Vanu overrunning?

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  1. Crashcouse144

    I frequently find playing later on in the night that the amount of Vanu players is ridiculous.
    On all 3 continents they show up as at least 50-60 percent of the population. As a result no matter the tactics or power of your class, you just get overrun by sheer numbers. I just get sick and quit, no point playing to be massively outnumbered.
    Should be some form of balancer in the game to prevent this. Something like max percentage of population for each faction. Or handicapping proportional to world population.
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  2. SenEvason

    Vanu come in the night to steal children and dog treats.

    But it's a common thing to have Vanu players more active during nighttime.
  3. DeltaGun

    VS have the least pop on Waterson since Day 1.
  4. Crashcouse144

  5. Scorch Draken

    That's actually a good idea to fix it. Max being 40%, and then forcing them to either play on a different server, or to temporarily use a different faction with that character. Also, what region of servers are you on?
  6. Scorch Draken

    not on Jaeger, NC and TR are normally having more people on, though it's generally even amount of players on each faction.
  7. Crashcouse144

    I play Lithcorp on one of the EU ones. (East/West it's all the same :p )
    It's kind of a downside that once you've chosen your sever that's it for your character's entire existence. (unless I'm being an idiot, which is a fairly regular occurance)
  8. Rokeugon

    mallory is starting to get over-run with vanu and this is during the day j2lun because people are hearing vanu are OP with their weapons have very little recoil and bullet spread and how their engineer and heavy assault + medic can out snipe you when you are a infiltrator i created a new character just for the hell of it on miller on vanu and with hand on experience with vanu their OP as ****

    vanu need to be nerfed and they need to find the perfect balance between all the 3 factions
  9. Scorch Draken

    well, I wish they would make it where you could transfer the character to a different server. It would make it a lot less annoying when you and a friend on a different server want to play on the same server.
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  10. moooosa

    Absolutely. The fact that the game code makes NO effort to provide a balanced game experience in this respect is BS. You basically have to play a lot and wait/look for that 20% of the time fun play experience where you're neither just rolling around capping bases (yawn inducing) or being steamrolled (very frustrating). Sure there's a tiny EXP bonus based on server pop, but given that CONTINENT pop is the significant factor it doesn't even make sense (not to mention most people aren't going to switch characters for any reason). And the idea that a situation like the OP described where the pop on EVERY continent on your server could be tipped far in balance away from your own faction, making it highly unlikely for you to have a play experience that could be considered "fair" and entertaining, is even possible is pretty messed up.

    It was a long time ago that people figured out that FPS (among other game types) are by far most entertaining when players are matched to challenges balanced to their skill level. Planetside is a dynamic game and as such presents challenges in this regard. But the appropriate response to those challenges is not to not even try.
  11. Nenarch

    Dude.. Vanu players usually are the most "nerdy" faction.. aka the ones who have time to play. Yeah we rule night time.. but for example today.. we had 2 platoons during prime time.. our opponents.. terrans had 4 platoons atleast.. Then NC had 3 platoons.. All this on indar... and we had no-one in amerish.. esamir ofc we had 40-50% of pop as it's our newbie training area. Still can't believe how we had inside 3% population to other factions.. Somethings really wrong. Oh yeah, this on lithcorp.. we'r low pop server.
  12. ShinyToyPaladin

    Just depends on what server you play on. I keep reading forums posts about how well the VS are doing or how much land they have/more numbers ect but on my server (Soltech) we are in the middle. TR is the one who usually has at least 2/3 continents.
  13. Babaganoush

    Vanu tend to attract Chinese and Japanese, at least on West servers.
  14. centurionvi

    Current Vanu populations:
    Connery- 35%
    Genudine- 40%
    Jaeger- 38%
    Mattherson- 35%
    Briggs- 37%
    Waterson- 35%
    Helios- 35%
    Soltech- 37%

    Its like everyone has finally realized who the most OP faction really is.
  15. Conq

  16. MartianDiscoFish


    No I joke :D
    It's because people are dumb and when one faction is nerfed in the slightest, they overreact and then the whole faction feels like it's been forsaken
    I have no doubt that Vanu will be slightly nerfed, and we'll will be seen the weakest faction again, despite the fact we won't be.
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  17. Dubious

    Its the easiest starter faction.. (no bullet drop)
    and when they start there, they mostly stay there

    I have played TR for 10 years and is now playing VS cause I LOVE the Magrider
    Its the only viable tank in PS2
    Vanguard is so effin slow and Prowler is just broken, both these tanks dont even have a viable 2nd gun
  18. Lukor

    Its funny that the recent patch nerfed Vanu weapons too. You just dont hear us whining all over the forums about it.
  19. maxkeiser

    Depends entirely on server. On Woodman the three continents are shared between the factions. Yesterday on Indar, the NC were pushing Vanu hard and everybase seemed to be overrun by NC and vanguards!
  20. Crazy Airborne

    speaking of VS, I have only been playing TR since launch, have a BR41 TR. last night I was bored, so decided to try out VS. OMFG< no recoil!!!! I was playing the default light assault the game starts you out as, I was in a losing battle inside a bio lab, and I went 50-20 KDR, the lack of recoil is amazing, Ive never got so many headshots in my life. Just hold the trigger down on their head and they die. i felt like they are really OP, but it could just be that playing TR and countering thier guns, made me better at handling the VS weapons. overall, if i wouldnt have sunk so much time into my TR at this point, i would consider switching to VS just for the sheer joy of winning 1v1's almost every time.

    people talk about lack of bullet drop being awesome, and it is, but for close/medium fights, (most battles) the lack of recoil is AMAZING.