[Suggestion] Vanu is overpowered - pls degrade them !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by K4N4K, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. K4N4K


    Im in the NC fraction and I have a big problem with PS2 because the Vanu fraction is to strong and the other fractions can't deal with this !
    I know many players see this like me and many of my friends allways left the game because of this fact !
    Nothing changed in the last updates - they not even fixed this problem - no they degrade our wpns and other things so we now not even in the ability to defend us ...
    It's so absurdly - they win nearly every battle (90%) and I allways try not fighting against them - because it's senseless !
    The worst problem are the wpns of Vanu ! They are much stronger than our wpns and most of the time they need 10 or less hits to kill one of us available at the same time (if they have the same class - to example: I was killed last time by a light assault with 3 hits with a normal rifle (I think it was the first wpn)) I need with the best wpn of my class sometimes one till two magacines to kill one of them (ok - in one of the last updates my ammocapacity was degraded -.-) !

    One Vanusoldier takes four and more of us - this is Fact ! Im not a bad player and I have an acceptable equipment so it isn't on me and I told you many of my friends left the game because they see it just like me !

    I hope you understand me and can support this thread so the producer will maybe see this because it can't go on so ... I allways contacted the Support - he told me he can't do sth ...
    Iam only frustrated because we only loose and the hole fun gone. If this problem not will solved I leave too and I think many of my comrades will follow - we allready lost many players in our team !

    Ps.: pls apologize mistakes - my english isn't the best.
  2. TheAcidpiss

    holy crap batman!!

    Vanu aren't OP! they just have bigger bullets!
  3. Alchemist44

    -I know many players see this like me and many of my friends allways left the game because of this fact !

    -It's so absurdly - they win nearly every battle (90%) and I allways try not fighting against them - because it's senseless !

    -they need 10 or less hits to kill one of us

    -One Vanusoldier takes four and more of us - this is Fact !

    Oh boy...
  4. Xasapis

    I'm not sure if serious or sarcastic. I hope for the later.
  5. Mooveoverbrt

    Vanu wears spandex, this allows for greater agility to dodge bullets. - Fact !
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  6. Reclaimer77

    Things my VS outfit noticed last night on our NC alts on Emerald:

    1. NC have a LOT of noobs.
    2. BR1's leading platoons with zero tactical knowledge or game experience.
    3. NC with 70% population advantage STILL unable to win a base.
    4. NC never EVER flank. 40+ NC all trying to shoot out of the same doorway, with VS just throwing grenades and killing them over and over.
    5. Zero regional or continental leadership aside from some random guy cursing, not constructive.
    6. NC mindlessly zerg wherever they go, usually to the wrong places.
    7. This goes back to #1, but NC seem to be loaded with immature/younger players.
    8. Complete lack of support classes. Medics and engineers were as rare as unicorns.

    Seriously I almost feel sorry for people who main NC on Emerald. I'm sure they have lots of good players, but the faction as a whole is dysfunctional. That's the best word for it, dysfunctional. I mean....wow, I just couldn't believe how BAD it was to play on NC.

    I love the guns, the Max's and ES vehicle weapons. All the tools are there to win and win big. But man....you guys need a community revamp and need it soon.

    Get it together. Please? There's just no excuse to play this poorly!
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  7. Vango

    VS are so OP they even kill without bullets!
    They don`t even use MAGAZINES just 1 regular 1.6V BATTERY is enough to kill atleast 3 of the strongest best geared NC soldiers!
    Not even that but 2 hits with a VS toothpick with intentionally buggy hit detection still drops an engi with full health and full shields even while he is behind the shield of his turret!!
    Vanu so OP they are consistently overperfoming with the common pool weapons,since they use conventional ammunition. Just look at the Halberd! Do not gib OP Vanu moar bullets or rocketz plz SOE!

    SOE plz nerf or delete VS me and my friends choose not to oppose vanu while they attack the southern lattice line and they still win!

    EVEN LAST DAY I SHOOT 20 BULLETS ONLY 2 METERS OVER THE HEAD OF A VANU PLAYER! Not only did he NOT have the courtesy to drop dead as he should or at the very least move back up the hill he was on so my bullets could hit him, but he instead planted a high-velocity plasma projectile right bellow my helmet, killing me instantly and mocking me with the bright long purple tracer!
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  8. FnkyTwn

    Things I notice when I play NC:

    -Heavies not pushing the front lines in favor of the Phoenix
    -Maxes not pushing the front lines due to Ravens
    -Engineers not pushing the front lines due to Max support
    -Engineers not pushing the front lines in favor of riding in a Vanguard
    -Medics not pushing front lines due to lack of Heavy support
    -Starting bolt-action sniper rifle
    -Overly abundant, but ineffectual aircraft
    -Comical amounts of TKing

    It's like the NC have too many nifty toys, so their players end up playing solo stat padding games in favor of playing alerts.
  9. Lord_Avatar

    First things first - my eyes are bleeding...

    As for the OP's request - playing VS is degrading enough as it is. No further nerfs necessary. :D
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  10. FnkyTwn

    Don't be jelly

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  11. Rogueghost

    Since you brought up light assault, on average NC carbines kill FASTER then VS carbines, with one weapon that's identical.

    The serpent and GD-7F are identical in terms of fire power with the NC's GD-7F being more accurate but the VS's serpent reloading faster. The GD-7F/Serpent also happen to be the fastest killing carbines in the game, so unlock the GD-7F and show all those mean vanu whose boss.
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    i think that NC just too bad, with low ROF and low FPS and other lags - you cant get maximum performance out of this.
    now im playing vanu - its too easy.
  13. Hatesphere

    cant look away

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  14. Prudentia

    you know, the only thing that made me anything but ignore it was his claim that the magsize of his most used weapon got recently reduced... i'd really like to know what pills he took to get that impression...
  15. Ragnarox

    Not sure if its troll post or......

    But if you see Vanu you better run and hide, some of us have a trait that can insta kill you if we see you.

    So back to reality, you have the most powerfull weapons, too bad you are low skilled, you better leave to BF or call of duty.
  16. Hatesphere

    more like he better practice and stop making things up to feel better about losing. (assuming this thread is even legit). i wouldn't wish call of duty on anyone.
  17. nehylen

    That makes 2 of us, this opening post is a gem.
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  18. Lord_Avatar

    See, that is *exactly* what I was talking about... :D
  19. Zeppelin123

  20. qquqq

    How many vs nerfs do you want? they even nerfed our faction colors, making us wear big shoulder pads with a brighter purple and more bright green,

    NC has the most powerful equipment, bay far. I play vs so that I know that energy weapons are my faction when they shoot, and esfs and magriders are visually distinct, and TR as the most versatile.(and some op stuff)

    But vs has the weakest weapons generally, the max suits are garbage, that mag rider has the worst main gun and all our secondary vehicle weapons are terrible,

    out infantry weapons are lower damage/speed to make up for less bullet drop, which they don't need.

    I see these threads saying VS is op, but there is never any real substance. and its almost always NC posting them,
    if vs is op play them and find out if your right,
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