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  1. HerbertKnivez

    The solstice burst is the cheapest Vanu Light assault new gun (100 certs or 250 SC)

    Do not buy it, the only thing different is that it has a triple burst fire mode. It took me 5 hours to earn those certs.
  2. pilg0r

    And...........what else did you expect?
  3. VKhaun

    I'm at work and can't check. Does it have any unusual attachments available? I believe the burst ones get the underbarrel nade launchers on the other factions, but I'm not sure.
  4. Hungus

    Really, you couldn't tell from the same stats, the "burst fire" tag and it having same name?
  5. Pat22

    No, the underbarrel grenade launchers are available for the Solstice SF, which also features burst fire mode along with full auto and single shot.
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  6. VKhaun

    Alright, but lets not get defeatist. Someone take a look and see what the burst version gets that the regular one doesn't.
  7. Hungus

    Burst fire. I haven't actually tested it, but usually a burst fire weapon will fire 3 rounds slightly faster than a fully auto could, also with possibly slightly higher accuracy.

    I am just assuming though as that is what basically every game does.

    Just looked up the stats, It has marginally lower reload time and recoil, with slightly less 1st shot recoil modifier. So basically what I already said but with 0.08 second faster reload lol
  8. VKhaun

    3rnd burst is WAAAAYYY above full auto for an NC gun, not sure about the others. The game has no penalty for bursting. Recoil and CoF seem to reset completely and instantly or darn close. I only use a burstfire weapon on my TR though... hard margin to notice over there lol. I haven't gotten enough attachments for my NC burst carbine to bother with it yet.
  9. DomUniqu3

    it took you 5 hours to get 100 certs?!?
  10. VKhaun

    Not everyone plays to grind certs. Some of us like to do things like drive transports, guard side points vigilantly instead of just leaving them to get capped, or even deter air assaults where a dedicated burster MAX might get one or two ESF kills in a whole base cap, watching all the others fly off screwed up might be worth lots of brownie points with the troops, but it doesn't earn certs unless you can speed up the base takes to a lightning zerg pace.
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  11. DomUniqu3

    lol... and I repeat .... it took 5 hours to get 100 certs?!?
  12. HerpTheDerp

    I don't understand the "benefit" of select fire anyway. Want a three round burst? Press and release your left mouse button. Want single shot mode? Tap it.
  13. Burdman

    I have the solstice burst, with the NS thermal optics scope. I can confirm you do not get any under barrel attachments, however you get rail attachments.. so things like the grip, laser sight, etc..

    I find it is a great weapon! I can thank my positive K/D ratio for it. I tried out the serpent though last night and think I found my new love. I just have to find a way to get 1000 cert points.
  14. Badname3073

    You think he was hacking? L2P then
  15. Voidreaperx

    It took you FIVE hours? Screw the whole burst-fire thing I think you need to stop capping empty bases if it takes you five hours to scrounge together 100 certs...maybe MAYBE 3 hours at most without any boosts
  16. Kedric

    Consider it a cheap lesson to not buy guns before you trial them. Some people buy a 1000 cert weapon and then regret it. Always trial before you buy - whether it's with certs or Station Cash.
  17. Chrysalis

    5 hours for 100 certs. what?

    Also, what lead you to believe it was going to be any different from the stock gun aside from the burst fire instead of full auto?
  18. Antivide

    None of the burst variants are worth getting.
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  19. FiveFives


    Since these old posts were made Burst weapons have been reworked and are definitely worth getting for people looking for mid-long range carbine action. They have vastly superior recoil characteristics and re-zero faster than automatics or "SF" variants in 3-round mode. If you're a Light Assault who's always wanted to snipe from the treetops or an Engineer who'd rather stay further from the action, you owe it to yourself to check out your empire's answer to that.

    This is a massive Necropost, but it needs to be made since this thread is a top google result for "Solstice Burst" and could mislead newer players.
  20. Iridar51

    People who think games don't change in 3 years deserve to be fooled. As well as people who can't be arsed to check the date of the post.

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