Vanu overrunning?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Crashcouse144, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. pnkdth

    The fact you say VS does not have recoil paints you as either a troll or a liar, but I'm going to hedge my bets and go with both. Indeed, the fact you play TR makes your post just as funny as it is stupid.

    "People talk about lack of bullet drop being awesome." They do? All I hear is that it is a pointless characteristic for weapons that more or less tickles at the range it becomes relevant in. I was right, it seems, you are a liar and troll both.
  2. mazty

    SSD's in RAID 0? Lolwut. Waste of time bud, waste of time unless you are doing it to just spread out the info to increase lifespan.

    But yeah Vanu are OP hence why a lot of people are giving up trying to fight them.
  3. VoidMagic

    If any of you new Vanu that are apparently so populous would like... Matherson could use some help! Thx!
  4. Rokeugon

    yeah you know thats well old right buddy ive not changed that since the start of beta i changed it so my 2 Western digital HDD were at RAID 0 and it was not that bad coming to think of it and changed the SSD to raid 1
  5. Crazy Airborne

    compared to TR weapons, they have such little recoil. no troll here. I got BR 7 in about 35 minutes of play and was completely blown away by the almost complete lack of recoil.
  6. AccelPrime

    Guess this depends on your server, on Ceres all three factions pretty much have their own continent.
  7. AccelPrime

    You do realise that in terms of statistics, the TR has the most powerful weapons right? Damn you just made yourself look dumb as fu--.
  8. Dixa

    since last week's patch, nc dominate jaeger almost 24/7 now, on all 3 continents

    used to be a mostly tr server, with about even vs and nc. now nc dominates. nc frequently fields a 20-40 plane airforce zerg that nobody can counter.
  9. Jac70

    On Miller the VS are most often in the minority until peak times and the servers balance out pretty well.
  10. Aerius

    Haha, TR complaining about being outnumbered. Pot-kettle-black.
  11. Wibin

    What hack did you use to get no recoil?
    I want that with my VS soldier....

  12. rhilir

    That he 4the empire thing again. people switch to vanu becase they got the giant buffs last patch and there guns are too good now.
  13. Hexley

    Vanu are insanely OP and it hasn't taken the hordes long to realise that fact.
  14. Nyscha

    On my server two locations are over 60% NC. Your point is invalid.
  15. Rivenshield

    When you can instantly switch to the 'winning' side, this is what happens. Duh.
  16. Atorum

    In matter of month Vanu will be dominant faction on most servers, people are always drawn to easy mode.
    On my server, during "prime" time TR is on retreat on all continents, only thing saving TR with being underpowered in all fields in this game is just the sheer number of players playing TR, but that player base will melt soon.
  17. Seryi

    On the plus side, this means there are more targets wearing purple jumpsuits to shoot.

    As long as they're not infiltrators. Stupid sexy infiltrators...
  18. Hexley

    It's like their wearing nothin' at all, nothin' at all, nothin' at all.......
  19. Nyscha

    Rofl "easy" mode.

    You are TR.
  20. Atorum

    Rofl, coming from a Vanu "skillzors"; no recoil, insane damage, matching color to enviroment (wont even mention night time), strafing tanks, should i continue?
    Here is what you will say; omg you have Higher Rate of Fire???? (what the **** does that mean, you have only single shot guns?)