[Guide] Vanu Heavy Assault Weapons In-Combat Comparison

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Wristy, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Wristy

    I have put together a Video documenting all the weapons in the heavy assaults arsenal. if you have any comments or feedback please comment on the video and i will get back to you asap

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  2. VKhaun

    Bless you for adding attachments commentary instead of just selectively quoting spreadsheets like everyone else.
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  3. Wristy

    the funny thing is i didnt know the spreadsheets were about till after i finished. I thought a comparison in the way it feels would be better than just stating numbers
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  4. VKhaun

    It is! - There are far too many numbers to compare all at once. This one does more damage, but that one has more RoF, but this other one does something else.. and no one ever mentions attachments!

    We need more videos like this.
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  5. Wristy

    im working on a video for every class and faction just takes a while to get footage
  6. FlR3

    Great video and comparison on each weapon. Thank you
  7. Cyrtophora

    Nice Video, even though it is hard to compare the weapons without actually using the addons.
    A few things I´d like to add though because I think you said some incorrect things:
    - All shotguns do the same damage per shot (2 full hits or 1 headshot). The Thanatos is just less spread, so slightly better at longer range but has fewer shots than the Nova. The Pandora has a low ammo count and actually you can fire the semi-automatic shotguns nearly as fast. Personally for short range I recomment the Nova with extended mags. With slugs shotguns are actually even useful at sniping! Of course not at extreme ranges but they do okay. It takes 4 body shots to kill someone at longer range.
    - The SVA-88 is actually awesome! It´s in my opinion by far the best LMG to shoot in ADS, especially when you are moving! Too bad we do not get an advanced forgrip as vanu, this baby would be the perfect weapon for something like that. You just have to keep in mind it has the highest recoil of all VS LMGs. But once you are used to that it really shines. It also has the highest recoil drop, best ADS move speed and lowest first shot recoil. Yes I know I am citing numbers again but you will actually feel that in game as well. As I said: You want to use ADS a lot and move at the same time? Get this gun now!
    - The Polaris... you said something about a forgrip. of course you cannot use that together with the (for this weapon) awesome advanced lasersight. With this addon the weapon has an extremely accurate hipfire and the lowest recoil of all VS LMGs as well. Coupled with the 100 mag size this gun is my favorite for close quarter combat.
  8. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Kudos to you for doing the work, and good video.
    However, I have to agree with Cyrtophora;
    As in, while numbers may not be everything to most people, opinions are subjective; and I just disagree with most of your assessments.
  9. Nenarch

    SVA 88.

    That\s it enough.. foregrip, compensator, NV/EV scope.

    If you fight in groups I gues you could go for orion, but that really means you have a wingman with you who has reflexes and can aim.. otherwise that clip change is going to get you killed a lot if you play agressive HA as you should.
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  10. Wristy

    good observation,

    - with damage to the shotguns, anyone can pull up stats can see all 3 do the same damage per shot. but in real combat situations you will find the thanatos with its tighter spread will out perform the other 2 (it rewards accuracy). the same when you add the slug ammo. anything the nova can do, the thanatos can do better. If you get the pandora your gonna use the auto fuction or why on earth would you get it and by the time you react to someone dying or get very compentate with it, you gonna waste 2-3 shots during the death animation.

    - SVA-88 i was unable to test the weapons with any attachments so all was a judgement call. its a nice weapon just like all the others, I just felt if you gonna spend on the money on it you may aswell get a Polaris or Flare. i mentioned that it is the pulsar built for longer range so that would mean better recoil compensating. ADS will get you killed a lot inside bases so be careful with that

    - The Polaris yes in my bit of excitment about the weapon i forgot about the attachment comflict yes i hold my hands up to that
  11. CaptAmazing

    I liked the video. Regarding TR Lmgs allready made my opinion, but I still would like you opinions about the topic.
  12. Wristy

    Will do, ill try and knock them all out as fast as i can
  13. Beltway

    Very well done review. Thanks for posting.
  14. Wren

    This is a great review that I've been looking for, been doing a lot of HA lately and wanted some guns to spend SC on.
  15. Hawkins

    Good Review. I currently use the SVA 88 and LOVE that gun, it's very accurate even in midrange but once i get the 1000 Kills Medal (currently got 900something kills with it) i'll try the Flare.

    as for the Launchers: I have the Decimator, Nemesis and Hades

    I really regret buying the Air-Lockon Launcher. 9 of 10 Rockets either don't hit the target at all or explode behind it and deal no damage. For me it was a waste of Certs.

    The Ground-Lockon Launcher is decent but has some problems aswell, you can Lock on Targets far away but the Rocket will never reach them even if they don't move. It also has problems hitting stationary Turrets. The Rocket just doesn't hit them even when having a Lock. It is still a very good weapon and my default Launcher in outdoor Battles.

    The Decimator is just FUN. The Rocket is easy to aim, minimal Arc, good Splash damage. My Choice of Launcher for Indoors or in fights without many enemy Vehicles.

    I did not buy the Annihilator. It most likely will have the problems of both other Lockon Launchers with less damage and no Dumbfire Mode.
  16. Veri

    Good review.
    Personally my favorite HA combo so far has been the Flare and the NS Decimator.
  17. Wristy

    yea i believe there was a nerf to the rocket projectiles because at release the nemesis was just simply amazing i racked up sooo many kills with it, but now i just use it to scare the birds away
  18. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Yeah, they nerfed the Projectile speed big time.
    I'd honestly have preferred the old G2A launcher without lockon than the current failure.
    Sadly, I bought it just after the change, 30 minutes... well, you can be lucky.
    What a waste.
    The Annihilator Rockets are actually faster.
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  19. that_darn_lurker

    Great video. This is good food for thought. I love my Orion and Lasher, but I've been looking to try another LMG.

    I agree about the Nemesis. I bought it during the SC sale, and it sucks. In your video the rocket looks like it has good maneuverability. In practice, it is too sluggish to hit anything that is actively evading, including a galaxy. Its good for chasing away aircraft, but we don't get XP for chasing away aircraft.
  20. NateTronic

    i am using the Pulsar LSW and i am wondering if anything would be an upgrade? i like to fight medium to longish range but all i do is hipfire in close quarters. How would the flare compare to this? I do find myself fighting more close quarters but i want the best all around gun for BOTH situations

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