[Suggestion] Vanu isn't OP

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  1. Atorum

    I dont know whether to laugh or cry at this.
    Barrage is a nerf, straight nerf to Prowler. Vanguard got buff/nerf, Magrider ofc received only buffs compared to straight nerf only for Prowler.
    You dont stand a chance as 1/2 Prowler with barrage on vs (semi competent and equally equipped) 2/2 Magrider.
    Prowler is a joke of a MBT, it was bad before, now its just horrible.
    I have lv 102 TR on Miller and level 80 (asp) TR on Emerald, I can say with confidence that Prowler is a joke, I feel more secured in Lightning.
    Also, equally equipped Vanguard wins against equally equipped Prowler if no one uses its abilities (if they do Prowler will lose even harder), go and test it and see for yourself.

    Btw, just watched the second video you linked, I was laughing my *** off, most fights he goes into enemy is already burning.
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  2. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    LOL you are so desperate you down right lie to make prowlers seem bad. I sad WAS op not that it is op. But you conveniently ignored that. All you back your slur up with is subjective statements with zero facts. I have played since Beta and have played all tanks and have mulitple ASP accounts so save it kid. As far as skillox vids, first of all - its a skill to know when to engage. Learn something... Secondly you can watch any of his vids. Besides MOST of his targets were not burning.

    You are just not a tanker or you should not be because clearly you are useless at it. I think you are a Joke of a Prowler player more than the Prowler being a joke. Sorry you can't handle it and not only whine in forums about it but when you are called out on it start lying about facts and spam emotional biased statements based on nothing but your own incompetence. GG. l2p
  3. LordKrelas

    Why is it a trend between TR & VS to both claim a Lighting or VS|TR's MBT is better than theirs of late?

    How in the fresh oblivion is Barrage a Nerf?
    Lockdown wasn't lost, it got built-in, and barrage can be triggered at any time - during or at any attack.

    A 1\2 MBT of any Faction is poor compared to any 2\2 MBT: if a Prowler was able to beat a 2\2 MBT, due to an Ability strictly, that's a sign of a problem.

    Mind you, TR believing their ability needs to shred through a Vanguard's shield in a slugmatch, as in hard-counter the Defensive Ability in a slugmatch Duel', is an ancient belief, but that's an impressive evolution, that the best situation for an opponent needs to be beaten by the Prowler.

    What Buff has a Vanguard Received? it certainly ain't the new equipment , it's worse than Automatic-Repair, and takes longer to boot -- That is all NC got, and that ain't a buff, that's a joke.
    Magriders gained Boost as Built-in, just like TR gained Lockdown - and adjustments to their Boost.

    TR's acclaimed Upgrade', that got changed out for the Bubble-Barrier', would've been just straight murderous.

    An Equally-Equipped Vanguard, is reliant on a 6 Second Shield being perfectly timed', in a duel, with a long repair time after it.
    As well, without Abilities, the Vanguard loses the DPS race against a Prowler - the Shield is required to survive a Prowler.

    The Shield is a problem in of itself, since the Tank relies on it hardcore, for basic combat.
    However, the Prowler isn't weak nor a joke - just since VS relies on the comic notion of "It's UP, but we're Gods of skill only when using the UP Stuff", doesn't mean TR needs to live in a fantasy world too.
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  4. iller

    You're really preaching to the choir then. I've said all along that the Infantry / Gunplay domain is all kinds of Effed-up and imbalanced on some really FUNDAMENTAL technical levels. But you're wrong if you think the NC don't also suffer just as much as the TR do on their Lattice performance because of it. It may vary from server to server, but there's a very specific reason that TR and NC mostly only seem to want to fight eachother while allowing VS to own 50% or more of the map.

    I agree playerbases need more help...especially with how quickly an AV tower is melted by just 2 lightning tanks or a gunned MBT ... I also don't like that the game makes no Discernable distinction between the Hitpoints or Resistance of an Full Silo versus a nearly Empty one
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  5. DrostenVS

    The NC have the benefit that the VS don't really like fighting them. The VS are perfectly happy to take advantage of the NC avoiding them though and will gladly gang up on the TR while also capping the NC held territory with little resistance. I've even heard that recently, on Emerald, the NC and VS teamed up to hold a building against the TR with the NC holding one floor and the VS holding another without fighting each other.

    In regard to player bases, if they ever made a continent that relied solely upon them, all of the problems with the current construction system would be amplified. Before they even think about doing it, they should probably overhaul and improve the system. In my opinion, they should do away with modules and have an upgrade system for placed objects (as well as a toggle or held button for snapping).

    Some other changes that would be welcome:
    • Solid wall needs to be able to clip more into slopes (like the rampart wall)
    • Pain Towers need to actually be a real deterrent instead of an annoyance (infils currently run up and place cortium bombs right next to them without fear). I'm not sure what would improve them. Maybe have them disable or disallow the placement of cortium bombs within a certain radius of the pain tower as a kind of interference. Not sure if it would extend to C-4 or Tank Mines though.
    • Turrets would be better if they were adaptive depending on placement. Placing them in the open, the first press would set the base of the tower and then moving the mouse up or down would set the height before the second press started construction. Moving the turret near a wall would alter the wall to create a wall-height pedestal mount for the turret (destroying the turret would leave it in place like a normal base turret, but if the wall was destroyed it would also be destroyed). It would be a good place for a snap point too. Maybe also allow turrets to be placed atop the pillbox and possibly the sunderer garage (with terminals to enter them within the structure).
    • Turrets should share a pool like walls do and you should be able to place more than one of the same type and have that just count toward your limit.
    • Ants should synthesize cortium while deployed in the warpgate (at maybe half the rate of normal harvesting and without the experience gain for harvesting or supplying that cortium to a silo). This will simulate the Ant in the original PlanetSide and be a little quality of life improvement without having a huge impact on bases or front lines that are further from the warpgate. By not giving experience for harvesting or supplying with this method you'd also avoid exploits of the mechanic, but still give a benefit to those that want to leave the warpgate with a filled Ant.
    • Cortium Bombs should require cortium (maybe 250 or even 500 per bomb in addition to the merit cost) and an Ant to resupply them. No more cloaked sunderers near player bases to resupply. You need an uncloaked Ant with cortium deployed nearby to grab them.
    That's just a few suggestions that will probably never be implemented.
  6. iller

    I'm not talking about Emerald. I'm talking about virtually EVERY OTHER SERVER. Emerald is the last server we need to worry about because it's the last one that will ever have demoralization and population shortfalls. Vets from Emerald are the most privileged players in this franchise. They've got it easier than BFR mains had it, with a never ending supply of easy mode targets to poach and farm. ...yet somehow it also has the loudest whiners in its chat and we're supposed to take these people seriously??

    The rest of the post about Player Bases I have no qualms with what so ever. That's a constructive topic that actually does need to be elevated over the one weird outlier that is this specific server and would also serve to massively alleviate a LOT of the balance complaints everyone else here has about MBT's & topguns in general
  7. Blue_Lion

    Honestly on the server I play on it is common for factions to gain up on each other. Vs gets gained up on, TR gets gained up on NC gets gained up on. who is getting gained up on changes all the time, no faction is avoided.
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  8. pnkdth

    Yepp, it is one of the quirks of a three-way PvP game. Even if everyone wins the same amount you will always lose twice as much as you win. Psychologically that messes with our heads since losing more than we're winning sends the message that we're not doing good enough even if we are, in fact, doing just as well as everyone else.
  9. Atorum

    Then you have no experience of playing this game. Ive been playing this game for years, its always been TR vs NC&VS, always outnumbered.

    Even now as I wait to get onto Amerish the majority of fights are on TR front which means that TR is outnumbered in every fight.
  10. iller

    This is a Talking-point at best, and a complete dismissal at it's worst. ...when you can usually only cite (with Screenshots in other words) 1 times out of 10 that it's TR and NC ganging up on VS for roughly 15 minutes at the end of an alert but then completely ignore that the other 2 factions were at eachother's throats the other HOUR of the alert AND the lead up to that alert popping...

    Proportion MATTERS!
  11. Blue_Lion

    I have played for years so I do have experience. And I am telling no it has not, and is not on the server I play on Connery. If you just play one faction you notice it getting teamed up on and that is what sticks in your head. But every faction gets teamed up on the server I play on. It does not take allot of long time experience to see that who is getting teamed up on changes. If it is different on the server you are on then that is problem of that servers outfit/platoon leader ship you know the ones that direct the fights. There are some platoon leaders out there that only attack one faction, even if attacking that faction will not win the alert. On Connery there was a NC platoon leader that would only attack the VS but he has not been seen in a while.

    So all you did is be dismissive on a unrelated and non existing bias then play the TR are the victims card. But the fact is on the server I play on the TR are not the ones always getting teamed up on. Heck right now looking at the map it is the NC getting teamed up on Indar with it looking like either the TR or VS will win just with in a couple bases of each other.

    Heck looking at the servers now I do not see any server that looks like the TR is getting teamed up on any currant alert.
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  12. Blue_Lion

    I was not referring to just the end of the alert or 1/10 times. I have seen regally that for the entire allert it is two factions against 1 and the faction getting teamed up on changes, not every allert is a 2 on one but they happen reguallary to every faction. (basically you are doing what you accused me of doing-as you never backed it up with stats)

    But hey if you have stats to back up what you are saying that show it that would be nice. Or is it only the ones that do not agree with your we are the victims card that need to shoe evidence.