Vanu now has bullet drop ??

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  1. icetoice

    My friends and I thought that we would get on Planetside again after about 2 months of taking a break. while I was waiting for a friend to get on I thought I would kill the time by sniping some poor random NC guys. I set up my little snipers next a good 600+ meters away and find a light assault in my cross hairs and pull the trigger. to my surprise my bullet goes about 400 ish meters and just drops.

    So when did Vanu get bullet drop and why did we get it? the entire reason why i picked Vanu in the first place was because i could sit back and hit stuff with out getting a NC shotgun to the face or get shredded by a the TR's high RoF. But now i am forced to be closer to the battle field where i can also be sniped. Can some one please explain this to me. thanks
  2. DramaticExit

    All bolt action sniper rifles all have drop, regardless of empire. They always have.

    The vanu semi auto sniper rifle and the phaseshift, do not have drop. As a result, you can use them with a silencer without suffering the normal penalty for doing so.
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  3. icetoice

    has it always been so? because for the life of me i can't remember having it the last time i played. mind you it was a while ago.

    It's been like that since 2012.
  5. Migs

    the basic 10 round scout rifle (The one you start out with) doesnt get bullet drop.. I think?

    Yeah vanus faction trait is on everything except for the places it matters, (Sniping and vehicles)
    Most fighting takes place in CQC or mid where bullet drop doesnt matter at all, never noticed bullet drop on NC/TR
  6. Kulso

    "No Bullet Drop" is supposed to be our faction trait, but yet we don't have it on most of our weaponry.
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  7. Gammit

    Mobility is also a faction trait: Being able to climb near-vertical mountains and drive away at Mach 2 while in a MBT is definitely something that doesn't matter at all.
  8. FieldMarshall

    Why would you even bother to lie about that. Anyone can go to VR and see that almost all vs weapons dont have drop...
  9. Kulso

  10. Regpuppy

    LMG's, AR's, Carbines, SMG's, semi-auto snipers, and scout rifles do not have drop. The effect of no-drop on most of these is arguably minor, but they still don't have bullet drop. Meaning most VS weapons indeed do not have bullet drop. :p

    The reason VS bolt actions have drop is probably because it's easier than finding some other downside that'd keep it inline with other factions' bolt actions. Why the magrider main gun has so much drop is probably from the time when magrider was hilariously good at hitting air, for some reason.
  11. Scrye

    Well no, you didn't. At all.

    VS weapons that have bullet drop:

    Bolt action rifles (Ghost, XM98, V-10, Parallax, Parsec)
    Shotguns with slug ammo
    Rocket launchers (except the Lancer, if we're calling it a rocket launcher)
    Magrider main gun
    Possibly some MAX weaponry

    VS weapons that don't have bullet drop:

    ALL carbines
    ALL assault rifles
    ALL LMG's
    ALL SMG's
    ALL Semi auto/automatic infiltrator weapons
    Possibly some MAX weaponry (I don't play MAX except for anti-air)

    So your statement is obviously and irrefutably incorrect.
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  12. Jakenheimer

    Having no bullet drop is overpowered. If it isn't overpowered, then having bullet drop shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Regpuppy

    Just to add, all VS max weapons have no drop, for whatever that may be worth.
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  14. Stormsinger

    The VS has No-bullet-drop on all weapons for which it does not matter, with the exception of the Eidolon (Battle rifle), the Lancer, and the Saron / Saron-H. In exchange for the above, the majority of VS weapons (Including the ones with bullet drop) have slower projectile velocity)

    Now, it is arguable that having no-bullet drop doesn't matter, but in practice, I would much prefer that my projectiles have higher velocity over not dropping at all. When firing at a moving target at midrange, having no-bullet drop determines where you strike your target, vertically speaking.

    Firing at a range where a round strikes the waist as opposed to the head makes most rounds ineffective in the first place (when not using Bolt-actions, at least) And leading the target well enough to land hits at all is much more difficult. Higher projectile velocity means less target leading, thus higher round effectiveness, as a higher percentage of rounds actually strike their targets.

    Under 100 meters, I can discern extremely minor drop when using suppressed weapons on my TR / NC, to the point where projectile drop affects my playstyle absolutely none at all. Even over 100 meters, having to aim 1-3mm above my target's faceplate is easier then aiming several cm to the left / right of an evading target, the direction of which aforementioned evasion changes by the moment.

    Having almost universally lesser round velocity in exchange for a useful trait on four weapons, one of which (Eidolon) is almost never used, is simply not worth it. (On the new version of the PPA, having no-drop rounds actually works against it, as the high COF / Bloom makes rounds spray everywhere. Being able to arc shots over hills and over cover would be preferable.)

    I would be all for removing the no-drop trait from all infantry-based weapons in exchange for even half of the TR's usual magazine size advantage, and ~20-50ms greater projectile velocity across the boards. Almost anything would be better.

    Additional thought: Lancers / Saron are a major factor as to why some people consider fighting the VS to be a negative experience. I only mention this, as i haven't seen it articulated anywhere in particular. Taking Lancer / Saron fire from 600 meters isn't all that effective, but having no idea where the fire is coming from is obnoxious and frustrating, as is the inability to return fire. (This is why the engie AV turret was range-limited. Saron / Lancer fire does a fraction of the damage at range, but being plinked into having to find new cover every 10 seconds is just irritating. The inferior damage may not score any kills, but it annoys people into a frothing, basement-nerd grade rage.)

    I would absolutely be in favor of trading in no-drop for standard projectile velocity, and a trait as useful as the NC's "Higher damage tier stuff", or the TR's "Extra rounds for everything!"
  15. Dgross

    RoF was supposed to be TR's trait, yet the Vanu weapons all fire just as fast...
  16. Jubikus

    TR has a trait? why do all our weapons seems so bland then?
  17. Dgross

    Because they are.
    Faction traits are an illusion and a fantasy at this point.
  18. Scorpion97

    For those who consider "no bullit drop" is a trait:
    I would like to motivate you to spit away the gum in your mouth and tell me when was the last time you had bullit drop issues with your weapons???(carbines,ARsLMGs or even SMGs)

    In black and white,bullit drop is entirely useless for any full auto weapon unless carbines with with less than 500 muzzle(not to mention the GD-7F but you are not supposed to use such weapons at range)

    Any other weapon,I don't feel any bullit drop issues about it (even with SPA)because most of the muzzles are high enough to prevent such silly problem

    If you have bullit drop problems then you are using your weapon at a range which isn't supposed to be the weapon good at
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  19. Jubikus

    Ok ill trade our extra rounds are surprisingly useless on most of our weapons or simply not there on the weapons that would use it well like the Armistice and the ones you get with the Hailstorm well the hellsrtorm just doesnt kill good enough for it to matter the only real weapons i think they come in handy with would be the assault rifles for medic everything else well i wouldnt know we dont get it with sniper rifles and our lmg well preforms below their coutnerparts except for the basic ones the Gauss SAW but i believe thats more because that weapon is not noob friendly at all.
  20. Stormsinger

    Keeping in mind that the first SMG in each list has a magazine extension (Of +10) option, take a look at the below. For the First Generation SMGs:
    The TR has a 896 RPM 125 DMG 40 Round Magazine (For comparison, the T7 Mini Chaingun fires at 800 RPM once spun up)
    The NC has a 652 RPM 167 DMG 35 Round Magazine
    The VS has a 750 RPM 143 damage 35 Round Magazine

    Really, the only thing I can see to complain about is that the 125 damage tier plus the fire rate make it slightly more punishing to miss. For that matter, you DO get extra rounds on the Armistice compared to it's counterparts - 5 extra in the magazine, specifically. Also, i'm curious as to what you mean by "The hailstorm doesn't kill good enough for it to matter" - please elaborate on this point, i'm not sure what you mean. (In my opinion, the NC have the best first gen SMG, and for me personally, I like the feel of the Hailstorm the most. Overall, i'd say the Cyclone has the best performance, due to the 167 damage tier, although the sirius is quite good as well. )