Vanu disguise for NC

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by kesuga7, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. kesuga7

    It could fool some lower br vanu in nightfights I think

    I fooled/confused soo many Vanu when auraxium armor was still purple :)

    shame they changed it :(
  2. RedArmy

    i use the black flames camo - the black scales is a good alternative
  3. kesuga7

    hmm ill have to check them out

    at the time I thought space-ish camo was the closest to vanu you could get
  4. RedArmy

    weve killed each other many times - uve seen my camo....
  5. kesuga7

    i dont remember your camo sorry
  6. RedArmy

  7. Azawarau

    I once destroyed a Vanu sunderer on indar and stood awkwardly among 20 or so Vanu who proceeded to run up the mountain to continue the fight

    I followed right along with them.

    A single heavy turned, aim at me, then turned back and kept running

    It was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen

    I Used my remaining C 4 to kill them <3....

    This was with Esamir snow camo

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