Vanu "faction trait" idea.

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  1. Owen W.

    Here it is: no long reload. I've always found it weird that the Vanu "batteries" need a longer time to be reloaded when one is empty. I mean, they don't need to rechamber a round right ?

    Hides in bunker, preparing for Forumside backlash...
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  2. Goden

    Could work with a few tweaks, I think. Perhaps a standardized reload speed for each class of weapons.

    But the community would have a bird over it.
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  3. gigastar

    I was mulling over the prospect of just having innate high velocity on most of our weapons instead of no bullet drop.

    I am generally sick of our guns having less velocity with no bullet drop being used to excuse it.
  4. sindz

    Something has got to change, I'll give you that.

    And seeing VS doesnt have different reload animations since the beginning of this game, you might have an idea on your hand.
  5. Bankrotas

  6. sindz

    First of, try doign the math yourself, VS LMG category for highest velocity, TR wins AR's and NC carbines (iirc, cant remember exact, might wanna swap the latter around - but point still stands)

    Try looking at the guns that could actually benefit from VS faction trait "no bullet drop".

    Magrider shoots the slowest projectile, does the least dmg and has the most drop.

    Comets weapon is the slowest aswell, doesn't have bullet drop tho.


    Laser, slow as balls. (get it?)
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  7. Udnknome

    While I do agree with the concept based on lore, the faster ADS speed and 0 bullet drop already classifies this faction as "easy mode" in some circles. Why do they need a buff?

    On a side note: Since we don't know how their guns work, maybe the weapon needs to be rebooted when loading a fresh battery because the weapon lost all "power". (think Laptop) Just a thought.
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  8. sindz

    Tell me where we have faster ADS speeds.

    Is it cause we have 2x 0.75x in LMG category? Grats, NC have 2x 0.75x ADS in AR's. TR have 2x 0.75x in carbine. Its called asymmetrical balance. No bullet drop is wortheless as bullets dont drop in render range, so thats a really great faction trait. As previously mentioned, where weapons could actually benefit from no bullet drop, we do have bullet drop and in most cases even lower velocity.

    Meanwhile NC keep their faction trait in all categories and they even have access to the fastest ROF weapons while being the only faction to have access to 200dmg weapons. Also coupled with the lowest horizontal recoil of all LMG's in the game, while being tied with vertical alongside TR and VS.

    TR have consistantly more bullets/ammo across the line.

    So people tell me where VS is easy mode?

    Give it a reast with the "easy mode" faction, its a term made up by people who have no clue about the actual stats of this game.
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  9. Udnknome

    I did add the moniker "in some circles" -- I don't personally believe this, playing VS is a trade off. As far as the ADS thing, perhaps I'm using the wrong term? (faster strafe speed while looking at ironsites?) Most Light Arms (Engie, Medic, LA) have .75x ADS on VS, this is not the case with the other factions, only 1 or 2 weapons each faction. HA always get ******** when they hear this, but it is what it is.
  10. sindz

    Some circles also think the holocaust didnt happen, doesnt mean its remotely true. And if you don't even think its true that VS are easy mode, why bring it up?

    And no, most VS classes dont have 0.75x. VS is the only faction to have access to LMG 0.75x (HA). Otherwise NC have more 0.75x in assualt rifles and TR have the most 0.75x options in Carbines.
  11. Udnknome

    I brought it up because the OP seemed to want to get consensus on forums. Most forumsiders don't believe VS need another buff and their reasoning is as stated. I've already apologized for the miscommunication, I don't understand why you are still hung up on this?

    As far as the other -- I'll just let someone else validate that one for me. No need to tug on your line any longer.
  12. sindz

    Good thing this game isnt balanced around forumsiders cause 99,9% of them have no clue how the actual game works or how the stats really are. And no need to apologize for anything, its a civil debate.

    Use the link you provided yourself. There you can see what guns have access to 0.75x movementspeed. Bascily, no one can validate what you said, because its not true. :)
  13. Koldorn

    This is incorrect.
    In the category of x75 move while ADS speed weapons:
    VS - HV45(AR), Orion(LMG), SVA88(LMG)
    NC - GR22(AR), CarnageBR (AR)
    TR - TAR(AR), Lynx(Carbine), Jag(Carbine)

    After the latest patch, VS and NC gained 1 in the Carbine category. (Zenith, Bandit)
    Need a TR player to verify the Lynx's speed after the changes.
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  14. eldarfalcongravtank

    a long reload for VS weapons makes sense because, since the gun is completely dry, the plasma energy from the new battery needs to be given sufficient time to reach the chamber that ultimately propels the compressed plasma shot through the barrel. in comparison, a short reload will leave plasma in the chamber thus a battery switch won't take so long to allow the weapon to fire again

    VS weapons 101, pal - ask me anything :cool:
  15. Udnknome

    Original question.

    Why do VS need a faction wide buff?
  16. Ronin Oni

  17. pnkdth

    It is safe to say that "most forumsiders" need to have a look at the weapon stats in this game, because it seems plenty of people rely of their feelings and opinions.

    Common myths about VS;
    1. "VS have lots of 0.75x movement mods on their weapons." Not true as stated above.
    2. "SVA-88 has no recoil." It has the highest vertical recoil of all 143dmg LMGs and it is 1 of 3 LMGs that has random horizontal recoil(the other being the Orion and CARV S), which is the kind of recoil you cannot compensate for thus requiring controll fire and burst firing. The only weapons with higher vertical recoil are the Flare, TMG-50, SAW S, EM6, and the SAW, and they only have 0.01 more recoil, with the exception of the SAW, of course.
    3. "Bullet drop is useful!" Yeah, no, sorry. Unless we see a complete redesign of the bases to include lots of fire fights at 150m+ this is a non-factor.
    4. "VS weapons are super accurate." Yepp, having a really high first shot multiplier is super good at range, that's why SOE put a low first shot multiplier on long range weapons to improve their accuracy. This is also why VS burst weapons are utterly useless compared to the other factions. "Oh hai, you want a burst weapon which are supposed to be for high aim players? LOL, nope." *trollface*

    I am sure all this will be ignored by Random TR/NC player who got killed, no INSTA gibbed, at 200m against a SVA-88 user because anecdotes/feelings/opinions wins over fact erry day 'ere at forumside.

    Note; I'm not saying VS is in a tough spot but watching so many bad TR players whine about their troubles with their weapons despite statistically being almost identical(sometimes "better" sometimes "worse") to VS weapons is getting annoying, especially when they say VS is easy mode. No, you just got outplayed. Learn from it, or stay bad.
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  18. leo4444

    We need some more faction traits for everyone, each faction is starting to feel way too similar and its kinda killing the point of having a different experience with each faction or having alt characters for each faction.
  19. Dead soldier

    who called it a buff? we just can average the two numbers together, but that would be more like a nerf considering most people do short reloads most of the time.
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  20. Epic High Five

    Twerking in different ways to provide passive buffs to friendlies ala the Paladin (of twerking)