Vanu overrunning?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Crashcouse144, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Crashcouse144

    Yeaaaah I kinda suck with wurdz.
  2. Birdrock

    It would be nice if one of you would complain about NC once in a while - you know, so we can pretend our starter weapons don't suck without tons of cert upgrades. Normalize the flinch mechanic to damage and maybe it will happen?
  3. forkyar

    no soe isnt going make people play 1 empire so you can have your balance late at night
  4. Tantric

    Who cares about late night? Populations are going to vary at that point. During prime time, lately, the 2 servers that I play on have Vanu as the smaller population. As I am typing this, they are at 29% of the total population on both, with TR being the dominant faction, by a lot (42%) on one server. Percentage of control per continent was even worse with the Vanu only having small slivers on each.

    It might not be so bad if XP wasn't so hard to get, and the driving force of the game. If XP wasn't such a pain to grind out, many people might switch factions when there was an imbalance, but as things are now most people want/need to dedicate all their time to one character. Maybe if unlocks were account wide, people might switch to help balance other factions at various times.
  5. Tantal

    The problem with these threads is that it's largely just anecdotes and lies are spread and repeated to the point that some take them as truths.

    Almost every time someone says that VS has high damage. In reality VS guns do the same max damage as TR guns, but at 65/75m the damage for NC and TR stops degrading while VS damage continues to degrade until 115/125m at, and past, which point they are hands down the weakest guns in game. Another is the "no recoil" argument, whereas in reality VS and TR have similar recoil characteristics. Then there's also the mention of reload speeds, while the smaller VS magazines are of course not mentioned.

    What astounds me is that people continue to repeat this garbage even when stats show otherwise. It's typically the same people, too.