VANU Rant - Their Tech is Too

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  1. DotScott

    .... too everything. So... I've been playing this game for a pretty long time now. I've played as NC, Vanu and TR, I'm almost battle rank 60 and... everything about the VANU is FAR superior to any other faction! Their weapons, their vehicles, everything.

    1. Their hand-held weapons: Half the time I get SNIPED by a Vanu engineer with a machine gun that's half a mile away, thanks to their weapons being perfectly accurate with absolutely NO bullet drop (seriously what a stupid thing). Other factions have to calculate not only where the enemy is going to be but also how much the bullet is going to drop before it gets to them. Not to mention, most of the other factions (besides Vanu) weapon accuracy is aweful to begin with. At LEAST make their weapons MUCH less powerful. I mean, they can get headshots every time because all they have to do is aim directly at the enemies head... even if it's very far away. TR and NC have to aim above their heads and hope that they compensated enough to actually hit them. They also have faster reload speeds and virtually NO recoil! They also do more damage (than the TR's weapons anyway). Like they didn't have enough of an advantage already... -_-

    2. Their vehicles: they're just a lot more maneuverable than any others in the game, giving them a huge advantage. I mean, their tanks can move SIDEWAYS! - giving them a HUGE advantage over any other clunky, difficult-to-maneuver tank in the game. Not to mention, again, not having to compensate for bullet drop is like entering a cheat code for "ultra easy mode."

    I mean, I like playing as Vanu but that's only because it's IMPOSSIBLE to lose when you are Vanu. Even if it's 20% Vanu to 80% whoever else, Vanu wins because of their superior weapons. Any other faction feels like native Americans (Indians) with bows and arrows or slingshots trying to fight an advanced, futuristic military with pint-point accurate laser guns. Whenever I play as TR or NC, I don't even go to Vanu territory anymore, I just go to TR or NC territory. If the Vanu is taking our land... then "oh well, that sucks. Let's go fight NC or TR". Entire platoons will even avoid Vanu. Planetside2 developers do you not calculate this stuff? Do you not test it out??? How do you not see this? I mean, even playing as Vanu I think it's unfair. The game should be called "Vanu And Indians...2."

    I know, I know, wah wah wah (whining) but this seems like something that needs to be pointed out (and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has done it but... just adding my 2 cents).
  2. Xasapis

    If you like VS so much, why don't you play the empire?

    As a sidenote, VS is the least played empire of the three. If anything will be done, it will be to boost their numbers, not the opposite.
  3. DotScott

    I don't think that's the case anymore. Besides, they are still pretty superior and normally own most of the map. They win the alarts 99% of the time (on Miller at least).
  4. d3adline


    I kinda agree with the OP in principle, he is seriously exaggerating but he does have a point, VS used to be the least played faction so SOE gave them equipment that's above those of the other factions to compensate and make the faction as a whole more attractive. But now that the pops are even this kind of "balancing" is biting us in the ****. There has to be a reason the VS is the dominant faction on every single server.
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  5. Apples

    On Emerald the population is typically 33% across the board except late night when it switches to VS around 40%.
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  6. Rogueghost

    I think players should only be allowed to complain about faction balance after they get a character in each faction past BR 40.

    None of these threads have any facts backing them up, at best its just biased opinions, at worse its straight up lies and misinformation.
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  7. Alzir

    I could be persuaded to agree with the premise here but not for the reasons you've stated. I challenge you to go out there and start sniping people with that "engy pistol", then try taking on a prowler or vanguard with the magrider, then come back here and show us the video of your killstreaks.
  8. Hatesphere

    TR and VS weapons pretty much follow the same damage profiles, with TR having far more 143/750 weapons. So I have no idea where you are getting your damage numbers from.

    VS weapons are all across the board concerning recoil, some even rivaling the NC, they also tend to have much higher first shot recoil modifiers.

    bullet drop is a joke in this game you dont even need to compensate on most weapons out to about 50m, and why are you bringing it up concerning the magrider, whos cannon has the highest drop of the three MBTs, the same armor as the prowler, and lower DPS

    overall you are so full of bias and made up statistics no one will take you seriously, its generally not good to over exaggerate to make your point.i mean 20% vs 80% pulling a win? yeah sure and I have a bridge I would love to sell you.

    also and why do i have the feeling you are just the alt of the last guy whos first post on the forms today was to make stuff up about the VS
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  9. vanu123

    What do we have that is above the other factions? ZOE, PPA, ????, don't make me laugh.
  10. DotScott

    Look at the amount of alerts they win compared to others. The stats don't lie:

    Plus you can check this out for yourselves. go to training and try out all of the weapons for Vanu, TR and NC. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the Vanu are superior in many ways.

    And yes, I was ranting and exhilarating but I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Again, look at the alert stats.

    PS. was talking more about secondary weapons for most of the vehicles.
  11. Hatesphere

    alerts run all day long you know, not just during prime time, VS happens to balloon in pop at night and alerts still happen and are won by them which skew the results of that site. not to mention many bad players have a mental block about fighting the VS and would rather ignore them, alerts are a bad way to prove anything. i think you need to correlate some more data... your intense rage and bias against the VS are showing.
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  12. DotScott

    Well it's not just during certain times. They win most of the time even when they are lower in population. And I'm sure there's a reason for other players having a mental block about fighting the VS... but not TR or NC.
  13. Rogueghost

    Go out and play VS until you're around BR 40ish, come back and tell us how OP you still think they are.

    Everything feels overpowered when you're on the receiving end of it.
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  14. Hatesphere

    quick and dirty math from the site you posted shows 44% without accounting for any scew or people being babies about fighting one empire "cause they are annoying" thats hardly "all the time" even if we take that number at face value. it also does not take into account the skill levles of each faction or even outfit distribution.
  15. Robertooooo

    Is nerfing VS the new crusade for the whiners?
  16. DotScott

    Yeah maybe it's me just whining.. it was just a rant after-all - just a personal opinion. I could be wrong and if I am, shame on me... but you don't hear me ranting or "whining" about fighting NC. There it seems like a pretty fair fight, right?
  17. maxkeiser

    WTF are all the completely absurd Vanu posts about today. Last two alerts on Miller were won by TR.

    Factions are pretty well balanced and in anything NC have the best equipment (hence the higher population).
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  18. Ballto21



    Seriously, other than the lancer if anything we need a buff. You want no bullet drop? Fine, take it. As long as you get smaller mags, worse horizontal recoil, the highest damage degradation over distance of any faction, the largest hitbox MBT and ESF (top down at least) worst AI Gunner for harasser and MBT in the game, kind of meh AV gunner, and not have your faction trait on any weapon that matters other than the two semi auto snipers and that one battle rifle.
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  19. Hatesphere

    depends on how you choose to fight them, go into battle thinking "man NC are op" all the time and you will likely feel the same. I am close to BR 100 on all three factions, and I enjoy fighting all three factions. The VS just has the most unique mechanics that require you to aproche them differently then the NC or TR, but they are not really OP in my experience. they do tend to have a lot of "high functioning" zerg outfits though, as well as some solid standard outfits that can make things annoying. 100 poorly organized guys that communicate in a zerfit is far better then 100 poorly organized guys who dont communicate.

    many feeder outfits that get a bad rap on VS that are huge and unwieldy run public squads all the time with semi experienced leaders versed in sometimes cheesy but effective tactics. I see far less of this on TR and NC, but this just might be my selection bias.
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  20. chrisarn94

    Honestly, in all my time playing this game as an NC on Emerald, I can agree with you on a few points here, but their tech doesn't make them far superior.

    My two cents on the tanks:
    Yea, the Magrider is maneuverable like nothing else in the game, and their anti infantry and armor secondaries have a pretty impressive effective range, but an ap Vanguard with an Enforcer and a competent crew will still pound them into the ground in seconds.

    About the no bullet drop issue:
    Very few weapons actually have this feature, and most of those are rather underpowered. The only issue I have with this is the Lancer. Being able to effectively take out armor that's outside of infantry render range isn't really fair. But, I guess the argument could me made that being hit by a video guided rocket launched from a guy behind a shield isn't that fair either. I haven't heard anyone complain about it lately, nor have I seen any lancer shots in a while, so I don't know if an update changed their range at some point, since that was pretty much all it had.

    The alerts:
    I don't know why TR doesn't win more alerts on my server, but I absolutely know why we don't. Our leadership is crap, and our ability to work together is worse. While our leaders bicker like schoolgirls arguing about their hair the Vanu just sent two gals full of maxes, engies, and medics to secure the point. After that, too many of us would rather whine about the layout of the facility and the Vanu's "op" weapons than actually organize a push to take that point back. You won't believe how many times I've heard our guys give up on a biolab when our faction has reasonable population and the absolute most overpowered close quarters arsenal in the game. It really is ridiculous to see our faction's inability to cooperate towards a common goal. There's also the issue that, by the end of the alert, we've just tried zerging everyone so hard that the VS and TR essentially stop fighting each other and steamroll over us. It's not a fun time...

    Ok, I think that's all I've got, you just need to fight smarter. Join a good, cooperative outfit.
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