Vanu populations skyrocketing?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkorin, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Fish225

  2. maxkeiser

    Each server is different. Miller still has massive TR overpopulation. And Vanu is the smallest group.
  3. Tech-priest

    Exactly, I won't throw away time and money spent on my single character (VS) to start with nothing as TR/NC. If SC bought faction equipment purchases were to transfer over it would be no problem for me to start a new character.
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  5. Morchai

    I'm thinking of switching to Vanu too. With these new ridiculous vehicle prices one needs to be playing a faction that controls enough territory to consistently generate a decent mech income.
  6. Fish225

    I can't be bothered to tell you. Click it.
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  7. Van Dax

    Actually its always been an issue, its just the first time its been vanu.
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    And thank you.
  10. Kevorkian

    I'm talking about good outfits. Not outfits that zerg and them spam /yell with taunts. Outfits that do work.
  11. zaspacer

    I play characters on both Mattherson and Connery. Mattherson is consistently dominated by VS, but Connery population is usually much more balanced. I am finding Connery much more fun to play on than Mattherson because of this.

    That said, there are certain times of the day when Connery pop will get unbalanced. But this should only be a big problem if you consistently only play during those times.
  12. theholeyone

    VS Pop Skyrocketing you say? Must be our Magrider space program.

  13. iWarsaw

    That video is awesome, theholeyone. I will say again that on Ceres, Vanu is the lowest pop. Just throwing it out there.
  14. wrenched

    the twitter thing says @FishFPS it varies server-to-server, on Mattherson that's definitely the case. We are definitely aware of the pop imbalance frustrations. To help address the problem, we are going to give TR and NC beacons that flash and make a loud sound so they will be easier to find. Also all VS will get invisibility (in background: what's that? we already gave VS the ninja suit camo? oh) forget the last part. Lets just give VS the northern warpgate.
  15. NietCheese

    It's not usually that bad on Connery.