Vanu overrunning?

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  1. Crashcouse144

    The point wasn't about it being VS. As it has been shown by anyone arguing here, the world balancing system is no good. Sure on some servers it may be TR or NC, but on my server it is VS.
    As I said earler, there needs to be a way to limit the percentage population of a particular faction on any given server to prevent being swamped under ridiculous numbers.
  2. pZiuz

    Okay, i think this whole topic is a bit of a joke. Lots of cries here.
    Seriously i have to say, last night i was playing in a platoon that had a really good leader and talented squad leaders too. There were absolutely no actual resistance when we rolled over Indar and Amerish in our server. Now was it because of the OP empire or was it because we actually had planned attacks? I prefer to think it was the tactics.

    Here is a data sheet for the guns in the game. I´m not sure how accurate this is, but it may give you some illustration of things.
  3. Crazy Airborne

    i dont know why you guys resort to insults, but I can tell you, after playing 80 hours as TR, and then trying out the default VS light assault weapon, I could without a doubt see the VERY MINIMAL recoil, and the very fast reload.

    I dont care who has "on this random google spreadsheet, the TR has better weapons" , when it comes to my experiences, and actually feeling the weapon, It was an obvious difference, and I got more headshots in that 35 minutes that I actually noticed it. Im not trying to be biased here. Thanks for keeping it mature...
  4. Slyguy65

    YET THEY ALWAYS have AT LEAST one continent NORMALLY 2...

    This is why I say vanu are OP...they dominate no matter what if they are outnumbered or if they have equal numbers...

    Vanu clearly win 1v1 since they can shoot farther, and just point and shoot anywhere.


    They don't have to worry about accuracy, bullet drop. Aiming at all...just point and shoot...and with their vehicles having the same advantage...this makes them OP

    The amount of land they hold is evidence enough
  5. Lukor

  6. Wibin

    Yeah, Vanu is so overpowered.

    Thats why I had a guy sniping my infiltrator last night on TR with a STOCK LA weapon from a distance.

    yeah. We are so overpowered. I couldn't even hit him with one of our sniper rifles because he was behind so much cover.

    So, yeah, we are over powered?

    The teams are pretty well balanced guys.
    Not perfect, but perfect makes for boring game play.
  7. pnkdth

    That's the problem. You're using anecdotes. It doesn't matter how you feel about the guns. The Trac-5 handles like a certed solstice, and can easily kill more people per magazine before having to reload. I cannot replicate what I do on my VS than on my TR character.

    You may want to entertain the notion that VS weapons suits you more than TR weapons, just as I prefer NC and TR over VS. Both my NC/TR chars have a KDR of 3-4 whereas my VS char as 1.7. This isn't conclusive evidence by any stretch of the imagination as my VS char is also my main thus means I will do things for my outfit which is far from flattering for my KDR. Point is, my KDR or what I feel isn't relevant.

    Mostly what ticks me off with VS guns is the atrociously designed reflex sights and scopes. Everyone who enjoy sniping or long range gunplay envy the TR and NC. The no bullet drop is decent but only barely so due the damage fall off VS gets on their weapons. VS weapons, at range, isn't much more than very aggressive massage. There's the odd exception to the role, such as the Pulsar C, but otherwise engaging people at range with VS is just stupid.

    So, as for me, I'd love to trade the Trac-5 for the Solstice.
  8. medbot544

    You're just bad shot I guess and no sort of weapon advantage will ever help.
  9. Wibin

    It's not that I'm a bad shot (which actually I am)
    The distance was that great it was hard to hit the person at all. Both of us in cover and he was shooting me with a stock rifle while I had an upgraded sniper rifle.

    So... The vanu are overpowered what?

    These arguments are really silly. People are just making things up.

    They must not notice that vanu weapons bloom while firing them after a few shots either.
    Even though they dont have crazy recoil because its a a friggen energy weapon, some of them start shooting randomly everywhere in a COF.
  10. medbot544

    When there is 61% Vanu to 28% TR to 15% NC on INDAR on my server which is only map that has people, you know that most re-rolled the OP faction. Try playin NC imo before you say there is no imbalance.
  11. Serrow

    One time, I was running around and then I was sniped by a vanu L.A from like, 150 meters away. True story.

    Sarcasm aside, just citing personal experiences isn't a very good basis for saying what is or is not functioning properly. In my personal experience, I've encountered twice as much difficulty fighting Vanu players than I have NC players. Perhaps I'm simply better at fighting a conventional enemy, perhaps the Vanu players are just that good ( or the NC that bad ) but at the end of the day, personal experiences mean little.

    Looking at the stats from the spreadsheets floating around out there, the main problem, in my opinion, is that most Vanu weapons have either the same (orion/carv) or similar (solstice/TRAC-5) rate of fire, coupled with minimal recoil and pin-point accuracy. Fighting the Vanu is like fighting a faction of nothing but snipers, perhaps it's working as intended but it's downright frustrating.

    Not to come off as overly offensive, but if you were being sniped by a stock L.A you have to consider that he likely is better at shooting than you are. If the scenario you cited is true, then someone with a carbine was able to account for bullet drop and fire at you, and land enough shots to kill you. I'm sorry to say, but if you can't return fire at any distance with a Vanu weapon you may not be that great at FPS games, the ability to just point your gun at someone - no matter the distance - and hit them is amazing.

    High rof + High accuracy + Medium damage = Vanu in their current form. TR versus VS is a mostly fair fight, having been on both sides of an NC vs VS engagement, it's more like a slaughter.

    4.16 - VS
    3.3 - TR
    2.63 - NC
    My personal K/D ratios, perhaps it's a playstyle thing, but I'm more inclined to believe it's related to the weapons, not the player. Or if my stats are true, then I simply became 2x better at the game when I switched from NC to Vanu.
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  12. Wibin

    See, I find the exact opposite in my game play of what your describing.
    I'll agree a lot of VS weapons are accurate. They are energy weapons.
    However, in most scenarios, I'm finding the TR to be a bunch of snipers and the NC to be brute force destroyers.

    To counter my personal experiences with your personal experiences doesn't much make sense.

    I see pretty even game play when it comes to basic weapons.
    My deaths are generally odd when I get the drop vs NC or TR, but I just attribute it to my old computer. Same issues I had in PS1. But issues I don't have in games where my hardware is limiting play-ability.

    I literally have this situation at least 2 to 3 times a session (about an hour) where I'll get behind an NC or TR and shoot 10-15 rounds at them hitting with at least half (because the rifle I use does not have pinpoint accuracy) and they turn around while being hit and shoot 3-5 bullets killing me with upgraded nanoweave.

    I also experience getting sniped from medium range weapons while in bases while running around trying to defend bases.

    I'm not saying this doesn't ever happen from my team either, but I think that possibly the issue here is that the VS weapons suit your playing style more than the other classes.

    I think that is more of the point of the game, keeping differences in the weapon styles to make different characters more playable for different people.

    I've watched 5 man squads wipe out 30 guys and 30 guys wipe out 5 man squads from all factions. Sometimes it's just good to hide and watch what happens. Of course numbers are not accurate in that example, but I think that the person behind the weapon is more responsible than the weapon itself.
    Knowing how to use the tools given to you.

    I can do amazing things with wood using minimal tools, but there are others out there who can do even more than I can with less tools than me. Just an example.
  13. Wibin

    Your welcome to play with me on connery on VS if you'd like. =)
  14. Sharpe

    We only come out at night.... mostly.
  15. CFMallard

    Bring on the Vanu, just more purple power rangers for me to shoot.
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  16. Vitriol17

    I wish SOE would actually have put all the detailed gun info/stats in game viewable by everyone, then we could discuss weapon pros/ cons from positions of knowledge, instead of flinging random UR SO OP annecdotes a each other.

    Having to trawl for data and putting them on a google doc is a less than perfect way to compare stats.
    It would also help people make informed choices when buying new weapons, rather than after 30 mins of use with an unupgraded gun we currently have.
  17. Crashcouse144

    This has kinda drifted from being about faction numbers to being an all out bi tching session about faction OP.
    Not that it's an irrelevant point, I'm inclined to say that speed/strength/accuracy/mobility in total need to be rebalanced (especially scythes, those bastards catch me out every time).
    But the main problem is that there is no way to deal with massive number of one faction invading the servers. A few times recently I have seen one faction hold all 3 continents, through sheer numbers!
    As for people mobbing the "OP faction", surely a population limiter would prevent too many people using it due to the fact they'd never get on a server otherwise.
    The best idea I can think of is having a system like most multiplayers have and allow the players to switch servers, instead of locking a character to a particular server.
  18. EvilAlbatross

    *Deep Breath*



    OP gave me a chuckle. Come to Connery and see how "overpowered" the VS are.
  19. Crashcouse144

    main point..... totally missed....
  20. EvilAlbatross

    Surely you misunderstand me. My point is your complaint about the VS is the exact scenario that's happening with the TR on Connery. We're constantly cont-locked on Amerish and Indar by TR. Pretty much all the time.

    I understand your point, as I'm sure we all do as we've all probably experienced the same problem. I think your delivery is poor.

    Population balance I can agree with to an extent, depending on how it is implemented.