Vanu ES AV one clips a Vanguard to the front armor

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  1. Lord_Avatar

    Seems fine to me. Would someone care to explain how the Aphelion's alternate fire mode works?
  2. Dgross

    Where's the data for the vanny and mag
  3. Taleroth

    It only has one fire mode. It does full-auto with a spin-up. When it spins up fully, around 6 shots, then when you release it does a charged shot for bonus damage at no ammo cost. This makes the highest DPS with it come as the result of a sort of burst fire.
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  4. Lord_Avatar

    I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)
  5. CassCE

    Mag would be the same as Prowler. Vanguard would take slightly longer for the Vulcan (and likely the Aphelion) due to having 2% more resist to the AP machinegun category. I believe these are correct. It looks like the Aphelion is in the AP machinegun category. I believe the Mjolnir is in the medium Ordnance category as that would explain its considerably higher performance in taking out Sunderers.
  6. Ronin Oni

    I'm curious if those Saron numbers are max damage and max RoF....

    because damage is like halved if you wait for CoF reduction, (dmg dropoff happens to all long range ESAV, so we'll ignore that effect)