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  1. _itg

    The irony is, you're probably doing more to spread disinformation by bringing this thread to the top than you are clearing things up for all two or three people who would have searched for and found this thread. That said, yeah, the new burst weapons are really good.
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  3. Erendil

    So it's not just PS2 vehicles that catch fire and explode if flipped on their back...

    This explains where the Devs got that bright idea.
  4. chuck105

    It technically is better than the Solstice, having very good ads accuracy and slightly higher rpm. These come at the cost of poor hip fire accuracy, and I really don't like the burst fire modes. On other games such weapons didn't fire continuously, it's more of a mix between a semi auto weapon like a battle rifle and a full auto gun. This just feels like full auto, except you have to keep tapping the trigger. Thus the main purpose of burst weapons, ammo conservation, isn't really there. Carbines in general are meant for hip fire, and for LA this is kinda important. I really want to like this gun, but I'd stick to the Pulsar C for range, since it actually does fine up close.
  5. MrMinistry30

    Why the hell did you dig out this old thread? Especially after the buff, the burst is an AWESOME long range weapon. At short to mid range it works more or less but it is the only carbine that is accurate enough to use it with 3.4x optics.

    It is the carbine i have most kills with and i am sure it will stay that way because i just love using it against anything, even though i have almost all other alternatives available.