Vanu needs help on Ceres!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daikar, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Daikar

    We are so underpopulated 24% against 36-38% TR/NC.
    We are at this moment warpedblocked on all continents.
    It just isnt fun for anyone and least of all the VS that play on Ceres.
    Im afraid it will get worse if it isnt ifxed so please SOE hear my cry for help and aid me in the fight to make the greatest game ever!
  2. P4NJ

    Don't you have the Indar lock right now? And you always seem to have a ton of territory. Plus you're the ones crashing into a biolab and then farming it for years =P
  3. bodmans

    NOPE, we have our ocasional(DEFUQ) alert wins(even on indar), and often were close

    dont know if youre lone wolf but being in an outfit helps A LOT
  4. bodmans

    nah thats just my outfit ;)
  5. P4NJ

    Yeah I've seen you guys, I'm the guy that crashed a galaxy into you that time when you were camping our warpgate =)
  6. Daikar

    Im in Vanqsuihed and thats one of the biggest VS outfits on the server.
    And yes we did get the indar lock and when its 33/33/33% on indar its awesome. It is just that that doesn't happen all that often.
    Also P4NJ just because we got the indar lock and have a ton of bases doesn't change the fact that we are underpopulated.
  7. Rhaeyn

    We're never the strongest faction on Ceres like the NC, but we often manage to keep big parts of the map (Indar at least, Esamir sometimes) and even though I'd like more Vanu at times, I can't say I'm feeling helplessly outnumbered.

  8. P4NJ

    Not saying that, but you're pretty well organized, not like the TR which is mostly zergfits and zergs or the NC which is... NC.
  9. Pikachu

    Ask some from Cobalt to come.
  10. Torok

    Vs is indeed low on population, anyway Ceres is the first reccomended Server for newcomers, i hope the "Buffs" to the vs weaponry coming in GU07 will bring more peeps to your side
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  11. Lazaruz

    Where's your alien god now?
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  12. Daikar

    True, Thing is i wouldnt mind a zerg for the VS to.
  13. Daikar

    I just hope new players wants to play the underdog and not the other way around.
    If that happens we will have a problem :p
    Yeah and i like that they changed the Max ability abit to.
  14. Rhaeyn

  15. laovniux

    :O Need help?! Blasphemy! Need more targets to shoot! They started to avoid biolabs for some reason now...
  16. TerryTenMen

    You had quite a bit of help from a couple of aimbotters on Esamir earlier
  17. Mambakiller

    i can concur, vanu faction on ceres is filled by hackers, mostly.
    thus the reason with so low population they lock down 2 continents at a time, and even INDAR
    Gm should look really into them...
  18. fuzzbuket

    It does get annoying , when whenever your on a good sniper spree that you get reported for 'aimbotting' and 'exploiting' when the sniper mechanics and ability to hide are very easy to use.

    for example, a lovley little sniper spree yesterday evening on the crown
    2 Terran LA's with shotguns looked for us and we died. the rest of the TR who decided that as they couldnt see us, that meant we were 'xploting n00bs' and reported our little squad.

    so the moral of the story is that if your getting farmed by snipers, look for them instead of screaming "HAXZ"'

  19. TerryTenMen

    I was talking about someone actually cheating, not someone who got 15 kills sniping so thought they would come to the forum and let everyone know about it.

    Onto topic, the main thing I notice about the VS on Ceres is that they don't seem to be very good! You get a few thinking they are great camping bio lab warp rooms etc but nobody really stands out. NC on the other hand have a few good players
  20. bodmans

    #1 place where my outfit is found, we push you out slowly
    i only met 1 vanu hacker, and that was some random shooting everything with noclip on(even friendlies)
    about the report system though, i think GM's should at least get a message when a person has been reported for an X amount of times

    what alien god? there is no such thing, the concept of a god is SO 21st century;)