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  1. Stanis


    [VC] Vanu Corp - EU - Miller

    We continue to recruit players interested in squad based teamplay.
    We don't require you to play every moment of the game in an outfit squad. We expect you will want to!
    • Get on teamspeak
    • Be active in our community/forums
    • Join outfit events and game nights
    • Have fun!
    Come and play the game with us. See if we fit what you are looking for in PS2.

    Join Us
    Find us in-game on Miller - Press P and look for a [VC] Vanu Corp squad
    Message an officer in game. Stanis, YonMan, Fiad, DrNickRiviera
    Sign up on the Vanu Corp Forums and say hello.

    Historically we are an Infantry focussed outfit. We get the job done.
    Galaxy drops and Sunderer supported pushes are our standard MO.

    We use combined arms where necessary.

    Our objective is usually territory control.
    We have an established team with command experience from Squad through Platoon sized forces for Outfit Ops and an established network of allies for Empire co-operation and dominance.

    Players are expected to respond promptly to their squad leader - and get on with turning the map purple.


    Our gaming community has grown since it's founding in the early days of Planetside 1 on Werner.
    We returned to our roots with the launch of Planetside 2.

    You will find friendly players that have played Planetside since the start.
    You will find experienced players that have crashed umpteen times helping SOE develop PS2 since Beta.

    We have a lot of PS1 vets. You can be sure that as the PS2 metagame develops our participation will grow with it.


    The Vanu Accord
    The Vanu Accord grew from the reformed Werner VS Alliance of Planetside 1

    • We are proud to be part of The Vanu Accord alliance and welcome new outfits to work with us on Miller.
    • We host a shared VS teamspeak server and work closely to co-ordinate our efforts in game.

    Server: EU Miller
    Outfit Tag: [VC]
    Active Members: 150+
    Active Players: 1 to 2 squads nightly.
    Language: English
    Specialization: Team focused gameplay. Infantry and Combined Arms.
    Ages: 18+ Preferred. Maturity and Fun required.
    Teamspeak: TS3 essential, Mic not essential
    Outfit Ops: Daily Squads. Regular outfit events.
    History: A respected outfit on Werner VS since the launch of PS1
    Allies: The Vanu Accord - We are proud to be part of the reformed Werner VS Alliance and welcome new outfits to work with us on Miller
  2. Mastachief

  3. Stanis

    Waiting on development of a richer metagame.
    With us in spirit and still very much involved with the community.
  4. Mastachief

    Good to know, we've got quite a few in the same mindset.
  5. TopsNL

    Im having trouble registering with your website, the security image isnt showing in both the register and guest bit of the forum. Wondering if im the only one...
  6. Stanis

    We moved the website to an upgrade host last week.
    Found the problem. Seeing if we can get a work around in place.

    (I can't fix it - but I'll get someone to look at that pronto. :D)

    Feel free to contact me in-game.
  7. Stanis

    The registration pages are definitely working. Welcome to the new recruits!

    Sorry about that if anyone had a problem - please try again.
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  8. Stanis

    It somehow feels cheeky to post just to bump your own thread up.
    Still .. at least it shows someone cares :)
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  9. Stanis

    Had some excellent outfit ops over the last week. Working with allies we had a full platoon on Amerish Sunday night - which was great fun for us all.

    Someone must have video'd it so we'll see about getting some clips up soon.
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  10. Stanis

    Outfit ops on Thursday and Sundays are getting a great response.
    Otherwise unning a couple of squads most nights.

    Good to see server mergers in the pipeline - especially because Miller is busy enough already!
  11. Stanis

    Most players seem to find out about us from these SOE forums or by rolling with our squads in-game.

    Come turn the world purple with us!
  12. Stanis

  13. mags

    Bump for purple power
  14. pluton

    Come find us at new dagda!
  15. YonmaN

    Hey everybody,
    YonmaN here, I'm an officer for VC. Have been in VC since 2006 and an 8-year PS1 veteran.

    Last night we started with a full squad on Indar, fighting from Crossroads towards Allatum. We did some vehicle operations in Ti Alloys as part of the offensive there but eventually broke off to hold the TR at Snake Ravine. We had some back-and-forth there in and around the bridge, finally crossing over into Allatum.

    Once at Allatum I had the lads practice coordinated wave infantry assaults. I'm happy to say our squad of mostly new recruits took well to the tactic and executed the procedure well. Our actions forced the TR to focus their defenders on keeping their northern platform, allowing the other VS to push in and take down the SCU.

    Later on we participated in a TVA platoon on Amerish with RPS and PVL. It was great seeing some mixed-outfit operations and how a coordinated platoon can affect the battlefield. We did our usual thing - heavy mechanized infantry with light and heavy armor and worked over Auraxicom Substation and Splitpeak.

    Want to be part of the VC? Join us!
  16. MalaXXL

    Have been playing with VC for several weeks now and I can assure you it's great fun.
    Mature players with teamspirit. Good leadership and tactical teamplay.

  17. Fiad

    Last night we held Broken Archway against an much larger force using tactical game play and terrain to our advantage we where able to pull together and devastate an armored zerg, in the narrow valley it was a beautiful sight seeing plasma balls and missiles blowing up tanks left,right and centre. It was a good night but by no means a rare event.
  18. Stanis

    Outfit Ops tonight.
    See you on the Battlefield!
  19. Ruvan

    Bumpety bump.
  20. Stanis

    We had an awesome fight to take Ikanum Biolab on Thursday.
    Earlier attacks had been repulsed by the TR defenders. A large defending force heavily entrenched and fighting hard to keep their continental lock benefits.

    We gathered with our allies to stomp them.
    This is the battle from the perspective of one of our engineers.