[Suggestion] Vanu 'No Bullet Drop' should apply to all weapons, including sniper rifles

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  1. Ballto21

    I dont think they changed much but it has a higher muzzle velocity than 500 on charge and it has 300 on semi things (from what ive seen at least) when not surppressed. Somewhere around the 500 mark suppressed on charge mode. it still only OHKs at 200m but thats the same as the XM98 or equivalent nc/tr variants and yes its charge up time is a bit long in snipertime its not much worse than railjacks. I find its use, while a bit limited, godly if used right. some examples being the infinite ammo if youe in a good position, such as manage to get into hossins trees and camp a spawn room or other notable chokepoint. Another good use for it is its OHK suppressed fire, for areas where you cannot get a good 175+m distance out this is amazing, no buletdrop suppressed OHK for areas like xenotech labs for example where there isnt much cover, and that which there is blocks a good amount of the base and depending on what direction youre shooting from hard to see enemy sundies/things like that, meaning youd have to go closer. a OHK headshot and actually faster refire time if you start charging right when your projectile hits for a double tap makes the phaseshift in my opinion the best VS sniper, maybe even the best in the game if used right.
  2. Alexkruchev

    The Vanu Max is easily the most powerful max unit I've ever played on. Dual stock AT cannons and I can easily wreck an armored column from over a kilometer away- counter snipe, and kill dozens of infantry. I find that the NC max is VASTLY inferior in every category, except when using ravens, but, then again, most people don't have those. As NC, I rarely see MAX support, I almost always see TR and Vanu Maxes. They have no trouble shredding infantry and vehicles- often with the same weaponry. Vanu is not underpowered. It does have some lackluster weapons- but I actually feel NC has more issues with cross faction balance than Vanu. Also, I'm surprised more Vanu don't use the Eidolon. That gun is -brutal-. And it hugely benefits from no bullet drop. I'm BR 40 on NC, and BR 25 on Vanu, and my Vanu I use the eidolon... and I have more kills with the Eidolon on VC than I do with the other BRs. Sure, sure, no one likes BRs. Try the Eidolon. It's free headshot city. It was my first auraxium'd weapon. In addition to that...
    Vanu have a strange habit of holding their triggers at mid-long range. When I tap fire with Vanu, even with carbines, I have -zero- trouble nailing headshots, where as with TR and NC I have no change with carbines at that distance of landing headshots as anything other than luck. Vanu are the best faction at headshotting- Bolt ACtions do NOT need bullet drop removal. Vanu already has snipers with low bullet drop, and are easily competitive with TR. The NC nominally have a few better "purist" sniper rifles, (Railjaaaack, oh my GODS, the Powerrrr!) but... Vanu snipers have no trouble landing head shots as it is. That said, they need to make sure the semi-auto vanu snipers don't have drop. Those don't need it, they're terrible enough across all factions as it is.
  3. Dreez

    VS should have the EXACT same bulletdrop on all their weapons as NC, and so should TR.
    VS has the best recoil and spread, TR has the best RoF and Mag-size. NC has the most dmg....and nothing.

    Take away one from each of TR and VS, and add bulletdrop to VS.
  4. Casey B

    "Take away one from each of TR and VS, and add bulletdrop to VS."

    That way the SAW with its 200 bullet mag (largest in game) and 200-167 dmg model (highest in game for a automatic wep) and mostly upward recoil with little side to side (easier to compensate for then more side to side heavy TR guns) would be totally unrivaled by anything else in the game. Kay.

    Second. VS does not have the best spread. ALL guns in the game follow the same few COF layouts. .1/.2 for most weapons, .03/.1 for accurate automatics, .3/.3 for SMGs, and 0 cof for snipers.

    Third. While its true a large portion of the VS arsenal has manageable recoil, most of those guns also have substandard dps. The only guns with competitive dps like the HV45, Serpent and Orion have bad recoil like the other factions high dps weapons. With a notable exception for the Terminus and SVA88. Those 2 guns are a little OP, I agree.

    I'm so sick of people playing politics on the forum. I mean what you really think a dev will be reading this, and if so, be swayed by your fact twisting?
  5. nehylen

    Bullet drop is in the principle an advantage, yes. But an advantage that is usually paid for in some other stat, most frequently velocity, in the form of a 25~30m/s penalty. Up to 80m/s if we consider GD-7F and Serpent role equivalents.
    Basically that's exchanging vertical accuracy (no drop) for horizontal accuracy (velocity).

    In truth there is one weapon which has 100% the same stat as other empires + bullet drop with zero penalty. That is the Artemis auto scout rifle. Even better, it has carbine velocity, which is rather slow (500m/s), so the trait should be clearly perceptible.

    And what do you see in the DA stats?

    - SOAS/Stalker : ~26% average accuracy, ~16% average headshot rate
    - Artemis: ~26% average accuracy, ~18% average headshot rate

    There you have it, the full extent of the power of bullet drop is about 2 points in headshot rate. For reference there's .4 difference in HSR between NC which is a fifth of that difference. Isn't it huge?

    I'd argue that the Eidolon (which i auraxed ) truly benefits from the bullet drop. If you use it at scope-friendly ranges yes. But if you use those, the gun is incontrolable at full RoF with its big vertical recoil+bias, so you have to lower effective RoF at around 250rpm to maintain aim.
    It's much more powerful when used with reflex sights, closer to or even at its maximum RoF, where indeed you may headshot plenty.
    And for the price of sights, you must abandon most hopes of ghetto sniping with it.

    Also the carbine tap-fire with NC carbines should be more potent as 1. range favours higher damage per shot 2. VS carbines have the same kind of first shot recoil as other empires. VS have a little less vertical recoil on the follow-up shots in general, which can matter at range, but still less than the first shot (Benford's law in PS2 application).
    Finally, while the default carbine and derived guns+Pulsar C are accurate and actually the most able at longer burst over a longer range, other carbines aren't that much.
    But mostly the default-based ARs and all LMGs aren't really accurate compared to NC/TR stuff, whether you tap-fire or not. Actually all vanu LMGs force you to tap-fire more, due to to that.
  6. TheBlindFreak

    First, all bolt action sniper rifles are copy pastes for each faction. The Parallax is the same as the Rams .50M and the EM4 Longshot.

    Even though the stats are identical for each of them, you want the VS versions to get no bullet drop? You're going to have to give up something in return. How about gimping the bullet velocity on any sniper rifles that get the no drop trait?
  7. Bonius

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  8. TheBlindFreak

    Hey, I'm not the one who necro'd this. I didn't notice that a post on the front page had been necro'd. So sue me.
  9. I play by many names

    If anything sniper rifles of the bolt action type need to be made harder to use by either reducing bullet velocity (which would increase drop) or by reducing damage and increasing HSM (make body shots less rewarding, keep OHK for head shot). I would prefer the damage reduction path.
  10. qquqq

    they wont do this, its not a real weapon trait, its a gymic, if they gave us out weapon trait where it worked best they we would get the benefit of it, that's why I haven't played vs for a while, its dumb to be gimped, trying nc. my kd is so much better :D
  11. Booface

    Fair enough, though I'm not convinced enough to want to use it myself. I do seem to remember that the suppressor didn't do anything for charged shots though--still showed you on the minimap, still made the same sound to the same distance, and in third person the muzzle flash was still there. I never paid attention to whether that got fixed though.
  12. Ballto21

    doesnt change the sound effect but you dont have flash/minimap blip.

    if youre on emerald we can go snipe together
  13. Booface

  14. Gazatron

    Guys guys guys lets not over react.

    I haven't read all the posts in the thread so forgive me if it's already been said.

    It's all about balance right. If Vanu want no bullet drop sniper rifles, then they need to sacrifice bullet velocity. Simple. A ghost with no bullet drop at all ( although it's current drop is minuscule anyway) would be a bit much. Reduce the velocity of the round though and that would balance it a bit.

    Bring it on, I'm up for the challenge. Just reduce projectile speed a little, so that the skill requirement is still there. You don't need to arc, but you need to lead your shots more accurately.
  16. MahouFairy

    How about trading damage for accuracy and range? I mean on the bolt actions. Or heck, let it come with a laser trail that allows that VS sniper to be counter sniped or bombarded by any cannon or LOLpod within range. The VS have way too many infiltrators anyway. xD
  17. MahouFairy

    Sniping isn't exactly useless. It provides psychological warfare against enemies, which is actually quite scary, since as a Medic you don't know when you will be nicked yourself while trying to revive someone, as HAs shooting rocket launchers down a cliff on some tanks, you simply don't know when the next shot will come and slowly pick you off (BTW the shields makes them extremely easy to be spotted), or as a engineer using MANA turrets, any skilled sniper can easily get a head shot on you. There's a reason why you should expect getting sniped when using a MANA turret.
  18. CapperDeluxe

    I'd rather some of the VS weapons that are meant for close-medium range lost the no-bullet-drop so they can become better at their optimal ranges with other buffs.
  19. Bearded Wall

    You can have no bullet drop, when my ram 50 has the fastest fire rate and biggest clip size.
  20. Ballto21

    you could just do the same thing the semi autos did and lower velocity