no bullet drop is well not very useful except on the semi auto snipers rifles (including the failshift) and the battle rifles (and seeing as they are all useless across all the empires) and the lancer.

    And the PPA well its so good its getting nerfed again... er I mean buffed seeing as the amount of users nose dived after the last round of adjustments along with kills.

    On paper the mag is the weakest tank, lowest DPS, tied with the prowler for armor, slowest top speed, but for some reason it kills the most. Possibly because there is a basic build, max stealth, 2nd gunner, complete AV load.

    Apart from the Lancer the VS have no outstanding weapons despite the calls for nerf the Orion (its one of the few VS weapons that is good the rest of the LMGs range from meh to yuck what is this sh...)

    If someone wants to talk about OP stuff I suggest having a look at the following

    Prowlers main cannons,
    Vulcan on the harasser,
    AI Raven balance,
    AI Pounder balance,
    Lashers vs MCG and Jackhammers,
    Grinders vs Max units
  6. Matt879

    So many invalid arguments that I won't even bother to prove you wrong, plenty of others have already done so. Each faction has a few terrible and a few great things, one could make the argument that a specific faction has more great things than the other ones, but usually that's not the case.
  7. Hatesphere

    honestly beamer is fine, just not as easy mode as a repeater since you need to learn how to click at a high and consistent rate to take advantage of it. I'm sick and tired of bad players ragging on one of the most under rated pistols in the game since they dont have the skill to use it.
  8. Nayrx

    Most VS weapons have the same ROF as TR with the same damage and better accuracy but a smaller magazine. Not sure that a smaller magazine is a detriment considering that you will not need more ammo if you hit the target quicker.
  9. Vango

    The point is VS get the pistol with highest skill floor as their starting sidearm.
    And even when fully mastered it is still impossible to both maintain high dps and track a moving target.
    And then on top of that despite requiring all of the practice put into it and when used optimally it is still unexceptional.
  10. Hatesphere

    its not impossible to click at 7-8 times per second and maintain accuracy, but ok. I will agree it has a much higher skill floor then most side arms, but when reached it is on par if not better then other side arms.
  11. d3adline

    The funny part is it largely depends on the time, the pops fluctuate a bit (by about 3-4%), December 10th 2014 6pm the TR had sub 30%

    Stop insisting the VS have the lowest pop, that's too 2013 for my taste.

    That's nothing but an urban legend.
  12. A3ianess

    We have the best stuff huh? Well your forgot that..
    1. Our MBT weapons have the lowest velocity, highest drop, and lowest damage.
    2. Our MBT ability only works if we show our rear armor.
    3. Third person view on Magrider doesn't actually work.
    4. Our Max ability makes us take more damage.
    5 Our bullet velocity is generally lower.
    6. Our weapons do not fire fast, nor hit hard.
    7. PPA is way worse than the marauder and canister.
    8. Saron is way worse than the vulcan and enforcer.
  13. Hatesphere

    so then give us an average instead of pointing at this site and claiming something.
  14. Xasapis

    Too many people with the victim syndrom unfortunately. If VS were either easiest or strongest (or both), they would be toping the population charts, not come dead last.
  15. z1967

    I don't have issues with either. You should probably play some VS so you get an idea of what you are actually facing. That's kind of a general rule of online combat, know your enemy better than they do.
  16. The_Blazing

    Not sure if trolling or just really really misinformed on things, or perhaps just plain stupid...
  17. Casey B

    VS win more alerts because we are super awesome at zerging during dead hours. I know because I am one of those zombie zergers, winning 3 alerts back to back between 3am and 7am Est time.

    If only you could refine those stats to only include wins and losses from pop capped matches and see who comes out on top.
  18. Veph

    I find it quite interesting that it's the very same case on my EU server. Something's generally wrong with Vanu players I guess. (...posting at 3 am).