Vanu is dead in Connery

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  1. iller

    They're still winning more Continents than the TR on connery.
    ...If that makes the VS "dead"... then what does it make us TR??

    (Also the NC still are, and always were BRAIN-dead.. so what's that make them and by proxy the entire server?)
    If anything at all has changed since I was here 2 years ago: It's that the TR and VS no longer engage in "Win-Trading" ... I'm not sure why that changed, but I suspect it's more down to both Factions being more wary of just "farming Blueberries" only. Did the N.C. finally become a competitive Faction weaponry wise due to all the game balance changes over the past 2 years while I was gone??

    They certainly haven't stopped TK'ing themselves, that's for sure. I spent just 90 minutes last night revisted my NC main and immediately, the ONLY threat to my Reaver is other Reavers as usual... other NC ignore me yelling for help when my Ant is fleeing an AP lightning & Liberator, Another ANT crashes right into me instead. Then I go to the Crown and pull a Max suit and a NC sundy immediately drives over me. I have to go medic after that and then almost die several times to indiscriminate Orbitals and grenade hucking that bounces back of the geometry instead of going through to the Vanu they were suppose to be hurting (not helping)
  2. saronyogg

    So true, im sick of NC being treated like trash every alert or even every event.

    Who had the brilliant idea of 3 factions, with no balance ???
  3. iller

    I would argue that doesn't actually fix anything, especially in this situation where 1 faction is being Mercilessly 2v1'd for no reason.
    Instead of just basing Cert rates on Cont Pop.... I would offer 2 simple counter mechanics:
    1. Give up to 200% extra HITPOINTS (differs between Clases / Vehicles) to the faction with the least TERRITORY -- This has 2 very intentional side effects... first it keeps them alive long enough to get more kills which directly means higher XP gain -- at the expense of going through nanite Resource that much faster...
    2. And Second -- It disencetivizes the Factions ganging up on them because if TTK takes longer then you are directly getting slower KPM (kills per minute) which means that players who normally do this crap just to get Auraxium on weapons.... will finally start to go somewhere else.
    ...that's my assumption anyway anytime I see a hard 2v1'ing like the one above... I guarantee it's just a bunch of Kill Grinders who got on a hot streak making Auraxium / Directive progress who found a bunch of newbs to farm /slash/ didn't have the compassion to pull the Brake lever on that r***e Train
  4. SpeedFreakPS0NE

    Should be like if there is a certain low pop threshold reached, a Super BFR drops from a Bastion that instagibs enemy factions armor and air just like NC maxes do to infantry.
  5. Malebranche

    Thats what you get for camping out at spawn rooms lol
  6. Skraggz

    I dont camp spawn rooms, I am giving you reasons as why your idea is a bad idea. Because EVERYONE in the last forum telling you it was a failure of an idea wasn't enough. You seem to have no logical thought process outside of "HEY guys I have an idea so its good idea". Your idea would also drive away the newbs that dont understand that they died 3 times and must suffer waiting in a boring/dead continent for the better side of 1 hour, they will leave and quit. You fail to understand people don't want to wait in a training room, or empty continent for an hour or more. Again, none of this matters as you are not a dev, they will not take a suggestion like this as it will clearly kill their game. But hey, at least you tried, Right?
  7. Skraggz

    During times like alerts most of the time it is one faction with a clear territory advantage. 2v1 should be happening... To them. The reason I said nanites are they allow force multipliers, even if they had normal amount of health being able to pull back to back will fight of a lot of armor columns quickly. Not saying your idea is bad, I would definitely take it over what I was responding to. Not saying my suggestion is the answer neither, just vastly superior to what I quoted.
  8. Trigga

    Agree, been asking for years....
    Id quite like the added benefit of the players who log in during the low pop, getting the XP/res bonus they logged into for X hours, or until they log out(give 30min logout timer for disconnects).
    This will incentivise people to switch over for the XP, and not lose it because they switched, if you understand me.
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  9. pnkdth

    Exp/nanite bonus + falt cert bonus every 15 minutes based on underpop. Based on individual timers to prevent abuse or griefers trying to deny the faction through logging off or onto the faction.
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  10. Skraggz

    Yea abuse could happen, but the end goal is one or the other, the underpop faction gets rewards of more exp (more than a laughable 6%... a lot more) and gets to have fun with multipliers like pulling tanks and or libs more, or maxes... whatever they need to help push the fight. As the pop pulls to 30ish% the bonuses should start STEEPLY dropping off.


    The underpop faction is no longer the underpop as people got invested due to bonuses and decided to stay as a main on said faction.

    End goal is everyone still playing (instead of being sent to a time out... which is just fail) and everyone is having a fighting chance. Though again it's not an end all be all idea, and I have seen one already mentioned that is worth entertaining as well.
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  11. Malebranche

    Youre just jealous you didnt think it up yourself. :p

    If I was a dev for this game it would be more popular than Fortnite, instead of being a ghost town like it is now lol.
  12. Skraggz

    Yes because telling people they can't play would make it more popular. ...
  13. Inzababa

    I've noted the same thing on Cobalt, for a long time !
  14. JDS999

    yeah something needs to happen most fights are not fun when i log on 19-25% vs. it either feels like vs is ghost capping territories while nc/tr have 1 or 2 even fights.then vs gets zerged 7 to 3 or so by both factions. very rarely do i find a fight where even pop that lasts for more then 15 mins. daybreak plz give vs some robots to help balance out :). but i dont play this character as much. it has to do with leadership too a mechanic should be set up where half the vs pop attacks both factions, and ive seen this happen b4. but tr and nc tend to zerg us as well.
  15. BorgUK1of9

    Vanu population problems aren't just an issue on Connery, Miller too. DIG is about the only thing holding the VS together there but less platoons now as less leaders logging on. We are standing usually 10% less pop than TR, right now its 25% VS 36% TR and 35%NC. There is an alert on, we have as usual no chance of winning. Seeing VS win a daytime alert is like catching a glimpse of bigfoot.

    DBG acknowledged the imbalances over a year ago and have done nothing.

    Its weird how they still bring content but fail to deal with issues that make players quit.

    I have played PS1 and then PS2 both from Beta, I find myself voting with my feet and playing other games, there is 1000x more choice now for online gaming than back in 2003.

    I feel for the players who have put a lot of time and money into their characters to see it all wasted when the other empires are not effected. VS arent broken they say, then why the drop in numbers across all servers. I await the 14 year old childish responses.
  16. HippoCryties

    Haha they really do, so good for farming it’s actually shocking.
  17. Beerbeerbeer

    Like I said before, the only way to fix this is to completely break it, and to do so people need to flee the VS.

    Then the developers will either do something legitimate and/or finally, and I mean FINALLY, realize the pitiful, PITIFUL experience bonus does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It neither encourages nor discourages these imbalances.

    IT SHOULD—AT THE VERY LEAST—BE ON THE ORDER OF MAGNITUDE HIGHER THAN IT IS NOW, IF NOT MORE. See that pathetic +36% in Borg’s post. Yeah that’s worth it morons. No one switches for that.

    It should read 136% and I’m serious. People will switch. The bonus magnitude changes should happen instantaneously and move up to 200%.

    Furthermore, to entice the players that could actually help (veterans who may not need experience), there should be other mechanisms in play.

    Break it: make an NC or TR character. Otherwise it’s all lip service; nothing will change (and I say that from experience, from having played PS1 since beta). You want their attention, break it. It’s the only way to penetrate the cloud of dumb.
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  18. SpeedFreakPS0NE

    When one side has something OP that unbalances an aspect of a game it has the tendency to draw pop to that faction.

    When I started playing PS2, VS were seeing like ~19% a lot of the time to TR who were often close to 40 or above, the biggest reason for this was the Prowler's GK, everywhere it was crushing vehicles, shooting down air, farming infantry. It was so ridiculous at one point I remember a lot fights getting to the point where almost every part of a spawn room was being endlessly bombarded with GK spam until the base flipped. Because it was like this, I was pretty much forced into playing stalker as a new player because you couldn't go anywhere without being instantly sent back to the spawn room.

    With the latest C4 nerf (and to be honest I can't contemplate how the devs didn't foresee this), the NC maxes have been given a significant buff, it was already bad enough before but now they get more time to look in your general direction and instagib you. On Connery fighting NC most of the time is no fun, they dominate in the most important part of the game which is taking and holding points. When you get shredded instantly by one max trying to take a point, it becomes that much more frustrating when they cram a squad of them together.

    I play VS primarily and occasionally play NC, I'm peeved the VS max does not have a special ability since ZoE is only good if you want to die faster and ttk even with nebula close is too slow unless you can consistently get headshots. NC max however, even at range with mattocks and slugs is maddening, I can be in a biolab and often snipe light assaults off roofs at distance, if they start shooting back just need to put that shield up and move back to safety or a friendly engineer.
  19. OneShadowWarrior

    Magriders have no turret rotation as main driver like the other tanks, the mag burner is subpar and feels broken, maneuvering with these things is pointless in big fights, better to pull a lightning.

    I am guaranteed death in a VS Max suit against NC Maxes with Hacksaws, Scattercannon or Grinder. I can sometimes break even against a TR Max. I have owned infantry with Cosmos, Blueshift or Nebula, but it is very situational and you need engineer support. Everyone knows or ordnance armor and emergency repair are all that matter.

    I like the Vanu weapons, they went overboard on nerfing the Beetlegeuse, the Lancer takes to long to charge to really do the damage, but it is made up for in a host of weapons that are good, but unfortunately not outstanding. Hands down the best of all LMG’S is Godsaw due to it’s raw damage output and the stopping power of NC weapons or high fire rate of TR, the Vanu excel at nothing, but sleuth, backstabbing and lots of slithering.

    Scythe with ease of cornering and slower decent in hovering only excels at camping, but with reduced rendering distances, you take to many hits before you can ever get in position. Usually, I am forced with using the swoop tactic. Swoop in for one fast kill with Proton pods and use longer burning fuel tanks to get out while hitting fire suppression and that’s it, forget proton pod missles, hornet rockets or any air to ground attacks. An occasional Saron Cannon or Antarres kill but don’t bank on it.

    I can keep going on, but don’t know if it will matter.
  20. BorgUK1of9

    The pop imbalance is simple, no matter what the empire, players will not play the one that puts them at a disadvantage, new players coming in will try all 3 and go with the one easiest to play. VS is not easy to play, its OK if you like NS weapons and the thing is we are the NS empire.

    How many posts recently or in the outfit chat will I see that out of the two tanks available to us, the MAG gets picked after the NS one. A MAG without a gunner is a waste of time, not balanced against the other empire tanks and dont get me started on Harassers with Vulcans, how DBG see that as balanced, I see enough NC screaming about that as well.

    VS need fixing, getting double teamed will increase on all servers as the pop imbalances increase. Never winning alerts and always being on the defensive drives people from the game.

    I have said it in previous posts on server pops, this happened on PS1 to TR, their pop dropped to a point where they finally had 1 CR5 and a platoon left that was all, it was VS v NC all the time and it killed the game because SOE nerfed TR so far that players quit.