[Suggestion] Vanu is overpowered - pls degrade them !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by K4N4K, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. Xind

    Ravens...okay sure....But the Canister? The shotgun on a tank? That cannot HARM MBTs, Lightnings, Sunderers, Galaxies, Liberators? That Canister?
  2. Ballto21

    its a bit overpowered against infantry compared tot he other two ES AI weapons, namely 1 OHK and fast travel time at 25m and 2-4 above that, compared tothe three from a PPA and i think 2-4 from a marauder
  3. Veph

    Leave my ashtiger alooone :(
    I did wonder if this wouldn't be an issue and particularly pity TR for their colors, but screwing VS over for this shouldn't be the way. I'm totally fine with TR and NC getting extremely dark camos too, but also to be honest, this is only an issue on Indar where the nights are indeed quite dark.
    Makes more sense anyway than painting another faction in neon colors.
  4. Xind

    Have you ever used the Canister? It requires significantly more aiming skill than the Marauder due to no splash and the massive pellet spread. I can't speak for the PPA. The Canisters best roll is Anti-Harasser, where it is outshined by the Vulcan.
  5. Ac3s

    Tell it to SOE, they first gave the TR red with black and for some reason they switched it up and gave TR white while giving all the good colors to VS.
    Why can't they just give VS a contrasting color with purple, just like the other 2 factions have it.
    Both TR and NC are quite noticeable, yet VS has to be almost completely invisible...
  6. Veph

    I particularly bought SC because some camos are awesome and I plan on getting even more. None of the TR and NC I see worth any money and SOE would be silly to remove what I eagerly pay for. So please read my previous post in full.
    If I have to run around like a colorful light bulb, those camos lose their charm. I'm a sucker for proper contrasts.

    Actually I think there's that dark grey camo for all factions, although for 900 SC.
  7. Yago

    I think we have found the problem, 1.6 Volt !!!
    Hax, reproted :p
  8. Hatesphere

    i have my orion over volted to a 12volt i carry on my back, it lets me move at full ADS speed.
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  9. Ballto21

    I have gunned for the canister, when you get the aim down which isnt that hard, apply regular shotgun logic but add speed. Oh, also anyone who has trouble with it i practiced as infantry with jump pad shenanigans and a semi auto shotty on the medic.
  10. JudgeNu

    Deflate Vanu's balls!
    will that even help...
  11. nightbird

    Vanu needs a buff if anything, to overcome the ridicule that comes with spandex. Not even winning is enough to overcome that...
  12. Veph

    Huh. This IS the reason I play VS. I look awesome. But I also seem quite alone in my appreciation of MAX highheels.
    TR Heavies look like they wear their body weight in clothes. Ugh.
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