[Suggestion] Vanu isn't OP

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  1. Johannes Kaiser

    Something is clearly fishy there. In the middle of the night NOONE locks all 4 continents at the exact same minute. They wouldn't even be open all at once (especially considering the records before show that 2 were open). I'd assume those 4 were caused by some server hiccup with wrong record entries. At least that is the only logical explanation to may, but please, if anyone has better ideas, please tell.
  2. Blue_Lion

    If you look at the pattern you can see where it is wrong on the four content lock down. It happened 46 minutes after Esamar and 49 after indar where locked down the next content should have been Hossin and time wise only the 3:34 should have been possible lock for Hossin. So the 4 locks are clearly a bug in the report, perhaps a server side refresh caused it.
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  3. That_One_Kane_Guy

    And in a world of spherical cows the Cycler TRV is the best gun in the game.
    Implying that either the Serpent or the GD7F will be doing anywhere near their maximum damage per second at anything more than spitting distance is laughable. Meanwhile for the Kindred that exists as a very real possibility.

    I guess we'd better nerf the Chaingun into the bloody ground then.
    I think now is the time to point out how disingenuous using vehicle weapon statistics to try and draw conclusions about the balance state of infantry weapons is.

    Yes, one has a magazine size of 6 and fires at 100 RPM, the other has a magazine size of 75 and fires at 333 RPM. I can't imagine why one would be used more than the other.
    Seeing as how one has been in the game about 4x longer than the other I would hardly call it the VS's fault that the Thumper isn't up to par.

    Looks as though that's because they are all using the Anchor and MSW-R.
    Quite simply, the heat mechanic on the Goose gives it a reason to be used over the slightly superior stats of the Orion, where the other two factions have no real reason to use their equivalents over their preferred LMGs.

    One capable weapon, especially when it's a Directive weapon, does not an imbalanced faction make. It isn't like the Directive weapons have been needing a refurb for a while.

    Doesn't matter, since its base form is a near-clone of one of the strongest SMGs in the game.
    Doesn't matter, it's an LMG version of one of the best assault rifles in the game.
    Doesn't matter, you one-burst any enemy in the game to the head, have next to no recoil and fire fast enough to make the Yumi cry.

    The problem I'm seeing here is you're getting stuck on the gimmicks instead of looking at the actual weapon. Gimmicks are gimmicks but it's the weapon that kills you.
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  4. iller

    You're a god d***amned LIAR besmirching my good reputation here and I'll be taking an Apology from you immediately whether you give one or not. ... Now is the VS default medic gun a POS compared to the other 2 A.R.s ? Yes. Does the Carbine feel as strong as the Trac5? Hell no. Would the Orion be best in class if the Carv was restored to its former Glory? ...probably but it would at least be more situational which is where it should ACTUALLY LIVE. ...Also I notice while playing as one that VS always have way too many "sweaty" Heavies and not nearly enough medics / max-Engies. When you play the other two factions you don't have to wait nearly as long for a Cross Icon to pick you up.
  5. iller

    Here we go, just took this 30 minutes ago playing TR


    Just spent the entire alert focusing against my own main faction b/c even at our best showing against the VS, only 1/3rd hex pop wasn't going to accomplish a f***ing thing. Playing on my VS alt is even more boring b/c there's usually nothing to shoot at so she just does nothing but Rezzing and cort hauling. It's a total PVE animal crossing grind playing VS if you're not quick enough to run at full speed and click on every head before the guys next to you can. That's the quickest way to kill all Fun wherever you go, and the Vanus have completely mastered it on this server :(

    I think if they just had a little bit longer TTK at close and med range, their accuracy at long range would still shine but this continual cycle of everyone else refusing to fight them would also start to reverse (and then they could eventually undo the mid range TTK change). Meanwhile the community itself would have already realigned its "Tryhard'ness" into the other two factions and the Alert tracking would show significantly less biased results.

    The other option of course is: JUST DON'T HAVE EVERY SINGLE LATTICE BEING A SERIES OF CALL OF DUTY BUILDINGS that can only be captured / defended by the most accurate and versatile range infantry weapons. Don't just say in Patch Notes that you believe in "combined arms" but then lock all vehicles and player base building out of the Lattice formula... actually SUPPORT IT
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  6. karlooo

    Every day exact same thing. NC and TR focus each other because red = enemy, must attack red. And Vanu wins the alert because nobody wants to fight them.
    The new players join either NC or TR. VS is full of high levels who choose the most powerful, biased faction to just **** on new players.

    Or if Vanu is losing they hard focus TR so they won't win the alert, no matter even if NC is winning by double digits. They just focus TR to *** them up.

    That's why everyday stats look like this:
    ....and so on

    The TR outfit that fights VS as an attempt to stop them from winning all the time have to spam the Routing Spires lol because of how outnumbered they are.
    And this strategy is absolutely stupid.

    Anyways TR is not a good faction overall most of their ES top guns are trash like for exaple the Marauder. The Kobalt is better at crowd control than this trash.
    Their MBT is a no purpose garbage.
    Lockdown on TR MAX is unused 99% of the time.
    TR guns are pretty average.
    Shotgun with slugs is better than the mini chain-gun for shock troop purposes.
    TR with their weaponry, plays like a militia.
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  7. InexoraVC

    It is not Miller, right ?
  8. karlooo

    That's Cobalt. Same thing happens on Miller.
  9. Johannes Kaiser

    There is another "4 continents locked in the same second" piece in your data. Is there another page that tracks logs? THis one seems to be a bit faulty, to say the least.
  10. DrostenVS

    Happens on Emerald too. NC and VS just don't like fighting each other. Which is funny because only the VS take advantage of it.

    I can't even count how many alerts I've looked at the map and all of the big fights were against the TR. Even when the NC had the VS at their warpgate, they were still pushing into TR territory instead of redeploying to push the VS back.

    I don't remember that happening in the original PlanetSide since three way fights were rare and although you hated facing certain weapons, nothing flat out made anyone decide not to fight an entire empire. Then again, the original PlanetSide relied more on NS weapons with only a few empire specific weapons/vehicles.

    Maybe that's the problem. TR's high fire rate but low damage is easier to deal with for both NC and VS. If the TR had another empire trait that fit the lore and made the NC and VS consider fighting each other more often than they do now, we might see something closer to balance without taking anything away.

    I also see the Striker mentioned constantly, but it's low damage (150 per shot at 150 RPM) against armor and fairly inaccurate so it's typically only grabbed if air is near a spawn room or sunderer. Most people carry the other launchers instead for that reason.
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  11. iller

    And on Connery.... and I heard on Solaris too (which might as well be a whole different PLANET to the rest of us yet it still has the same issue)
  12. iller

    They do, but there's a catch. When I pulled a STOCK Moskie last night and got several Air Superiority notices against Scythes... the MOST annoying of all ESF hitboxes to target... yet I can barely even land more than 3 Rotary shots at time on them with a fully kitted out Reaver because its precision aiming handling is complete Garbage by comparison .... that's a Trait that MATTERS.

    • Vulcan (esp on Harasser where it shouldn't even EXIST) is also a Trait that matters.
    • /Yell constantly filled with bemoaning about the Banshee is a trait that needs fixes; but it matters.
    • Striker Valks being the most hated thing in the skies by ALL vet airman is also a Trait that matters...
    • When a Prowler Squad decides to roll up in line of sight to a big coordinated PlayerBase and proceeds to melt it all in 2 minutes with their Artillery style bombardment, even that is a Trait that neither of the other 2 factions can match.
    • TR scout rifle chads would probably be dominating the long range DPS for infantry if it wasn't for how broken the VS Obelisk (& NS Vandal to a lesser degree) is and how badly it stole all their thunder (that shoulda been changed LAST update FFS!)...then that would be a Trait too.
    But as I mentioned previously, none of this stuff really affects the Lattice game thus we have this complete and utter Disconnect between what the Developers claim is their Balancing goals, and how the Meta really forms only INSIDE of a bunch of dull grey call of duty arenas with teeny little windows only made for shooting LMG's out of
  13. DrostenVS

    Yes, I'm talking about the lattice because none of what you mentioned stops NC and VS from ganging up on TR. If anything you mentioned mattered at all, then people would choose to fight either the NC or the VS over TR.

    People can complain all they want about things, but if their actions show that those things really don't matter all that much and are really only minor irritations, then there's a problem with balance. If the only empire trait threats that TR has is the Vulcan Harasser, a single nose cannon that not every ESF pilot uses, and some situational things that have no real major impact on fights within bases, then there is a definitely problem.

    I have also yet to be in a platoon with one or even seen a striker Valk being fielded, so they aren't common enough to even mention. Closest thing was someone talking in proximity about running a Valk with Annihilators about a week or two ago.

    Also, bases melt fast against any armor squads. I've built and defended bases of various sizes and it's a lot of work for little payoff. Was part of a conversation recently about how weak constructed bases are and how construction needs an overhaul. It's just not fun and a single infiltrator can and will destroy your base if given the chance. It doesn't even take them that long.

    About the ESFs, I can't really compare because I'm a terrible pilot, but I've watched and been in dogfights with ace pilots from all empires (I don't last long and it's crazy to see what experienced pilots can pull off). I also don't really know how to compare the close range Vortek Rotary to the stock Needler. I don't even think I could compare the Banshee with the Vortek because the Banshee is designed for anti-infantry. If there was a huge imbalance in ESF, I'd expect to see far less of them being used by at least one of the empires, but that hasn't been the case. ESFs, in general, aren't easy to learn or to master. That is probably a good thing though.
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  14. DrostenVS

    I'm not able to edit anymore, but I forgot that the TR also have a close range rotary for the Mossy (M18 Rotary), but I haven't tried it out. Since I'm not a pilot, I don't know how it compares to the Vortek.
  15. InexoraVC

    ESF are well balanced.
    Scythe is good for 1v1, but sucks in 1v2 or in crowded air.
    Mosquito is fast and agile.
    Reaver is the best ESF but to get its full advantages high skill required. By the way the best pilots I've met @ Miller are NCs.
  16. Atorum

    VS is OP because devs want it OP, thats it.
  17. DrostenVS

    Well, when PlanetSide was in beta, someone mentioned that there were more devs that mained VS than NC or TR, so there may have been a bit of bias during development that persisted for some time after release (not sure if it still holds true now). I played VS during beta and at release, so it didn't really register that there could be a problem.

    The main complaints on VS were about the NC and not wanting to fight them. It was rare to hear people complain about the TR. I played NC for a brief time, but long enough to know that they didn't like to fight the VS and would rather fight the TR.

    I main TR now and the TR would rather fight the NC, but are stuck fighting both the VS and the NC. Even right now, we have 2 bases on Amerish. Two. The NC and VS are at our warpgate and the NC are barely even attempting to protect their territory.
  18. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    You know what I love? After 8 years TR VICTIM COMPLEX IS STILL GOING STRONG. Even post CAI buff when Prowlers were so OP you couldn't make it up cause nobody would believe it they complained. If you can't get kills in a prowler maybe ask Skillox to give you a crash course, he's probably bored by now.

    Reminds me of that old post that said magriders could oneshot Prowlers. True story, probably is in an old thread here still. At least bother to learn the game before you go whining. AND make an account for each faction, know your enemies strenghts and weaknesses.

    A couple of refs:

    (Sry Feistykitten didn't mean to make you look bad but reaction time much? If only Abraxasian had been there to show you the light of vanu)
  19. Atorum

    Prowler was never OP, your lack of knowledge of this game is showing, Vanguard and Magrider on the other side are, also, only Prowler received nerfs and is a joke now, literally a solo lighting can take it out without a problem.
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  20. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    No, my knowledge of this game is quite comprehensive, but I think you lack knowledge of the game:

    Just after CAI Prowler recieved a DPM buff (I think the vanguard did too but I don't remember) and the new reload mechanic where you reload faster without deploying. Magriders were stil untouched after the nerfs of CAI, the result was: A SOLO max reload AP prowler could FRONTRUSH a 2/2 magrider and kill it from the front in the time the ability was active. It was almost impossible to fight cause DPM-rush became a thing. Add a gunner to that prowler and you will see that it was insanely powerful. Then magriders had their DPM brought up to balance things out and things got better.

    Of course then the devs showed their lack of understanding of gameplay and gave the magriders the new boost mechanics, Vanguards got the nimitz-reactor or whatever it's called and Prowlers that werid shield, and now we are so out of whck nobody knows whats what. But for that brief moment the prowler was VERY much OP, or perhaps it's better to say the Magrider was UP.

    As far as your "only prowler recieved nerfs" - do you even believe it yourself. Go over the patch notes from CAI till now then form an opinion. Pffff.