Vanu long range LMG?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by SpaceKing, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. SpaceKing

    What's a good Vanu long range LMG? Want something to go with lancer spam.
  2. Rigsta

    I use the Ursa, others like the Flare.

    Try them out in VR & trial them on an actual continent before you choose one :)
  3. ytman

    On the receiving end Lashers seem to be boss.
  4. Donaldson Jones

    Lasher with an extended Mag in 6 round bursts.
  5. sindz

    I prefer the Flare over the Ursa.
  6. KnightCole

    Yet noone else gets a gun as good as the em6
  7. Ignominious

    Ursa gets my vote. Best projectile speed, lowest recoil, lowest first shot recoil multiplier, and tied for top damage and accuracy with the flare. The only thing the flare has going for it is a much lower cost and a higher RoF/burst mode, neither of which will do you much good at long range when you're trying to pop heads.
  8. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Or you could go with the Eidolon.
    ... Ahh, who am I kidding.
  9. Kireles

    Interesting, in all my experience HA players just pull out their rocket launchers when fighting goes to long range....
  10. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    In the case of the Lancer, that won't do you any good, though.
    Also, rocket launchers have one shot, and leave a nice trail to you that also blocks your view; not advisable.
    We all outgrow level 10 at some point.
  11. Rogueghost

    I've been killed by it quite a few times, great gun for stealing kills ;)
  12. Alexanor

    Ursa/Flare seem to be the choice at long range due to having some of the highest bullet velocities. I am in love with my Polaris; it's pretty effective at medium range and even better close range.
  13. RANDOMpercentage

    Ursa has easier to manage recoil, but a slightly slower fire rate
    Flare has more versatility close range and can have soft point ammo

    Try them out in VR see what you prefer. I like the Flare personally, because it's cheaper.
  14. Hypnoso

    Lasher is anti zerg weapon. I use Lasher only when there is a huge incoming rush attack. You can easly stop the enemy by blinding and splash damaging on them.
  15. Ganjis

    Good on a sniper hill to let them get bodyshot kills, combine with resist shield to draw fire :).

    Ursa is a good weapon for flanking fire support, it seems to have plenty of damage per reload and is nice and accurate. You will lose out in face-to-face against most weapons unless you are at long range. The Ursa feels like a "proper" LMG, I just wish you could go prone in this game whenever I use it.
  16. TheTreeness

    Ursa is better for 30+ metres due to its better recoil profile and 40 m/s velocity increase over the Flare even without HVA. As an overall package though the Flare is better as it has SPA and a slightly higher RPM and performs much better at 10-30 metres making it much more versatile.

    Make sure you always aim for the head especially in CQC if you want to compete with 652+ RPM LMGs. You will lose to a good Anchor/EM6 and especially a good Gauss SAW user with both the Flare and the Ursa as those weapons have better TTKs at every comparable range. You should be fine against a TMG-50 user with comparative skill especially in ranges where the Flare's SPA kicks in.
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  17. Spookydodger

    Lashers have terrible spread even while ADS, so hitting someone reliably past 100 meters is problematic. If you are on highground, they can be great, as long as you have cover.
  18. MykeMichail

    Ursa is incredibly easy to control over ridiculous ranges.

    I'd say that when compared to the EM6 or NC6, the Ursa wins out when it comes to providing accurate long range fire. The recoil is extremely easy to control.
  19. Hypnoso

    The best and most popular weapon for VS HA is the Flare.
    You can even check my statistics, my average K/D is 4/1.
  20. Van Dax

    Interesting, in all my experience HA players just pull out their rocket launchers when fighting. :p oh miller NC