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  1. Blackfire1

    So most of us know the AI weapons suck everywhere besides NC.
    So Back in beta I decided to post an idea. (And forgive me for mentioning the horrible taboo.)

    There was a very fun weapon. It was the VANU BFR AI weapon. It was a Constant fire Laser. :D
    Now... BFR's were utter bunk. We know this. However lets change the system to something that is fun.

    I say we take the old Vanu AI Lasers and give them to the max similar to the engineer in
    Watch at point :22.

    That would be fun.
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  2. ghnurbles

    Dual Quasars are decent, if not amazing. As your lawyer, I would advise you to use dual Blueshifts. 10 ammo is a small price to pay for the DPS that extra accuracy gives you.

    Lasers would be cool to have, for sure.
  3. Blackfire1

    I'm sorry. But I can't agree with the MAX suits ripping off the TR's gig. Its the point you are forced to run Dual anything to be effective.
    Also VANU are all about lasers. Not Blue Musket ball like projectiles.

    Also I want to point out the old lasher animation was perfect for this. (It was a constant fire laser)
  4. lonefalcon

    they should have look at some the mag weapons and pop some forms off them on the max "Saron HRB"
  5. Blackfire1

    They took the Magriders main cannon and gave it a micro sizing for the MAX's AV weapon. Personally, I miss the old PS1 style of game play. It was alot more balanced and funner then this.

    Also most people didn't see the origonal Lasher attack. It was just like the Tesla rifle. Now that they went back to the older PS1 style model. This mean the beam laser animation is free.
  6. Braken

    I'd be fine with laser AI weapons for the VS MAX as long as they get a significant range buff. (Similar range to what the VS's BFR's AI weapons had.)
  7. KaosWarMonk

    Beam lasers like they have in MechWarrior OL would indeed look mighty cool on the battle field.

  8. Blackfire1

    I still like the continuous laser idea. And since the origonal had to chew through armor befor effecting HP. It works fine in PS2 since we all have shields instead of armor. >.<
  9. Radian12

    Add laser beams, arch guns , plazme throwers(like flamethrower) lord lust give it ! I want more energy bases guns for the VS.
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  10. Sostratos

    From my own testing, I haven't seen a single reason to use dual Blueshifts. It says they have higher accuracy in the description, but the spread pattern is indistinguishable from the Quasar in practice.
  11. Undead Clown

    Same, I just got dual Quasar and after testing the Blueshift, I didn't notice a difference in spread/cof.
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  12. Marinealver

    I like this better then merly 3 diffrent types of quasars.

    I hate the fact that they are making all these generic weapons with small Rate of Fire and Damage tweaks. That is not variety, it just renaming something that is old and calling it new.
  13. Undead Clown

    Ya, and when is having 2 guns that feel the same as all the other stock infantry guns fun. Oh look, we shoot bullets.......oh look I can shoot more before I reload, or with this I can reload faster......
    Both of the other empires get some variety at least. Even our anti vehicle gun is boring, blue balls......NC get grenade launchers, which again are more fun to fire, not sure what TR get.
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  14. xboxerdude

    the gernade launchers are useless......
  15. Sadaris

    I dunno I find the blueshift rips **** apart faster
  16. Undead Clown

  17. Marinealver

    Yeah but all the blueshift is a Quasar Plus.

    We got the Anti infantry and the anti vehicle weapons. But those upgraded versons just sound like a SOE money scheme to grab more $tation Ca$h so you would buy the better weapons.

    It is becomming that stock weapons are going to be so weak the game will go closer to the P2W status. You either pay or you grind (and get pwned by better weponery) for months or years.
  18. mareign

    After having tried both I'll just stick with the Quasar. There is no difference. The blueshift has completely horrible accuracy despite its claims. 5% more accuracy or w/e it has on a gun that fires out shots with the accuracy of a shot gun isn't an improvement.
  19. Sadaris

    Are you just holding your fire button down ?
  20. Amur_Tiger

    I had a suggestion along these lines as well as other equal but different suggestions for the other two factions.

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