Vanu is dead in Connery

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  1. adamts01

    I'm not going to dig it up, but when Wrel was asking for ideas to fix global pop he said XP and Certs were off the table. I'm sure because that's the greatest draw to their memberships.

    Given that, I see exponential Nanite generation bonuses and penalties based on world pop as the single best solution. Nanites are part of membership too, and arguably the only draw for vets, but they wouldn't interfere with real money purchases. Maybe memberships could stop any negative Nanite penalty?....

    Factions are overall very well balanced. That same NC that you're complaining about is the same NC people swarm to for competitions. The problem NC has always faced was the people it somehow attracts. I don't know if it just started with a bad reputation which snowballed, or if it's the corporate cowboy thing, but NC absolutely has the equipment to be the best.
  2. BorgUK1of9

    Empires arent balanced but while DBG trawl slowly (this has been an issue for 12+ months) through to a solution a doubling of nanite production when an empire is 10% pop behind the other empires would help but even spamming vehicles wont fix a base fight. I have no more need for certs, I dont know what to do with the ones I have now as it is.

    How do you short term fix a 2 to 1 pop imbalance, you cant.
  3. adamts01

    I really do love the Nanite generation idea. One thing I've really focused on regarding my recent proposals is keeping them realistic. We already have a mechanic for variable XP gain depending on population, so we know the code is there and works. I don't see how tying Nanite generation to population would be too much work.

    There's only so much you can do in an open world game with 3 factions. I'm not saying all those extra Nanites would be enough to sway a fight, but it would sure as hell make the fights more fun and interesting. One side gets the pop advantage, and the other gets unlimited consumables and vehicles. It's simple, should be easy to code, keeps 1v1 fights fair, and I haven't heard any better ideas. As for effectiveness, I think you understate the advantage of a substantial Nanite advantage. But only testing will tell.
  4. Towie

    I think nanite bonus for the underpop / penalty for the overpop is worth a shot but people will adjust. The overpop will ensure there are forward 'scouts' to put down beacons (of which there are plenty nowadays) / hack terminals / all the other shenanigans they do today but more so and live without the nanites. If there's a significant overpop then even a nanite penalty isn't really going to hit them.

    BUT - they should try something, ANYTHING !